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Glee Recap of "The End of Twerk"

Glee: The Highlights From "The End of Twerk"

Are you ready for your Twerk-torial? That fun portmanteau comes courtesy of Mr. Schue, who leads the kids to explore their Miley side this week on Glee. Not everyone is thrilled with the lesson du jour, in fact most of the kids are having a pretty tough time lately. Rachel and Kurt are trying to shock themselves out of grief by abusing a finely aged bottle on Limoncello, and the Great McKinley Bathroom Gender Riot of 2013 is raging. Yes, it's quite the scene.

"The End of Twerk" plays kind of like this year's VMAs: some parts are shocking, there's a lot of music, and, naturally, way too much twerking. The group even has a go at "Blurred Lines" and jilted lady Marley performs a depressing rendition of "Wrecking Ball." But let's not put on our sad faces just yet. To get all the juicy highlights, just read on.

  • Let's begin over in Brooklyn, where Rachel and Kurt are still moving through the stages of grief following Finn's death. In an attempt to live to the fullest, Rachel pretends to get a short haircut, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. Because they're the geekiest rebels on earth, they break out the Limoncello to get tattoos. Kurt's plan to get the inspirational "It Gets Better" tagline on his back turns into a nightmare when the tattoo artist prints "It's Get Better" instead. No worries, he seems to like the fix, "It's Got Bette Midler," even more. See, it does get better! On the downer side, Rachel tells Kurt she decided not to get inked, but it's later revealed that she's gotten "Finn" tattooed on her ribcage. I love it.
  • If anyone needs to hear that it gets better, it's Unique. Still struggling to fit in at a school that's not quite ready to accept her as she is, her latest issue is finding a bathroom. She doesn't feel comfortable in the boys' room, but the devilish Bree is in the girl's room, and somehow seeing Unique sets off a chain of events that leads to a bathroom party. McKinley High is so weird. Whatever, the bathroom rave is the least of our troubles. There's also a whole bizarre subplot with a portable toilet.
  • While Unique just needs to pee, Sue is waging a war against twerking. Their stories get intertwined, and at one point Mr. Schue likens the glee club's battle for the right to twerk to civil disobedience. He actually says, "When a law is unjust, it is your duty as an American to disobey," while talking about twerking. Listen, I know it's not just about twerking, but this is insanely overwrought. Eventually, he trades the club's twerking rights for Unique's right to use a safe and private bathroom. Everyone wins?
  • One thing that I do love about Mr. Schue this week is his Sue-style meltdown when he's leaving her office. Between the twerking and the tantrums, Mr. Schue is having a lot more fun lately, and I'm into it.
  • Bree slithers in and out of this episode, causing trouble everywhere she goes. She can't even go two weeks without spilling the beans to Marley about her and Jake's little rendezvous behind the bleachers. Marley confronts Jake and now they're in a serious fight, but he deserves it! He cheated, deal with it. As for Bree, I kind of hope she stays evil. I'm sick of these Cheerios turning into good people.
  • Unique's version of "If I Were a Boy" is heartbreaking and Marley up on the literal wrecking ball is cool, but I absolutely loved the episode's closing number, "On Our Way" by The Royal Concept. It's catchy, upbeat, and perfect for the glee club.

What did you think of the episode?

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