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Glee Recap "Laryngitis" 2010-05-12 06:03:00

Glee-ful Highlights From This Week's Episode, "Laryngitis"

This week on Glee, the teachers take a break and let the kids have all the glory. (Well, for the most part — Sue still manages to squeeze in a few zingers). It's all about self-acceptance, and the gleeks learn the hard way that being true to oneself isn't always the easiest thing in the world.

Kurt and Rachel take center stage for most of the episode, but there's a good mix of singing and dancing all around in this one. Ready to break it all down? Just


  • The whole chain of events starts with a simple haircut for Puck. When a doctor shaves his mohawk to inspect a mole (or "maimed over a freaking freckle" as Puck puts it), he loses the identity and cool factor that goes along with his 'do. Personally I think he looks a million times better without it, but now the geeks have cart blanche to throw him into dumpsters whenever they please. So how does he get back with the in crowd? Why, by dating a Cheerio of course!
  • Forget everything you thought you knew about the relationships on the show. I thought Puck and Quinn were dating (nope), and that Santana was over Puck after that whole taking Finn's V-card extravaganza (wrong again). Apparently Puck is swinging single, but starts a catfight between Santana and Mercedes after a sweet but not-so-subtle serenading duet with the glee club's self proclaimed "hot chocolate." I loved the rendition of "The Boy is Mine" even if I don't fully understand why Santana cares so much.
  • Speaking of lack of subtleties, Finn has taken up permanent residence in unrequited lovers' land. Though Rachel is still stuck on Jesse, Finn stands by her — telling her how much he cares about her and taking her to the doctor when her voice starts acting up. When that doesn't work, he goes for an in-your-face performance of "Jessie's Girl." Finn's voice isn't always the strongest, but I thought this was one of his best, and I loved the '80s throwback (and could the lyrics be any more fitting?)
  • Kurt's identity crisis is triggered when he realizes that his dad is still spending time with Finn. Hurt, he decides to try and be the son his father always wanted — which means plaid shirts, hooking up with Brittany(!!) and a very guttural take on John Mellencamp (those facial expressions were priceless). I was happy to have the old Kurt back in the end: complete with show tunes, dancing, and his name all in lights.
  • Finn teaches Rachel to stop whining about the possibility of losing her voice by taking her to see a friend of his named Sean. A former football star who's now paralyzed, Sean proves to Rachel that life will still go on even if she loses her gift. Yes, it's a hammer-over-the-head kinda lesson, but it's still sweet — especially since it's becoming abundantly clear that Finn is a much better match for Rachel then Jesse. By the end of the episode, she's dropped all of her usual dramatics, and it's pretty refreshing.
  • There were so many great one-liners that I just had to round 'em up:
    "I'm a sex shark. If I stop moving, I die." — Puck
    "You're Top 40. I'm rhythm and blues." — Mercedes
    "So you like show tunes. It doesn't mean you're gay. It just means you're awful." — Sue
    "Let me know if you wanna tap this." — Brittany
    "I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn, I need applause to live." — Rachel

What were your favorite moments from the episode? Did you miss all the Schue/Sue drama? Pumped for next week's big Neil Patrick Harris episode? Chime in in the comments and don't forget to check out the Glee Club group in the Buzz Community!

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Join The Conversation
pinkmystic pinkmystic 7 years
I found it so weird when Quinn talked to Mercedes about Puck. She tells Mercedes to go for it and then immediately follows that statement with, but you do know he's using you and other stuff of how she can get him off her back? Huh? I wouldn't want my friends to give me that advice. Though Puck is hottttt.... bad advice to be his girlfriend (I could see going on a date as ok ;)... He is still gorgeous)
Lila91 Lila91 7 years
I completely agree with you tlsgirl. And I can't wait to see NPH on there!!!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Puck singing and dancing in that hot fedora? Be still my heart.
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
I thought this episode totally lacked a solid plot--and the plot that was there (again) seemed to center only around a song they wanted the kids to sing. This one was a weak one. Although Rose's Turn was absolutely BRILL!, I wasn't a fan.
lwimbush lwimbush 7 years
also when puck walks into glee in the beginning without his mohawk and brittany goes "who's that?" HAHAH
silicapathways silicapathways 7 years
Anon. Artie and Tina get some more screen time coming up soon!
silicapathways silicapathways 7 years
This episode was way better than the last 3! It felt like before the break and that's what I was missing! No more gimmicks please! (except NPH because he is my boyfriend, sorry David!)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I thought this episode was solid, but not great. I loved how Puck didn't know Mercedes' name at first! Also, I loved when Puck told Mercedes that he was acting like someone he really wasn't. (I'm not sure I remember the exact wording.) I hope they have an episode with a little more Tina soon; I feel like she's been in background for a while.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I thought this was one of the best episodes in a while! Oh, Buzz, another good one-liner for you: when Kurt's dad says to use protection, Brittany: "like a burglar alarm?"
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 7 years
Loved this episode. Puck and Mercedes were awesome in this episode. And the Boy is Mine duet was great.
khameel khameel 7 years
LOVED Jessies's Girl. I had been telling my friends for weeks that the writers have to have Finn sing that song; it was just too obvious. Also, loved the surprise of The Boy Is Mine.
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Eh. I thought this episode was weak.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 7 years
I loved the Kurt/Burt scenes last night. It's done so well and so realistic. His version of the Mellencamp song had me laughing hysterically. Mostly because he looked so lazy doing it. I'm curious as to when Puck and Quinn broke up because as of last episode, they were still together. Several of the characters called her his girlfriend and they walked out in the final scene together, arm in arm. It's one thing that has bothered me a bit about this show, they aren't consistent and they don't explain things often (unlike say The Vampire Diaries which answers almost every question you ever have).
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
Do you think that they named the character Jesse JUST so that, several episodes later, Finn could sing that song? I am digging the Mercedes/Quinn relationship. And now, at least we know where Quinn is staying.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
I loved the show last night, and I did not miss the teachers much at all. My favorite scene was Finn singing "Jessie's Girl." As soon as I heard the music and knew what he was getting ready to start singing, I was grinning. Puck and Mercedes were hilarious, but I do kind of miss the mohawk.
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