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Glee Britney 2.0 Recap

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Britney 2.0"

Glee's word of the week, it seems, is "garbage." According to Sue, the Cheerios' homage to Britney Spears is garbage, Cassandra thinks Rachel's attempt at being sexy is garbage, and Mr. Schue punishing Jake for starting a fight that ends with someone's face in a vat of peas and carrots? Garbage! But we'll get to all that. This episode is all about Brittany S. Pierce . . . and Marley, Jake, and Rachel.

The episode kicks off with Sue dismissing Brittany from the Cheerios, her F- average finally catching up to her. Mr. Schue decides to bring Britney Spears Week back to McKinley High in an effort to cheer Brittany up, or at least get her to brush her hair again. Meanwhile, over in NYC, Rachel is dealing with Cassandra essentially accusing her of being 100-percent unsexy, and — ugh! — this completely hot guy hanging all over her. Let's talk about the good, the bad, and the in-between when you read more.

  • I love Brittany S. Pierce. I love that she thinks Jesus lives at the North Pole. I love that she draws crayon pictures of Happyville — the place where math was never invented — on the back of her math tests. I really love that her go-to comfort foods are cashews and bacon. But most of all, I love that she's really not stupid. Brittany may be on a different wavelength than everyone else, but just as she's the only one who knows that there's an actual audience listening to her voice-over, she's the only one with a master plan. She's breaking down to stage a dramatic comeback. And for that, Brittany S. Pierce is a genius.
  • Hats off to Ms. Pillsbury for consistently having the most relevant self-help pamphlets available. This week she gives Brittany one called "So You Look Like Crap." I don't remember that one in my high school counselor's office, but I really hope it exists somewhere.
  • I'm getting to like Cassandra. I think we all knew she couldn't just be a stone-cold you-know-what, but her backstory about breaking down midperformance is over the top while still remaining strangely within the realm of believability. So far Kate Hudson is doing an excellent job of strutting around the studio, and her quip about Rachel being dressed "like a Walgreens underwear model" earns her the title of Sue Sylvester of the East.
  • I'm not completely on board with this whole Marley/Jake romantic situation. Call me old-fashioned, but watching their scenes together without any of the old characters makes me feel like I'm watching a whole different show. I do like his defending her mother's honor, though. His postbrawl encounter with Puck is one of my favorite scenes this week, though where does Mr. Schue get off spilling the beans to Puck about his secret half-brother? That guy's gotta stick his nose in everything.
  • I'd like an update on Finn, but I'm ready for Rachel to get over him. Painting your boyfriend's name in a heart on the wall is creepy for anyone over the age of 15, but it's doubly creepy if it's your ex's name. She's got Brody practically throwing himself at her (seriously, has that guy never heard of game before?), and she's still dwelling on Finn? Please. Take it from me: if some dude rides 45 minutes on the J train to see you, then you at least let him plant one on you. That turn-away was painful to watch.

Some questions I thought of while watching this episode: Is there somewhere I can get 70 ounces of espresso? Will my Siri respond if I start calling her Kiki? Can we get some more Unique up in here? How much free time do NYADA students have that they can help Rachel choreograph an entire routine just for kicks? What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy the playlist of all this week's songs listed below!

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