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Glee Recap "Duets" Episode

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Duets"

The theme of this week's episode of Glee may be duets, but on the flip side, it also takes a look at some of the lonelier members of the New Directions. In a season that's been a bit all over the place thus far, this week the show really seems to hit its stride, serving up a nice mix of both serious and silly moments.

While some old favorites are tucked away this week (Puck's serving time in juvie, and Sue's not even mentioned), the smaller characters get to really shine. Brittany actually gets a little bit of depth, Quinn scores a new love interest, and Artie hits a major milestone. To get the chat going about the solid episode, just read more.

  • As I mentioned, Puck is in juvenile hall for — wait for it — driving his car directly into a store and stealing the ATM machine. And that's all the information we get! I'm hoping Puck won't be absent too long (as Finn mentioned, the show needs his "bad boy presence"), and he better have a good explanation cooked up when he returns. What ever happened to his lucrative pool cleaning business? Let's place our bets now on what song he'll sing when he gets out: "Jailhouse Rock" or "Folsom Prison Blues"?
  • The good news: with Puck out, Sam is in. His previous reservations about joining the club appear to have washed away, and he wastes no time trying to woo Quinn with his movie-referencing flirtations. I can forgive him for speaking Na'vi, but the Matthew McConaughey imitation confirms Santana's statement that the boy has no game. Still, Quinn and Sam have a sweet chemistry that I haven't seen in the other relationships on the show (except for maybe Will and Emma). Move over, Rachel and Finn — there's a hot new glee club couple in town.
  • Speaking of gleek incest, those subtle hints at Brittany and Santana's physical relationship is confirmed this week with their mini-makeout sesh. It's implied that Brittany might have real feelings for Santana, while Santana is just using Brittany as a warm body while Puck's away. Brittany tries to make Santana jealous by going after Artie (and taking his virginity!), but in the end, she's left standing alone. I have to admit that I felt bad for Brittany by the end of the episode, and she seems genuinely sorry in her confrontation with Artie. The girl's got amazing one-liners for days, but I wouldn't mind seeing a little more of this character development.
  • While Artie's still pining away for Tina, she's running into issues with Mike. Apparently, Tina's not that into doing Asian-everything with her boyfriend (and his mom), and they start to squabble. Despite their fighting, they manage to pull out a really cute routine to "Sing!" from A Chorus Line. It couldn't have been more fitting for Mike's situation: I think we were all beginning to wonder if the boy can do more than dance.
  • Poor Kurt's the lone ranger this week. He tries to get Sam to duet with him, but when both Finn and his dad agree that it might cause a world of bullying for Sam, Kurt decides to go solo. He's a bit down after his father tells him that he's just going to have to wait longer to find someone (who wouldn't be sad after that talk?), but Kurt always knows how to dust himself off. Chris Colfer seems like he had the most fun this week, immersing himself in a very theatrical number from Victor/Victoria.
  • Am I the only one who's already bored with Finn and Rachel? I rooted for them last season, but lately they're all fizzle and no sizzle. Finn's campaigning against Sam and Kurt's duet seems forced, and though I enjoyed "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart," overall these two are not doin' it for me. Is it wrong that I wouldn't mind seeing Jesse St. James return to stir the pot a little?
  • Outside of her relationship with Finn, I was proud of Rachel this week. She finally gets a much-needed reality check in recognizing her selfish behavior, but it's not until her talk with Kurt that she really shines. Their conversation by the lockers is just the kind of sweet moment that makes Glee so great, and their duet is the perfect finish to the episode.

How'd you feel about all the singing and dancing this week? Which duet would you have picked as the winner? Let the commenting begin, or start your own topic in the Glee Club in the Buzz Community!

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