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Buzz Blabber: Girls Makes Quite an Impression

Viewers spouted off about Girls' first season finale this week, and while it wound down, True Blood is just getting started on its Summer run, but not everyone is loving it. Meanwhile, over on basic cable, the competition for Emily's heart is heating up on The Bachelorette, and opinions are scattered about which gentleman she should end up with.

Girls wrapped a controversial first season

  • "I really love this show. The girls are very real — I especially love Hannah but all of the characters represent aspects of ourselves. It's a more current and gritty look at 20-somethings and much more down to earth than Sex and the City." — sharnandez227
  • "I found it impossible to like any of the characters. The few episodes I watched were depressing, degrading and quite frankly nauseating. I would rather clean every toilet on my block than watch this show again." — yvetteava
  • "At times, the quirkiness was a little over the top, but when it was good, it was the best show on television. Real, fresh, and unlike anything else we've seen. I'm definitely hooked." — jadenirvana

To read reactions to True Blood and The Bachelorette, just


Bon Temps may be getting a little too crowded

  • "This has got to be one of the most disgusting episodes ever — eating of the werewolf and the ending! Overall it wasn't too bad though. All I could think of was SVU when I saw Christopher Meloni. Loved the scene with Jessica and the Reverend. And I like how Bill and Eric are so loyal and did not rat the other out or the girl." — nessa17
  • "I really enjoyed this episode. I was a little disappointed in the Eric/Pam backstory only because I wanted more. I enjoyed the Authority/Eric/Bill story. It was the first time Bill hasn't bored me to tears, but he is still a sanctimonious bore at heart. Steve Newlin is a hoot, and I just always laugh at his character. " — Janet2373373
  • "I enjoyed this episode, overall. I've come to expect random plots and way too many characters, so maybe I've also lowered my expectations. I think Tara's turning will be an interesting storyline, and Bill and Eric's storyline is obviously going to be a main focal point of the whole season (capturing Russell Edginton/dealing with the Authority). I'd be nice if the writers/directors actually focused mainly — or completely — on Sookie and the vampires!" — dreamalittledream

Bachelorette viewers are split on Emily's suitors

  • "Ugh I cannot stand Doug! He's such a snorefest. Really, it's gotta be Arie or Sean." — sweetas67
  • "I love Arie too. He's been my favorite since the very first episode." — likethedirection
  • "I disliked Arie the most last night. I didn't like his "surprise stalker" appearance at Emily's door. I think she likes the kissing him but that is it. As for Doug, ack! Why aren't we talking about the blonde?" — MsHP

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