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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Recap "The Old Gods and the New"

Game of Thrones "The Old Gods and the New": What We're Still Talking About

There's a lot of plot development on this week's Game of Thrones, but with it comes plenty of blood and guts. People lose their heads, arms, intestines, and in Daenerys's case — some very valuable possessions. We catch up with nearly every Stark this week and spend a little time in Winterfell, but each family member is in some sort of danger.

Though we are forced to look upon Joffrey's yucky little mug, at least he gets served — however petty the punishment. In any case, there are lots of scenes still stuck in my head today, so to chat about them, just keep reading.

  • Arya's game of survival: I'm constantly on edge about Arya. She almost gets sniffed out when Baelish comes to talk to Tywin, and after he leaves, I exhaled — but then she almost gets caught by someone else after swiping a message with information about Robb. Smartly, she runs right to Jaqen H'ghar and requests her second kill. It's funny how desperate she is compared to how frustratingly formal he is about how he can't be demanded to kill someone immediately. Still, he pulls through just in time, killing the knight before he can give up Arya.
  • Joffrey gets slapped twice: Joffrey's behavior is enough to incite a riot this week — an ugly, violent riot where limbs and such get ripped off — but I'm still sort of chuckling that what starts it is a pile of cow poop thrown at his face. And to top it off, postmelee, Tyrion gets a good slap in, just like old times. If we have to see Joffrey's face, I'm glad it's constantly being struck.
  • The Stark brothers get their flirt on: Both Robb and Jon Snow have interactions with women that will obviously lead to more, but both situations are under less-than-ideal circumstances. Robb talks to his crush Talisa, but there's a classic "MOM!" moment when Catelyn interrupts them — then reminds him that he's promised to someone else. Meanwhile, when Jon Snow can't kill a female Wilding named Ygritte, he gets lost with her and then has to snuggle with her in the cold. She takes advantage of being the little spoon and tries to get Jon a little more, shall we say, heated up, but he tells her to stop. Can't blame a girl for trying.
  • Theon is truly lost: Theon's taking of Winterfell is far less victorious than he imagined it, I'm sure. He's easily rattled by little Bran, who questions how long he hated the Starks when he was living with them. Theon does the only thing he can do to get taken seriously: he cuts off Rodrik's head for challenging him publicly. Luckily, Bran still has people like Osha at his service, who seduces Theon and kills his guard to allow for Bran and co. to escape.
  • Where my dragons at: The scenes in Qarth are pretty boring, but there's finally some action. Daenerys and Xaro Xhoan Daxos walk into a square in Qarth to find everyone slaughtered, including Dany's own handmaidens, and with no babysitters on duty, her dragons are gone, kidnapped by a mysterious figure.

What did you think of Game of Thrones this week?

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