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Game of Thrones Recap "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

Game of Thrones Recap, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair": What We're Still Talking About

Sex is alive and well in this week's episode of Game of Thrones: what kind of trouble it can get you into, what kind of blessings it can bring, and so on. While Sansa starts to have nerves about wedding and bedding Tyrion, one character on the show may be forced to change their ways when it comes to the physical act of love — forever.

It's not all bare butts and naked ladies though. Brienne and Jaime go through a trauma that draws them ever closer, Arya gets caught in another pickle, and Dany is ready to continue her freedom crusade. It's not quite as juicy as the last few episodes, but there are still some surprises. Let's break it down when you read more.

  • Papa Stark. You guys! Robb is going to be a dad! During a pit stop on the way to the Frey wedding, Robb sneaks in a little sexy time with his queen. Apparently they've been finding plenty of time for that lately, since he's already gone and knocked her up! Talisa admits that she's pregnant with a "little prince or princess," and I can't wait to see the look on Catelyn's face when she finds out. (Also, knowing everything we know about Cersei and Jaime, the most famous twins in Westeros, I sort of can't believe that Robb even entertains the idea that Talisa could be pregnant with twins.)
  • Speaking of royal blood . . . Gendry finally finds out the truth about his heritage from Melisandre. She tries to bond with him over the fact that they're both lowborn, and drops about 12 hints to Gendry that his father was a king. When Gendry still doesn't get it, Melisandre spells out for him that Robert Baratheon was his father. OK, so now what?
  • The worst threesome ever. We've seen some pretty abhorrent things happen on this show, but this week still hits a new high. The saga of Theon and the torturer continues as Theon is visited by two pretty ladies that only want to mount him. Theon seems confused by it, but also goes along with it, because let's face it: he's Theon. Of course, it ends in a trap, but the torturer takes things to a new level when he calls in two guys to have Theon castrated. I think I speak for everyone when I say: WTF?
  • Bear necessities. If you've been waiting for a hot new close-up of Jaime's stump, then this week's episode is the one you've been waiting for! (Ew.) But seriously, Jaime is en route back to King's Landing when he gets word that Brienne is going to be used back at Harrenhal for "entertainment." His conscience gets the best of him, and he demands to be taken back — where Brienne is squaring off against a bear. Jaime heroically leaps in and comes to her rescue, and it all happens pretty quickly considering he's only able to use one hand. Whatta guy!
  • Dragon tales. It's a new week and a new city for Dany, who has set her sights on Yunkai. She's now on a mission to free all the slaves everywhere she can find them. Too bad the lord of Yunkai doesn't see eye to eye with Dany and kinda threatens her with his "friends" that want to do away with her. We'll have to wait and see if she succeeds, but in the meantime, she finally gets to replace that blue dress that she's been wearing since the premiere, so that's a win.

How did you feel about this week's episode?

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