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Glee Recap "Asian F"

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Asian F"

This week's episode of Glee gets the most out of the West Side Story auditions, and I have to admit that the play plot line is definitely making for intriguing complications. I enjoyed seeing Rachel and Mercedes compete outside of the practice room, as well as the way Mike Chang is allowed to shine through his bid for a part. Though the other competition going on – the race for class president — is a little less compelling, it still creates developments for the kids.

I actually liked this episode and the performances more than the previous two episodes, and to see why, just keep reading.

  • Mercedes's new boyfriend pushes her ambitions, and he tells her she's better than Rachel and should be the one playing Maria. I loved the connection the show made from referencing Effie White in Dreamgirls to cutting to Mercedes singing a Jennifer Hudson song ("Spotlight") for her audition. Her strong performance immediately makes Rachel nervous, which she's right to be, because the directors consider her Rachel's only competition. To decide who gets the part, they stage a "Maria-off," pitting the two divas against each other.
  • Brittany and Kurt go head to head in the race for class president, with Brittany taking it more seriously than Kurt gives her credit for. She wants to dance her way into the hearts of her people — which includes an energetic performance of Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)". Looks like they won't be the only ones in the race, though; Rachel throws herself in when she assumes that Mercedes has won the role of Maria, but Kurt angrily confronts her about being a bad friend by running against him.
  • Mike Chang's dad is concerned about his son's "flailing" grades ("An A minus is an Asian F") and he blames glee club and Tina. Mike's disheartened at his father's dismissal of his desire to dance, but in a sweet moment between him and Tina, she boosts his confidence about what an amazing dancer he is. It drives him to try out for the part of Riff (AKA the leader of the Jets) in the play — a singing part. His practice shows, and I thought his voice sounded great, and I loved seeing more insight into Mike and his pressure-filled home life. Later, when his mother comes to see him at school, she surprises him by saying that she wants Mike to pursue his dreams.
  • Mike Chang's parents aren't the only family we meet this week; Emma's mom and pop show up after Will broaches the subject of meeting them. After finding Emma's bridal magazine stash, he confirms that he's also thinking about marriage (did he really have to make mention of his porn collection though? Ew). Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury are quite passionate about having red hair — they're "Ginger Supremacist," which apparently had something to do with Emma's OCD. Still, Will assures Emma that he'll try to fix her (with Coldplay's words, that is).
  • When Mercedes isn't giving her all in booty camp, Schue calls her on it, and she pushes back, saying that he's always been hard on her and accuses him of making Rachel his favorite. As she stalks off, Mr. Schue threatens her with kicking her out of the glee club, and it extends this episode's Dreamgirls theme when the gang sings, "It's All Over."
  • The casting for the play is finally announced: the directors double cast Maria so both girls can play the lead, but Mercedes turns down the opportunity because she hasn't won it completely. Other people are more thrilled: Mike gets the part of Riff, Santana gets Anita, and Blaine wins the lead of Tony — and Kurt doesn't even seem jealous. It's a new chapter for Mercedes though, who leaves the glee club and joins Shelby's rival girl group.

Did you agree with the casting of the play, or do you wish the directors would have just cast Mercedes? And how long do you think she'll participate in Shelby's other group before coming back to New Directions? Weigh in below!

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nylorac nylorac 5 years
lol demarco... that is the same thing i was thinking when i saw who was running for class president (seniors, hello?). also mercedes just appeared to be too full of herself at the end of this episode. why not take the role and split it with rachel? i don't like her "all or nothing" attitude. it doesn't even seem very professional at the end of the day.
TayTompkins TayTompkins 5 years
I have to agree with most comments, Mercedes lately has been irking me. Her whole diva attitude and self pity she seems to have is getting old. I remember a few episodes when she was sassy and confident and now she seems to needing the #1 spot in everything to gain self-acceptance. Its getting old.
tvmovielove tvmovielove 5 years
I was really annoyed with Mercedes during this episode. Despite Rachel's own annoying and cocky tendencies, she was being nice overall to Mercedes about the auditions. Mercedes has to realize that a little practice never hurt anyone, and Rachel is someone who practices everyday (as Finn said in this episode). I did like the focus on more of the "secondary" characters in this episode. Plus, Donny Most (Ralph Malph from "Happy Days") playing Emma's dad was awesome! For more of my thoughts on this and other episodes, visit
demarco11 demarco11 5 years
ChelMarie is RIGHT --- Proving yourself as a Diva does not a Maria make. If you want the sassy role Anita is definitely your chance. I would have preferred a sassy diva-off between Santana and Mercedes. Also tired of the Mercedes vs Rachel story. And Rachel running for class president is kinda ridiculous considering how she's treated throughout the school (although the same could be said for Kurt). And not to be too picky, but class president elections for the year you're currently in? Doesnt really make much sense. Loved the Strictly Ballroom dance in front of the mirrors scene for Mike Chang. His story was great, and I loved his Riff audition. How come no one auditioned for/was cast as Bernardo? He's also an important role too!
hilberkl hilberkl 5 years
I'm sorry, but Mercedes is not Maria. And I'm not just talking about looks, it's attitude. Even singing the Maria-off song, Mercedes was just too sassy. I'm over her woe-is-me attitude. I almost cried when Emma broke down while Will was singing to her and Mike Chang was AWESOME!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 5 years
I know people are saying Glee's lost it but I disagree. I think the writers are making changes accordingly from last season and this episode was great. Kurt/Blaine continue to be one of my my fave couples on TV. I was really heartbroken last week by the thought of Kurt not supporting Blaine to play Tony (thought it'd be a major step backwards for Kurt) so I'm happy he was on the right page this week. One thing has been reeeeally bothering me though. WTF is up with Finn? I'm not even a huge fan, but his absence is GLARING. I thought for the first two episodes maybe it was just an effort to focus on others but now it's become obvious. Who did Cory piss off? Guy used to be the male lead. Why the hell were Mercedes and Rachel fighting over Maria? Have the writers SEEN West Side Story? *Anita* is the role to have, certainly not Maria. LOVED the revelation of Mike Chang's singing. Awesome.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 5 years
^^I agree that the diva storylines are getting old and boring. Mike Chang was the best part of this episode. He sounded great in his audition and I enjoyed the scene with him and his mother. I'm glad the writers gave him a real storyline this week. This was definitely the best episode of this season so far.
smileet147 smileet147 5 years
Okay, Heather Morris' flash mob to Beyonce was AMAZING and Harry Shum Jr's performance of "Cool" was incredible. This episode definitely had some of the best performances to date. I'm just tired of all the diva storylines. I like the lines with more heart better (i/e Mike Chang, Emma, Artie, etc) Check out my other thoughts here:
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