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Glee Episode Recap "Special Education" 2010-12-01 06:30:00

Glee-Ful Highlights From Episode "Special Education"

Can you believe it's already time for sectionals on Glee? New Directions makes the journey to the competition this week as Kurt tries out his new school and Schue tries something different with the club. That's hardly the only shakeup — many hearts are shattered by the end of the episode as romantic revelations come to the forefront.

I'm still singing along to "Dog Days Are Over," and so I'm ready to talk about every last detail. Relive the episode with me when you


  • Though there's no explanation of where she's been, Emma's back, and she advises Will to share the spotlight with the kids who don't usually get a lot of attention. He invites her to come to sectionals as the group's good luck charm, but she declines because of Carl (he's rightfully uncomfortable with Will and Emma spending time together). At least she's happy; she admits to Will that she and Carl have just said they love each other, but that's not even her biggest news. More on that later.
  • Kurt is safely deposited at Dalton, and he's experiencing everything new: new uniform, new friend Blaine, new glee club. The Warblers let him try out for a solo, and he goes to McKinley's number one drama queen to pick the right song.. Rachel suggests "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," which is rousing for the show, but not quite what the Warblers are looking for. Meanwhile, with Kurt gone, Mr. Schue recruits Puck to find the club a 12th member (as the official "Ambadassador" if you will). Though he brings the proper enthusiasm to the football team, the jocks aren't impressed with his invitation, and they trap Puck in a Port-a-Potty for 24 hours. His savior is Lauren, who becomes the default new member of the club.
  • After it came up briefly last week, Santana cruelly spills the beans about sleeping with Finn, humiliating Rachel in front of everyone. Already devastated that Schue has relegated her to the background for sectionals, she jealously acts out. Rachel and Finn make up after agreeing to be honest with each other, so Rachel fesses up to her own secret: she hooked up with Puck. Finn can't forgive Rachel's cheating (they were on a break . . .?), and he dumps her then and there. The most surprising part about this scenario is that Puck is the one who put the brakes on the makeout session. Maybe that Port-a-Potty really did change him.
  • We have our first exposure to Artie and Brittany as a couple, and it's interesting. When she's nervous about having to dance with Mike at sectionals, Artie is the sweet boyfriend who knows exactly what to say to his dim-bulb girlfriend. He gives her his "magic comb" and Brittany is ready to rock. One person has a weird reaction to Brittany and Mike being paired together is Tina, who's convinced they're having an affair. Is her paranoia an indication that she's not totally happy with Mike and may make a play for Artie again?
  • At sectionals, The Hipsters are the group that really rocks my boat with "The Living Years." Maybe it's that song, but when The Warblers take the stage with "Hey Soul Sister," they're cute, but not amazing. Plus, it's clear that Kurt is lost in the homogeneous, cookie cutter group in which pretty much only Blaine is allowed to shine.
  • As much as I love Ken and Barbie Quinn and Sam, their impression of Baby and Johnny to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" isn't as strong as I hoped the lead-off would be. But when Santana takes on Amy Winehouse's "Valerie," I was blown away. Her character may be a terrible person, but as a performer, she's dynamite.
  • And the winner of sectionals is . . . a tie?! Yep, New Directions and The Warblers are both going to regionals! Back at McKinley, Mercedes and Tina celebrate by singing "Dog Days Are Over" (why didn't they do that song at sectionals?). Everyone looks like they're having more fun than usual as they all happily rock out to the joyful song . . . well, everyone but the heartbroken Finn and Rachel.
  • After sectionals, Emma has some even better (well, for her) news: she and Carl got married in Vegas over the weekend! Thus, Will loses Emma again. But is that a look of confusion on her face at the end of the episode?

Did you think the glee club deserved to win it all at sectionals? Are you disappointed that Emma is off the table for Mr. Schue again? And how long do you think it will be before Finn and Rachel get back together? Chat about the episode now, and after, check out the Glee Club in the BuzzSugar Community!

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Rwandawithlove Rwandawithlove 6 years
More puckleberry please! I wish they had gone all the way because when they are together i can laugh for hours. Best line of the night. Rachel: Have you been working out? Puck: Nah it's the seroids. Side note , loved valerie, dog days and don't cry for me argentina.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 6 years
When Finn and the rest of the club sang "Just The Way You Are" at the totally made me cry like a baby. :oops:
gingirl gingirl 6 years
This was the first episode in a long time that I liked! I'm so very tired of the Rachel and Finn relationship. Just end it and let it be done with, it's tiresome. Santana's solo was the best of the show, I think, such a great voice and great song selection! Not so happy with Time of My Life, but I did like it better than the Warbler's "Hey Soul Sister." Not loving Kurt's storyline either, wonder how many eps it will take for him to come back to his Gleeks? I felt bad for Rachel when she was called out in the back room before their performance and when Santana said that everybody pretends to like her. I LOVED it when Puck said "I kind of do," very high praise from a high school boy. I thought something was up with that, and wasn't too surprised to see him and Rachel hooking up later on. But I really loved Puck this episode. I bet they'll get back together again before the season ends; they're one of my favorite couples, much more so than Rachel and Finn. The Emma marriage thing? Jeez, lady. I don't quite get the point of this, but whatever.
aembry396 aembry396 6 years
I hate the on and off of Rachel and Finn. I did think that Quinn and Sam's opening was a bit underwhelming. I LOVED the growth of Kurt and Rachel's relationship. Although, I will say it is time to let Kurt have a smaller part and play up Mercedes or Tina! But I doubt they will do that, because now that he is a Warbler, he will either have a big part or no part at all (or why would he be on the show!). I am surprised that I didn't miss Sue that much. I think that is one of the best things about the the time you get tired of somone or their storylines, the writers can focus on a few new people or bring in a funny one liner: I have to say that I liked Lauren as the bit-player coming up into the glee world. And she had some good lines.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
I definitely thought new directions should have taken it all at sectionals, although that may have something to do with thinking that "hey soul sister" is the most annoying song ever conceived of. Plus, santana totally rocked it out to a great song. The warblers were just boring and I had to fast forward through them. As for emma, that was definitely a look of confusion. And whoever said too much kurt was right. I'm a little over him at this point, which is why I was happy some of the others got a chance for once. I mean, magical comb was so cute and funny.
stephley stephley 6 years
It was a generally satisfying episode - finally. There was much excitement at my house at the Rachel smackdowns, and I liked seeing Shue finally get a little fierce. Sam & Quinn are cute, but really don't have enough energy to headline. What's with Emma agreeing to marry anyone who asks? The girl needs to learn to hold out for a better ring - if Carl's such an amazing dentist, he could have done better. :irk: How could Finn not have spoken to Kurt since the wedding, don't they live in the same house now?
care0531 care0531 6 years
Anyone else wished the Warblers had taken Kurt's advise and done Duran Duran's Rio for sectionals? :)
care0531 care0531 6 years
I loved that they finally had a show that showed off everyone elses signing talents as well. I didn't mind not having any Sue in this episode because they had more of Britney and her one liners. I agree with the others that Emma getting married so quickly (especially after a big fight) was lame and you can see she is already hesitant about the decision. I also think sectionals in a tie was lame. New Directions was the only school to do 2 songs...that was weird but with the 2 songs they did I think they should have won...they were the best. I loved the bond between Rachel and Kurt this week as well. Can't wait for the Christmas episode next week. I have been listening to that CD all week! Love it!
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I thought ending sectionals in a tie was a little too cheesy. Santana was awesome and I actually enjoyed Quinn and Sam's performance as well (even though nothing can beat Dirty Dancing). I loved how we got to hear from other singers this week. I feel sorry for Kurt at his new school, but he needs to be realistic. He can't expect to walk into a new environment and take over, but he does seem to fade into the background a little bit with the Warblers. As I've said before, I hate Schue and Emma together mainly because Schue annoys me already and Emma was too updtight pre-Carl. Emma is so much freer and happier with Carl, plus I wouldn't mind seeing more of John Stamos on the show. Love Brittany and Artie as a couple!
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 6 years
This was the first episode in WEEKS that didn't piss me off. They actually had some character development and continuity, something that's been lacking for a long time. I loved how Emma called Will out on his set lists being unpredictable. I loved how Will called Rachel and everyone else out on being big drama queens. I loved how cute Artie and Brittany are. I agree that Sam and Quinn's number was underwhelming. I thought they did a good job and they have some adorable chemistry, but the song choice was disappointing. I mean, REALLY? "Time of My Life?" That is one of the most overplayed, trite, boring songs ever. They should've picked something with more energy. But Santana singing "Valerie" was brilliant, and the choreography was amazing too. The Warblers were underwhelming. The Hipsters were adorable and I wish we could've seen more. I am officially 100% sick of Kurt and his sub-plot. I think that he was such a popular character that they wanted to bring him to the forefront, but there is TOO MUCH KURT at this point, just like there is, very often, TOO MUCH RACHEL. Or TOO MUCH SUE. I need some balance, for chrissakes. My biggest complaint is about Emma getting married. That's just stupid. Of course the marriage won't last, and this just means that Emma is now the crazy who almost married Ken for stupid reasons and then married Carl on a whim. As Kelly Kapoor said, it's irresponsible.
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