Glee Cast Gets Joyful and Talks Suri Cruise in the Press Room

The Glee cast could barely contain their excitement as soon as they stepped off the stage after winning their Golden Globes earlier tonight. In fact, their celebration nearly drowned out Martin Scorsese, who was backstage talking about his honors. Their joy was contagious and they all crowded into the press room to chat about how exciting it was to win. Ryan Murphy revealed that they have some exciting guest stars coming up — like Jennifer Lopez! — and that Madonna "may or may not" be making an appearance during the episode featuring her music. The girls all filed up to the microphone to say who designed their gorgeous dresses, but most of the attention was on how happy the cast was to be a part of the unique show. Jane Lynch was particularly funny talking about learning that "very bright" Suri Cruise is a fan of the show — stay tuned for video of that, she's fantastic!

Image Source: WireImage
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