This week, Glee pays tribute to the legendary Billy Joel, but they don't sing "We Didn't Start the Fire," which is a pretty big letdown. In all sincerity, this is the type of Glee episode that I love, one that introduces (or reintroduces) audiences to a classic artist and puts a fun spin on the tunes. I also adore "Movin' Out," because it's got a lot of Sam action, including some prime shirtless time. Old Trouty Mouth has decided to pursue a career in male modeling, a choice I fully support. Accompanying him to New York is Blaine, who takes a big step this week by being honest with Kurt about what he wants for his future.

Jake, Marley, and Ryder are dealing with an uncomfortable love triangle (again) back in Lima, and Artie has taken it upon himself to singlehandedly convince Becky to go to college. Since when are they great friends? Let's get the the highlights after the jump!

  • It's no secret that Sam is my main man on this show, but this week's episode makes me love him even more. He travels to New York under the guise of wanting to check out a college, but what he really wants is to pursue his dream of being a professional male model. Um, is there anyone out there who doesn't think he's an ideal candidate? His photo shoot is both ridiculous and exactly what I imagine most professional photo shoots to be like. Guest star Tyra Banks, aka Miss Bitchette, thinks he needs to lose a few pounds. Woman, please.
  • What is going on between Sam and Rachel? The collaborative songs, the longing glances — has Rachel already moved on from Finn? And with Sam? That's an attraction I never saw coming.
  • I'm really impressed with Glee's ability to line up the songs and the storylines so perfectly this week. Jake singing "My Life" in retaliation for everyone judging his wild ways? Genius. Sidenote: did you see that backflip? Jake's dancing skills are seriously underutilized on this show. I demand more impromptu backflips.
  • Ryder is going after Marley hardcore in the wake of her and Jake's breakup. He's always loved her and I can understand his sense of urgency, but dude needs to lay off the gas pedal. I cringed watching him essentially tell her he wants to be her boyfriend. News flash: she picked Jake all those months ago, and Ryder is simply never going to measure up.
  • Kurt's been banking on the dream that he and Blaine will attend NYADA together, but we find out this week that that's not what Blaine wants. Apparently Blaine has other interests (news to me) and might want to be a doctor. I really enjoy that his explanation is that his first crush was on George Clooney on E.R. Paging Dr. Blaine? On another note, watching Blaine sing in that creepy guy's face on the bus gave me anxiety. If you actually did that in New York City, you would probably get punched in the face.
  • I'm still confused by Artie's devotion to Becky, but I'm glad he helps her overcome her fear of moving on from McKinley High School. What will Sue do without her secretary?
  • Santana continues to be the voice of reality. Even though she doesn't get any plot development this week, she still has the best line of the night when Kurt gears up for another song at the diner: "Seriously, you all need to be stopped. It's enough."