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Game of Thrones Recap "Kissed by Fire"

Game of Thrones Recap, "Kissed by Fire": What We're Still Talking About

Beheading, de-virginization, and Jaime Lannister's butt: it's an exciting episode of Game of Thrones this week! We visit with a lot of characters, most notably Jon Snow, Jaime, Arya, Robb, and Tyrion. Jaime is finally getting a little bit of a reprieve from his torture, and Jon Snow throws his Night's Watch vows to the wind. There are some loose ends from last week's episode that I'm curious about (like the aftermath of the carnage at Craster's), but I'm still satisfied and entertained by this week's events.

This season feels like it's moving along swiftly, and this week has a lot going on, with emotional moments and action scenes, as well as lots of plotting for the future. Ready to go over the things we're still thinking about after the credits? Just keep reading.

  • Jon Snow loses his V card! Ygritte cuts to the chase with Jon Snow and takes what she wants, he wants, and let's face it, we all wanted for him. She wants him to break his vows (i.e., do it with her), and break them he does. The cave doesn't seem so romantic at first, but I admit that it seems that way when they're having cave-floor pillow talk and bathing together.
  • Robb gets tough. Every beheading on this show tends to be a watershed moment, and this week's means a lot for Robb. When the Lannister boys being held hostage are attacked by a group of vengeful men including Lord Karstark, Karstark teases Robb for being too lenient and losing the North. It doesn't sit well with Robb, so he sentences all the men to death, but the big moment is when Robb beheads Karstark. Not only does he deliver, but he also looks full of ferocity and anger. He's spurred into more action, deciding to attack Casterly Rock. Too bad he needs the help of Frey, who he's betrayed by marrying someone other than his daughter.
  • Bathing buddies. Ugh, I did not need to see what's left of Jaime's rotting stump. However, I am fine with seeing his butt. Brienne gets quite a show in the bathhouse when Jaime joins her in the bath, and when he calls for a truce after offending her, he tells the story of why he killed the Mad King. Swooning in her arms, he weakly says his name is Jaime when she calls him Kingslayer. It's a weirdly tender scene, and the more sympathetic Jaime gets, the more I like the idea of him and Brienne. After all, when he says, "I trust you," it sounds kind of like "I like you," right?
  • Can we get Dr. Drew to weigh in on this? Stannis tries to admit his cheating to his wife, but she's way too far gone for any sort of normal relationship conversation. Between being joyful about Stannis taking up with Melisandre and the creepy fetus collection, Stannis's wife is off the deep end.
  • Grey Worm is still a really cool name. Our time this week with Daenerys is short but memorable. When she asks her new army for their leader, she learns the cruel way the Unsullied were named, and tells them they can pick their own names. Grey Worm says he wants to keep his slave name because it's the one he had when she set him free. Aw.
  • Poor little bargaining chip Sansa. The marriages Tywin Lannister is trying to arrange are so wacky — and more than a little funny. First, after Cersei learns that the Tyrells want to match Loras with Sansa, Tywin comes up with another solution: Tyrion will marry Sansa. You read that right. He's to "wed her, bed her, and a put a child in her," and Tyrion is as exasperated at this idea as I was. And that's not the only crazy match from Tywin "Millionaire Matchmaker" Lannister: he also wants Cersei to marry Loras. You have to say something for Tywin: he's creative.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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