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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones
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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer Reader Reaction

Buzz Blabber: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer Packs a Punch

This week's entertainment news brought out some great comments and discussion from you guys. The hottest topics? A highly anticipated trailer, TV reboot news, and a movie adaptation surprise. Check out this week's standout comments.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer impresses

  • "Amazing! I read all the books and watched all the Swedish movies but watching that right now just gave me goosebumps." — Vane Elliemae
  • "Although the trailer is good, Rooney Mara hasn't sold it to me yet . . . her version of Lisbeth Salander is, at least for me, a bit insulting for the character." — 1350458
  • "Woah, looks good!" — littlemunchkin

See what other hot topics got you guys chatting when you


Fear Factor's return inspires fear and fun

  • "Oh no! Has it come to this? Not only are we rebooting old TV shows (Charlie's Angels, etc.), but now we're rebooting reality TV shows? Have we come full circle? (Not to say that I didn't like this series first time around)." — smileet147
  • "Great idea. I wasn't a huge fan of the show but when I did find it on tv I could not stop watching it." — awesomepants
  • "The underwater stunts freaked me out, I'm talking nightmares!" — Katie Henry

The Mockingjay movie split might be milking it

  • "It is a matter of greed, but I might be OK with it. The only problem I had with Mockingjay, and the reason I thought Catching Fire was the best book of the trilogy, is that it felt rushed (although that may have been because I was reading it so quickly to find out what was going to happen. Even though I have low expectations for these adaptations (only because Hollywood ruins everything), I hope that splitting the last book into two movies will help build the tension and make the climactic moments even better . . ." — lizlee89
  • "Of the three books, I felt Mockingjay had the lowest sense of urgency until about 2/3 of the way through. Splitting it into 2 movies is a terrible idea, unless they intend to add a lot of extra information or flesh out story lines that weren't explored thoroughly in the book." — testadura67
  • "I don't think that anyone can really be that surprised — and I think that it can be done pretty decently assuming they stick to the book. I just hope that the cast knows what they are getting into (those that are in all 3 books) since they'll be in this franchise for ages filming. I wonder what that schedule's going to look like." — ilanac13
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