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Game of Thrones' Similar Camera Shots of Jon and Daenerys

Game of Thrones: There's a Reason This Shot of Jon Snow Looks So Familiar

This week's intense, heartbreaking, and ultimately satisfying episode of Game of Thrones features some very fancy camerawork. While it's a gorgeous episode to watch, one shot in particular may have been more than meets the eye. When Jon is caught in the heat of battle and manages to make his way out from under a pile of bodies, we see him emerge from the chaos in an overheard shot. As Reddit user Epiphronic points out, we've actually seen an angle like this before with another main character.

Image Source: HBO

Daenerys in "Mhysa"

This shot is from season three, episode 10: "Mhysa." Dany is being embraced by her new people, meaning this scene is very different than the recent scene with Jon in "Battle of the Bastards." Despite that, the camera is poised in the same position.

Image Source: HBO

Here's a better look at the scene.

Why might Game of Thrones be creating parallels between Jon and Dany? Possibly because they're the two characters who signify ice and fire, as in, A Song of Ice and Fire. A very convincing theory proposes that the whole series is really about Jon and Dany. This is one more piece of evidence that the creators are setting these two up to take the Iron Throne together.

Image Source: HBO