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Glee Introduces New Character Rory Played by Damian McGinty

Buzz Blabber: Rory Deserves the Glee Spotlight

This week's TV and movie trailers gave you guys plenty to talk about. On Glee, the introduction of a new face made you happy, while two trailers had you talking about whether they made you laugh or not. Check out the comments on these buzzworthy topics below!

Glee's new character Rory is a charmer

  • "I really like the new character Rory. I think he brings something fresh to the show seeing as how most of the other plots are infuriating and tiring (though I do like Burt Hummel running against Sue). I really hope Damian [McGinty] can sing some more contemporary songs, but his last performance of "Take Care of Yourself" was really sweet." — smileet147
  • "I liked Damian, I hope he will become a real member of Glee club. The only thing is [his] clothes, awful." — Harmonia
  • "I like Rory because he really is bringing something else to the table. I can see him turning into a great leading man (lord knows Finn ain't cutting it these days, what an a-hole he's turned into). After all the character development Finn has been through, you're telling me he wouldn't stop those guys beating on Rory THE SECOND he saw it happen? URGH." — ChelMarie

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The 21 Jump Street trailer is surprisingly hilarious

  • "Best trailer ever...?" — Shannon Vestal
  • "Indeed. It looks really really good. Honestly I didn't think it was going to be good at all." — awesomepants
  • "This looks hilarious! And I did not have very high hopes for it either . . ." — rhyne589

Viewers are split on the Wanderlust trailer

  • "OK, I'll admit the 'he's gonna make a suit out of my skin!' line made me laugh out loud. But other than that; yeaaaaah . . . Never a good sign when films rely on nudity . . . " — Advah
  • "I can't wait to see this! Love me some Paul Rudd." — Lizzie Fuhr
  • "I think it looks pretty cute! Love the chemistry that they had in The Object of My Affection. The trailer made me chuckle on some part." — intherabbithole

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