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Glee Recap: "The Break Up"

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "The Break Up"

There aren't very many gleeful moments on Glee this week, but there are a lot of sorrowful ones. Last week's cliffhanger put Finn at Rachel's doorstep in New York, and we find out that he's been discharged from the Army already. As he struggles to find his place in Rachel's new life, a depressed Blaine also pops by Chez Bushwick say hello to Kurt (am I the only one who realizes how far away Ohio is from New York City?). Neither of these unexpected visits ends well. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany are going through growing pains, and Mr. Schue and Emma are at a relationship crossroads as well.

This episode, in one heart-wrenching, fell swoop, perfectly encapsulates the pains of moving on after high school. It's like the first Thanksgiving when everyone comes back home but things just aren't the same. Based on the previews, I anticipated that the end was near for Rachel and Finn, but I didn't think everyone's relationships were going to shatter into a million tiny pieces. My heart hurts. Let's talk about it after the jump.

  • Before we get into this, can I just ask: where is Cassandra? I got all excited about her character, and now she's been shoved to the side for two episodes in a row? And no Isabelle this week, either? Such a bummer.
  • Clearly the biggest bummer in the Glee universe this week, however, is Finn. He has his sad puppy face on the entire episode. I probably would too if my true love moved to New York and did an amazing rendition of a Demi Lovato song with a smokin' new peer. Finn should have known: never go karaoke-ing when your relationship is in peril. It will not end well. Rachel ends up disclosing her kiss with Brody to him, and Finn takes off in the night (so rude). That scene in Mr. Schue's office when he bawls on his shoulder almost made me break down. Nothing bring me to tears faster than a grown man — which is what Finn is, even if he can't really come to terms with it — sobbing in the arms of another grown man.
  • Who saw Blaine's infidelity coming? I sure didn't. He's supposed to be the good guy, right? Not so much. Even though I'd been feeling pretty over Kurt for ignoring Blaine last week, the look of pain on Kurt's face as he finds out the truth is heartbreaking. Of course, he had to know something was up after that cover of "Teenage Dream" Blaine performed at the bar, which managed to be both awkward and moving. What a way to bookend that relationship.
  • Three cheers for Santana, this week's voice of reason. Not only is she the only one who recognizes the absurdity of Kurt's Vogue internship ("He's lauded as a visionary because his job purse happened to match his riding crop?"), she handles the disintegration of her relationship with Brittany with real maturity. She doesn't cheat on Brittany or get suspicious, but she admits to an "energy exchange" with a girl at school. Sometimes that's all it takes for you to realize that your relationship isn't working, and I applaud Santana for being an honest, upstanding lady.
  • Mr. Schuester gets good news about his program in Washington DC, and though Emma is proud, she's a bit flabbergasted that he expects her to drop everything and go with him. I'm on her side; I know that it would be supportive for her to go, but Mr. Schuester just got this desire to change his life a week ago. The episode ends without resolving their predicament, but no one else's relationship is safe this week, so why should theirs be?
  • What's the deal with Kitty's Left Behind Club? This girl has some serious issues, and just as I was thinking that only Marley's crazy-meter was going off for this chick, Jake finally sees it too. Another romance bites the dust, but it doesn't look like he's ready to hop over to Marley just yet. I really can't wait to see what Kitty's Carrie Underwood-like wrath will look like.
  • I got really choked up at the end when everyone is on stage singing "The Scientist." Coldplay? Really? It's like the Glee writers want me to run out of Kleenex. It's especially tough since it follows Rachel's emotional admission about how she loves Finn but can't be with him now.

Burning questions from this week's episode: Is naming your rifle after your ex a normal thing? Can Mr. Schue and Emma stay together despite his new gig? How much money do these kids have lying around to commute back and forth from New York to Ohio?

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