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Glee-Ful Highlights and Video From Episode "Comeback"

Whether creator Ryan Murphy is willing to admit it or not, this week's Glee may as well have been called "The Justin Bieber Episode." There are only a couple of Bieber songs, but the fever is alive and well throughout the glee club this week, from the side-swept bangs to the ever-present American Apparel hoodies.

Sam's new coif isn't the only focus though; Mr. Schuester spends his time trying to get Sue out of a deep depression, Lauren finds her voice (sort of), and Santana strikes again. Let's break it all down after the jump.

  • This week's episode is called "Comeback," and I for one was happy to see the return of the inner monologue! We get a peek inside Schue's mind as he assures us that he's over Teri and Emma (riiiight), while Sam ruminates on his relationship with Quinn.
  • Quinn convinces Sam that she didn't cheat on him with the lamest story in the book: she claims that she was giving Finn mouth-to-mouth because he choked on a gumball. (I guess that's still better than the time she convinced Finn that he impregnated her from hot tub pre-ejaculation). Sam still senses that Quinn is slipping away, so he takes a page from Justin Bieber (because no one is more rock and roll than Bieber, duh). Rocking a purple hoodie and a new 'do, Sam the Justin Bieber Experience woos Quinn (and the entire female contingent of the club) with a spot-on version of "Baby." It's fun and right on point, and I'm actually surprised it's taken this long to get Bieber into the mix. Oh, except for the dance moves. Don't even get me started on those.
  • Now that the Cheerios won't be heading to Nationals, Sue tries to commit "sue-icide" via gummi vitamins. To help ease her pain, Emma suggests that Sue sit in with the gleeks for the week. Her typically sinister actions are toned down (aside from a weak attempt to pit Rachel and Mercedes against each other), but it turns out that she was saving her wickedness for the final act. Despite all of Will's do-gooding (even bringing her to the hospital to visit sick kids), Sue is taking on a rival glee club so she can continue to make Schue's life a living hell. I guess this means the girls are really out of those cheerleading uniforms for good.
  • My favorite performance of the night is courtesy of Rachel and Mercedes' diva-off. Their voices couldn't be better suited to "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent, and the number was thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, I loved that their little tiff didn't create any drama, and they were laughing at the end of the song. (Fun fact: Idina Menzel AKA Shelby sang the same part as Rachel when she starred in Rent on Broadway.)
  • In a monologue so sassy I had to watch it twice, Santana convinces Sam that he should dump Quinn and start dating her instead. (She also makes fun of his mouth so many times it made my head spin). Poor heartbroken Sam takes her advice, and in turn, breaks Quinn's heart as well. It's clear that Sam still wants to be with Quinn, and I don't blame him — I wish they'd just sweep it all under the rug and color them theirs.
  • Looks like Lauren Zizes will be sticking around, as she gets her very first solo number this week. We get a peek at the gleeks in their underwear (Puck's is particularly hilarious), but as for the actual performance. . . well, let's just say it was interesting.
  • I'm glad that Rachel is regressing back to her original ways, even if it means she's not a fashion trendsetter. (Those leg warmers as arm warmers looked pretty good by the way.) Just like the old days, Rachel is pesky without being too annoying — and actually comes up with a great idea to write original music for regionals. Unfortunately, the club disagrees with her as usual, but she gets a boost of confidence when Finn confronts her and tells her she should go for it.

Did you catch Bieber fever this week? Were you impressed with Sam's impression of James Earl Jones? How do you feel about Sue's newest role? Sound off in the comments or check out the Glee Club in the Buzz Community.

Photo courtesy of Fox

DCBaxter DCBaxter 6 years
I read that same interview with Ashley Fink, so I was surprised by her performance. I wonder what the iTunes version sounds like! She is hilarious though.
care0531 care0531 6 years
Am I wrong for wanting Santana to be happy?
cibele cibele 6 years
I thought it was one of worst episodes we had lately. And that is saying something since this season is so weak.
smileet147 smileet147 6 years
Not even Angry Birds could distract me from Mike Chang's Abs! This episode was just okay. It had some good moments. Check out my recap here:
peatree peatree 6 years
I thought this episode was kinda funny, mainly because of how awkward some of the things in the episode are. Even though Santana can be really mean when it comes to people, she's always has some truth in what she says. The look on some of the glee members when Lauren was singing and dancing was funny because it made them feel SO awkward and uncomfortable.
ktc71 ktc71 6 years
Here's the interview. The first thing they ask her is if she can sing.
ktc71 ktc71 6 years
I read an interview with the actress who plays Lauren. I could have sworn she talked about growing up doing musicals. So, maybe she really has a good voice. Maybe they wanted her to sound bad because of her trying to get the confidence etc...
laaki laaki 6 years
Well I laughed so hard with the bieber parts that i understood, the second bieber song however I totally did NOT recognize so i didn't find them that funny, and I the angry birds playing, LOL. Best song was the mercedes rachel song, and I won't even talk about lauren "song" and just going to forget that part of the episode...
amber-slippe amber-slippe 6 years
that was cool
nylorac nylorac 6 years
Lauren is really starting to bother me. She definitely needs a better song to showcase her good voice if she even has one.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I thought Lauren's solo was pretty awful. I know it's not the most melodious song in the first place, and it was probably a good fit for her, but if that's all her voice has to offer, they will have to keep her in the background. Rachel and Mercedes were great. The competition for Quinn bores me. She cheated on both Finn and Sam and sold them stupid stories to cover up her behavior and they both still want her just because she's hot. *yawn*
stephley stephley 6 years
Bieber imitations + recycled plots= who cares?
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