The 5 Most Shocking Moments From the Game of Thrones Season Finale

Jun 16 2014 - 8:00am

This season of Game of Thrones ends with several big deaths [1], but those kills aren't even the most shocking things that happen in the finale. We've got a crazy swordfight, a prison escape, and an attack by a creature so strange we need to just work it out together. My jaw is still hanging open from the season four finale, so let's go over the craziest things that happen!

Cersei Comes Clean

It seems like the whole world knows it, and Tywin himself probably already knew it, but Cersei decides to rid herself of the burden of her great and terrible incest secret to her own father. I mean, she has a point; how could he not have seen this happening under his nose? It seems like she's doing it so she can be with Jaime — she tells Jaime she chooses him just after her confession. It'd be so romantic, if you know, Jaime WERE NOT HER BROTHER.

The Mountain Is Still Alive

Who can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'? The Mountain! Well, he can crush heads and keep on tickin,' which is even more impressive. I really thought (hoped) we'd be rid of this guy, but it looks like season five will still have a healthy dose of sadism!

The Wight Attack

What in the heck even are these things? These skeleton-zombie beasts known as Wights are related to White Walkers, but with far less flesh, more speed, and more murderous tendencies. They attack Bran's little traveling group on the way to the three-eyed raven and, in the process, kill Jojen Reed. Apparently magic staves them off, but how long until we see them again? Shudder.

Brienne vs. The Hound

I really thought that The Mountain vs. The Red Viper would be the battle of the season, but Brienne's swordfight with The Hound may be the most epic fight after all. It starts civilly, with swords, but quickly devolves into a fistfight with crotch-kicking, rock-bashing, and yes, Brienne's Mike Tyson moment. She even spits the ear out! I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.

Tyrion Kills Shae and Tywin

What an emotional roller coaster. I was all set for the death of Tyrion after Oberyn's loss at the trial-by-combat, but a last-minute miracle happens when Jaime sets him free. Rather than just running off with Varys, though, he takes a detour to his father's chambers. Surprise, surprise: his former love Shae is there, and the two have their final lover's quarrel. With Shae dead, he moves on to Tywin, who's on the toilet and, shall we say, a sitting duck. There are some final words about what a crappy father Tywin is, and then boom: patricide by crossbow. Sometimes Game of Thrones does deliver its own kind of justice.

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