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Glee Recap of "I Do"

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "I Do"

This week's episode of Glee finds everyone pairing off — everyone except that couple that's supposed to say "I do." That's right, after all the friendship, flirtation, and courtship, Emma and Mr. Schue's big Valentine's Day nuptials don't end up happening. Luckily, her parents already paid for the reception, which means all the glee club kids get to party (and drink) for free! With Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Quinn back in town, it seems everyone finds a partner to shack up — or, should I say, experiment — with.

This episode is anything but filler for Glee, though I do think the writers missed out on an excellent opportunity to have Sam put on a special Valentine's Day impressions show. Listen to a playlist of this week's songs and delve into the highlights with me when you read more.

  • I took a look at all the pictures of "I Do" before the episode aired, and I was a little nervous about the worried look on Emma's face, but I didn't think she'd actually bolt! Despite my lukewarm feelings for Mr. Schue, I feel pretty bad for him. No man deserves to learn they've been left at the alter from Sue, dressed in a gown identical to the one his future bride is supposed to be wearing.
  • Rachel returns to Lima, and apparently she and Finn are OK now, because he tells her he kissed Ms. Pillsbury. She actually takes it pretty well — well enough to listen to Finn's metaphor about true love and flowers and then sleep with him. I'm putting it out there: I think she's pregnant. Since Quinn already got the pregnant young mother story line out of the way in season one, I'm thinking she'll decide not to go through with the pregnancy, and this is going to turn into a "very special episode" situation.
  • While Brittany and Sam are dancing the night away, Quinn and Santana are totally vibing each other. I thought maybe I was picking up on invisible signals when they whip out their fake IDs at the bar, but then when I saw them dancing together, I knew I wasn't crazy. I will admit I didn't think they were going to end up tangled in the sheets, but I'm no psychic. I guess they always did have that passion; it was just always more focused on hating each other. Did you see that coming? How much is Brittany going to freak out when she finds out?
  • Finn and Rachel, Shminn and Schmachel: I'm all about Kurt and Blaine as soul mates. I love that Mercedes catches them hooking up in the back of a Prius in the parking lot. I'm glad Blaine has regained his confidence about their relationship, because I hate mopey Blaine. You can tell that even though Kurt is playing coy, he's still in love too. Thank goodness Kurt comes back to talk some sense into Tina (aka Hagatha Christie), too: "Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?" Girl needed a reality check like whoa.
  • Oh, the twisted web Glee weaves! I'm not even going to ask how these new kids get invited to Mr. Schue and Emma's wedding, but I am going to ask them to stop pussyfooting around their feelings. I'm mostly pointing this at Ryder, who is handing Marley to Jake on a silver platter with an assortment of Valentine's Week surprises. Jake and Ryder serenade her together (with what I would call an underwhelming performance of "You're All I Need to Get By"), and Ryder orchestrates all of her gifts. It's complicated, because Jake isn't really a bad guy. Sure, he wants to sleep with her, but this isn't She's All That. He really likes her. Unfortunately, so does Ryder.

What did you think of The Glee Project's Ali Stroker making an appearance this week? Will she and Artie be McKinley High's new power couple? And why is Brody counting money leaving a hotel room — is he turning tricks or did I read that completely wrong?

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