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Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale Recap

Game of Thrones Recap "Mhysa": What We're Still Talking About

Game of Thrones has wrapped its explosive third season, and while the finale isn't as crazy as last week's "Red Wedding," lots of loose ends are tied up, and we do get caught up with just about every character. There are homecomings, imminent rescues, and some fallout over the Starks being killed. Daenerys also has a big moment in the sun, which gives me hope for her role in season four — and hopefully her position on the Iron Throne.

This finale may not be the most exciting episode of the season, but there is still a lot to muse over, like the desecration of Robb's body, Arya's anger, and Ygritte's heartbroken revenge. Let's break it down after the jump.

  • Obviously, Joffrey and Cersei are psyched that Robb and Catelyn are dead (has Joffrey ever smiled so big?), and Joffrey even says he wants to serve Robb's head to Sansa at his wedding feast. He gets shut down by both Tyrion and Tywin Lannister, and right after, Tywin confirms that Walder Frey killed the Starks because he had Tywin's assurance of protection.
  • Poor Arya unfortunately sees the direwolf head on her brother's body, but she gets a little revenge when she and The Hound come upon the man who claims he sewed the head on the body. Arya shows no mercy, knifing him, and The Hound backs her up, killing the rest of the Frey men. Her first kill . . . It probably won't be her last.
  • We finally learn who Theon's tormentor is: Ramsay, whom Roose Bolton had sent to get Theon for Robb, but Ramsay had done his own thing (like cutting off Theon's penis). Theon gets a new name (Reek) and begs to be killed, but no matter: when Balon and Yara Greyjoy get word of Theon's imprisonment (and well, his d*ck in a box), his father is unsympathetic, but Yara pledges to rescue Theon as fast as she can.
  • Cersei and Tywin press Tyrion to have a child with Sansa — Tywin's reasoning being for power and Cersei's reasoning being that it will make Sansa happy. Between this and Varys's offer to Shae (he wants her to go off and start a new life far from Tyrion), there is an unusual amount of happiness talk this week. Happiness? On Game of Thrones?
  • There is a happy run-in this week when Sam and Gilly find Bran and his camp on their way to Castle Black. Sam says he'd do anything for a brother of Jon Snow's, so Bran requests to be taken north of the Wall, but Sam won't, warning them of White Walkers. Bran remains steadfast in his intent to find the three-eyed raven, but Sam and Gilly make it to Castle Black, where Sam is instructed to write lots of letters, which basically say: White Walkers are here. Help!
  • Ygritte catches up to Jon Snow after last week's big betrayal, and she's pissed, as expected. He does say that he loves her, but it's also an appeal to her to let him go. She sobs but still aims some arrows right at his heart. Nice symbolism, Ygritte. Despite Jon's injuries, he makes it home — to the Wall — and sees a familiar face: Sam!
  • The other big homecoming is for Jaime and Brienne, who make it to King's Landing. It's less heartwarming though, because Jaime's first stop is Cersei. Ew.
  • While Gendry's behind bars, he and Davos bond, which ultimately helps Gendry. Davos hears about Robb's death and warns Stannis that Melisandre's black magic should not be his main weapon. Davos begs for Gendry's life, and when Stannis reiterates that he must die, Davos arranges Gendry's prison break and sends him out on a boat. However, Stannis decides not to send Davos to his death when he hears about the White Walker invasion.
  • We only see Daenerys for a hot minute, but it's a big one. When she greets the newly liberated Yunkai, she makes it clear that they are free, but not because she so arrogantly gave it to them. They greet her with cries of "Mhysa" — which means mother. To further show how much they love her, they lift her up and let her crowd surf on them. Long live the Queen!

What did you think of the Game of Thrones season finale?

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