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Girls: All the Times We Could (and Couldn't) Relate to Hannah This Season

Mar 24 2014 - 10:30am

Girls [1] has wrapped for season three, leaving us to reflect on another excellent year for Lena Dunham's HBO comedy. This season has been just as funny as the previous two, but this time around, it has felt a little more grown-up. Maybe it's Hannah's more mature relationship with Adam or her very adult job at GQ, but there have been more relatable moments this season than usual. But Hannah is still Hannah, so there are a few times she's not so relatable, and we're addressing those right here too.

Relatable: When She Gets Comfortable Enough in Her Relationship With Adam to Express Herself

In season three, Hannah finally has the settled relationship with Adam that she's wanted — and she's gotten all the good and the bad that goes with it. One of the good things is feeling secure enough to express herself, whether it's about not wanting to hike or not allowing his sister to crash with them anymore. It's a relationship milestone I'm glad Hannah finally reaches.

Not Relatable: When She Unexpectedly Gets a Huge Paycheck

This might be the least relatable moment of this season of Girls so far. Hannah is so shocked to get a gigantic paycheck from work, which does not really ring true for any young person (with a first paycheck, you're usually shocked by how little is left after taxes).

Relatable: When She Doesn't Know How to React to the Death of Her Publisher

Don't get me wrong: Hannah's selfishness about what will happen to her ebook in the wake of her editor's death is appalling, but what's understandable is her inability to grieve the "right way." She hadn't known him well, and she only knew him in a professional capacity, so her muddled reaction to his death makes sense (though she naturally goes too far at the funeral and, justly, gets kicked out).

Not Relatable: When She Wears Her Bikini All Day

In one episode, Hannah spends the entire day in a green American Apparel bikini. She rarely covers it up, and sometimes she doesn't even wear shoes, which creates problems when she tries to ride her bike and go in a store. Who does this? Bathing suits are uncomfortable to begin with and are definitely not all-day wear, especially when you've already swam in them that day.

Relatable: When She Gets Too Drunk and Worries What Adam Will Think

When Hannah has a wild night out, she checks off all the irresponsible party boxes: pukes, embarrasses herself in front of co-workers, vaguely tries to kiss someone, and passes out at another guy's house. In a new relationship, there comes that moment when you realize that someone might worry about you when you do this kind of stuff, which is what Hannah does. Too bad she also realizes that Adam doesn't really care.

Relatable: When She Calls Out Jessa For Being a Bad Friend

Sometimes you have to give it to your friend straight and tell her what a bad friend she's being, which is what Hannah does to Jessa at the beginning of the season. This particular situation is all kinds of gray — Jessa was out of communication partly because she was in rehab, and Hannah shouldn't have run to break her out of rehab to begin with — but it's good that Hannah gets the courage to stand up to Jessa.

Not Relatable: When She and Her Friends Have a Huge Fight but Get Over It With a Dance Routine

The blowout that Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa have during their beach weekend totally rings true (especially Shosh needing to get some stuff off her chest), but usually people need to apologize before they move on. Or they stop being so close; there's some kind of fix or fallout. However, these girls just need one coordinated dance, and it's all good. It's a fun dance, but come on.

Relatable: When She Worries Her Boyfriend's Success Will Drive Them Apart

For a girl who is just getting the devoted boyfriend she wants, it makes sense that Hannah fears that Adam's newfound success will put a wedge between them. You're even more on her side when everyone's opinion about Broadway seems to be "Say goodbye to your boyfriend!"

Not Relatable: When She Has a Heart-to-Heart With Patti LuPone

However, it's not really a normal thing to get your relationship advice from Broadway legend Patti LuPone.

Relatable: When She Worries Adam's and Her Sex Life Is Waning

Here's another totally normal relationship milestone: when Hannah worries about the health of her relationship with Adam because their sex life isn't as exciting as the early days. Remember when Adam tells her that they stopped having sex the way they did before they were together, because they fell in love? That says a lot about both of their states of mind.

Not Relatable: When She Takes Role-Playing Waaay Too Far

Hannah's idea for reinvigorating their sex life, however, is not so relatable. It's inspired to play the whole stranger role-playing game, but the character she creates (and the trouble she gets Adam in) takes things too far and into some seriously weird territory.

Relatable: When She Pretends Her Relationship Is More Serious For Her Grandma

The indignation that Hannah feels when her mom wants her to tell her dying grandma she's getting married? Justified. The fact that she goes along with it when Adam comes by, because it makes her grandma so pleased? We get that, too.

Relatable: When She's Still Excited About Her Future Despite a Relationship Hurdle

The season finale of Girls gives Hannah a classic personal conundrum: she gets the career opportunity of a lifetime when she's accepted to Iowa's MFA program, but it'll take her away from her boyfriend, Adam. Sure, she may be a bit callous by sharing the news with Adam right before he goes on stage, sparking a fight between them after the play. Still, when she gets home and clutches her letter, she's still happy about the personal milestone — as she should be.

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