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Glee Recap "Dynamic Duets"

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Dynamic Duets"

Were you looking forward to a Thanksgiving episode of Glee? You'll have to wait until next week, because this week's episode is all about caped crusaders. We get to meet members of McKinley High's Secret Society of Superheroes, including such characters as Sweet and Spicy, Tarantula Man, Asian Persuasion, and The Human Brain. Sound weird? It kind of is. "Dynamic Duets" has lots of action, but not necessarily the kind I like to see in Glee. The whole superhero hook is a bit of a miss for me, with the exception of the Pucker-Man (who can save me from a burning building anytime). The episode is completely Ohio-centric, so no updates from Kurt and Rachel in New York City, but I imagine they're watching a Streisand flick and lamenting last week's epic fail of a trip.

Blaine is (temporarily) lured back to Dalton Academy by the evil Warblers, Finn gets decked out in plaid to teach the glee club, and we get to hear Sam's Bane voice. Find out what else went down on Glee this week and get a Spotify playlist of all the episode's songs when you read more.

  • I'm getting a kick out of Finn being the new Mr. Schue, complete with a sweater vest. Seeing him lecture Jake and Ryder after their R.E.M.-triggered fight is hilarious. We're not used to seeing him take on an authoritative role yet, but he's also wearing spandex and a cape. His Yoda impression ("Deal do we have?") is priceless, and I, for one, would have liked to see the club execute his Foreigner theme suggestion.
  • Blaine is feeling super down following his breakup with his "anchor," Kurt. It's like the Warblers can smell weakness all the way from Dalton Academy, as the new Warbler leader Hunter Clarrington (this guy) lures him back to the school by stealing New Directions' trophy. I was shocked when Blaine starts singing with his old cronies — it's like he's cheating on us! I know he eventually comes back to McKinley, but between this and his cheating on Kurt, I'm seriously questioning his character.
  • So it turns out sexy football star Ryder can't read. Was anyone else incredulous that they all but rip Jordan Catalano's monologue from My So-Called Life? Similarities aside, I really like how they're treating his dyslexic storyline. It feels realistic without being too after-school special. Kudos to new guy Blake Jenner for taking on such an emotional role.
  • Marley isn't my favorite character, but I don't like that Kitty's poisoning her self-esteem. I thought the bulimia storyline was just a one-episode deal, but it turns out a kiss from the cute guy isn't a cure-all for body dysmorphic disorder. Can someone get in and teach Kitty a lesson? Where's Sue when you need her?
  • I get what they're going for, but this week's heroes-themed playlist feels about as cohesive as a bad Project Runway collection. While all the songs are great individually, they just don't flow together the way one might hope. Having said that, the final song is like sweet redemption for the lackluster episode. The club's performance of "Some Nights" — the song least connected to the theme — harkens back to season one's standout number, "Don't Stop Believin'." The new class is officially in session.

What did you think, were you also underwhelmed by this week's themed episode?

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