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Everything Game of Thrones Season 4 Made Us Feel

Jun 16 2014 - 11:35am

We're still reeling after the finale of yet another exciting, shocking season of Game of Thrones [1], which featured plenty of wild moments that kept us glued to our TVs. First, there was the Purple Wedding, plus that very cringe-worthy sex scene that added to our mixed feelings about Jaime Lannister [2]. The action continued in the past few episodes, with one of the most brutal deaths yet and a surprising turn for Tyrion. Take a look back at all of our GIF-worthy reactions to Game of Thrones season four.

Source: HBO [3]

When Oberyn Stabs That Guy in the Brothel

When Arya Gets Revenge on the Man Who Took Needle

When Ramsay Shoots a Little Girl and Lets Dogs Eat Her

Source: Comedy Central [4]

When Melisandre Has People Burning Alive For the Lord of Light

When Joffrey Keeps Taunting Tyrion at His Wedding

When Cersei Calls Out Brienne For Loving Jaime

When Joffrey Starts Choking and Veins Pop Out of His Face

When Joffrey Officially Dies and Cersei Blames Tyrion

When Daario Defeats the Horseback Rider in Meereen

When Reek Shaves Ramsay, and He's Basically a Shell of a Human Being

When Jaime Forces Himself on Cersei Next to Joffrey's Dead Body

When the Hound Steals From the Poor Farmer and His Daughter

When Littlefinger Tells Sansa About His Plans

When Daenerys Crucifies 163 Meereen Slave Owners

When Tyrion and Jaime Have a Bonding Moment

When Lady Olenna Tyrell Admits Her Hand in Joffrey's Death

When Cersei Fills Up Yet Another Glass of Wine

When Jaime Gives Brienne the Sword

Source: MTV [5]

When Jon Snow Prepares For Attack

When the Little Human Baby Becomes a White Walker

When Lysa Reveals That Littlefinger Is Responsible For Jon Arryn's Death

Source: Fuse [6]

When Jon Snow Puts a Sword Through Karl's Skull

When Shae Testifies Against Tyrion

When Tyrion Says He Wants a Trial by Combat

When Littlefinger Kisses Sansa

When Oberyn Tells Tyrion He'll Fight For Him

Source: BBC [7]

When Daario Strips Down For Daenerys

When Littlefinger Pushes Lysa Down the Moon Door

Source: RCA Records [8]

When Ygritte Lets Gilly and Baby Sam Live

When Jorah Mormont's Betrayal Is Revealed

When Oberyn's Face Gets Smashed In

When Sam Asks Jon Snow About Sex

When a Giant Storms Through the Castle Black Gate

When Ygritte Dies in Jon Snow's Arms

When Sam Kisses Gilly For the First Time

When Jon Snow Leaves to Fight and Sam Tells Him to Come Back

When Brienne Defeats the Hound

When Jaime Helps Tyrion Escape

When the Wights Come Out of the Ground and Attack

When the Little Girl Starts Throwing Fire

When Tyrion Chokes Shae to Death

When Tyrion Murders His Father

Source: BBC [9]

When Arya Heads Off to Braavos

When We're Left Reeling Over Another Awesome Season

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