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Glee-Ful Highlights From Episode "Night of Neglect"

After a month of reruns, Glee finally came back this week, but I have to admit that I was disappointed. The episode is all over the place: the focus is on the maligned glee kids once again, but now they've formed another group that needs aid. Sue is as insidious as ever in her pursuit of destroying Will and the club, and Gwyneth Paltrow shows up to revel in her new relationship with Will.

Lots of characters make brief appearances, including Kurt, Blaine, Emma, and Terri, but no one is really highlighted here (save for guest star Paltrow, who seems to have the most screen time). The central plot revolves around a benefit the club is hosting to raise money, punctuated by vague themes of neglect and bullying, but it all adds up to an underwhelming episode. To deconstruct it with me, just


  • Mr. Schuester kicks off the episode informing the kids that they need $5,000 to get to Nationals. After suggesting that they sell saltwater taffy to make the money, the group bellyaches about how they still aren't getting any respect at school. Mike Chang gets the most lines he's ever had to finally express frustration with the team's complaining. Turns out that he, Artie, Tina, and Brittany have joined the Academic Decathlon (which involves a hilarious sequence of a game show called Smarty Pants where Brittany's knowledge of cat disease is the key to winning). But their team, the Brainiacs, also needs funds, so Will gets inspiration from Holly (in new girlfriend mode) to have a benefit. The idea is to feature the kids singing songs by neglected artists, dubbed "Night of Neglect."
  • Sue, in her never-ending (and frankly tiresome) effort to take down the glee club, assembles a circle of people who hate Will: Terri, Sandy, and Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (three cheers for the return of Cheyenne Jackson, aka Sergeant Handsome). She dubs them "The League of Doom" (I love how Sue reserves "General Zod" for herself), then recruits some student hecklers when she finds out about the benefit.
  • Sunshine is back, claiming that she wants to perform with the kids at the benefit. To fit her in, Rachel asks Mercedes to give up her prime position to sing. When Mercedes readily gives it up, Lauren steps in to give Mercedes a pep talk about how she needs to demand respect from the glee club, then talks her way into being Mercedes's manager. She takes to being a diva right away, demanding things like puppies to dry her hands on. She goes from ridiculous to vulnerable when Rachel tries to convince her to perform at the benefit, admitting how unfair it is that Rachel always gets the solos and the spotlight.
  • Will and Emma have a tender moment when he notices that she's suffering from her OCD more because Carl left. Emma is suffering in general, but Will shows his support by donning plastic gloves to give her a grape. Holly witnesses the cozy twosome, and then becomes the object of another person's affection: Dustin, acting as Sue's minion. He interrupts Holly's history lesson to hit on her by putting down Will (the baby hands/Big Mac comments are probably the best jokes of the episode). Speaking of the history lesson, Paltrow's guest spots really just seem like vehicles to exhibit her comedic chops. This week: a flamboyant Wallis Simpson impression! Anyway, Will's jealousy leads them to a petty couple fight where Holly admits that she saw him and Emma together, having their grape moment.
  • At the benefit, Tina takes on Lykke Li's song "I Follow Rivers," only to be heckled off stage by the League of Doom. Mike Chang dances to Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes," and while his moves are definitely on point, it feels out of place. It feels like So You Think You Can Dance actually, and if it were, the too-mellow song would not elicit a squeal from Mary Murphy and a declaration that Mike is on the hot tamale train. My confusion peaks when Holly sings "Turning Tables" by Adele. Question — are Adele, Lykke Li, or Jack Johnson neglected artists? Discuss.
  • Mercedes gets to close down the show with a bold Aretha Franklin number, which makes Sandy go from Team Sue to Team Will. He gives the kids the money they need for the decathlon, but Will's not exactly on cloud nine. Holly gets a job offer from a school in Cleveland to sub in as a French teacher and breaks up with Will. He's bummed, but Holly points out the silver lining: he's in love with Emma, and she is in love with him back. Of course, Sue is about to send Terri into battle, so as usual, Will and Emma will have a tough go of trying to get together.

Were you into this episode, or let down by it like I was? I'm hoping that next week's 90-minute episode is more cohesive and upbeat. Let me know what you thought in the comments, and join Glee Club in the community for more fun fan stuff.

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nylorac nylorac 6 years
lol peacelove, YES i couldn't believe that either... but I guess he's not an accountant for a reason right? :)
pjs411 pjs411 6 years
Almost forgot....the theme of this episode, A Night of Regret, totally describes the content of the episode....a waste of viewer's time and actor's talent.........
pjs411 pjs411 6 years
redchick152...absolutely, totally agree with everything you said....I had forgotten about the Santana face-off, great especially since there was that storyline about her/Brittany and their "lady-love". I don't know whether it is just because I am so over Gwyneth as she is so overexposed and always popping up trying to be the movie star, the fashion icon, the cookbook author or telling everyone how to live better with all of her advice on her blog (give me a break, yuk), but as you pointed out and rightly so....guest stars should take a supporting role to the cast or just be a cameo appearance so that the all members of glee can be showcased more often. Bottom line, RMurphy needs to rework the is definitely in jeopardy of "jumping the shark".....and no longer being must see tv.
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
the ONLY good part of the show was when santana defended kurt and blaine from karofsky's bullying. i LOL'd at her "i've got razor blades in my hair" comment. the problem w/ these guest stars is that the storyline becomes about THEM. instead THEY should be enhancing the kids/regular cast's stories with cute/fun little cameos. i can't help but imagine how much more amazing naya rivera would have sounded singing "turning tables"....or even tina or mercedes.
zeze zeze 6 years
So 2 gay dads wouldn't come to musical production featuring their star daughter. I heard this show does not have writers, like it is just the producers putting stuff together...and I 100% believe it at this point. I honestly think the people in this thread can put together a better show in 3-4 hours better than those producers.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 6 years
Horrible episode. The BF and I were joking the whole time about how if they didn't have such elaborate stage designs for rehearsals (that Umbrella number a few weeks back), or didn't pay a symphany orchrastra to play half a song for a Night of Neglect then they would have the budget to go to Nationals. And yeah, what was up with only Kurt and Blaine buying tickets? What about the rest of the Wheebles (??) and their families? Do they not have support when they go to competition?
pjs411 pjs411 6 years
Kinda scary how "GLEE" seems to be going downhill...definitely the quality of the scripts/story lines has waned. I could not believe that I could not get through the episode, started cruising channels after about 10 min. in....checking back periodically but finally just changed the channel and watched another show. Hope next week will reprise the magic of past episodes or Ryan will definitely have to go back to the drawing board to revamp the show before it totally jumps the shark & has an early demise,
cleym cleym 6 years
i was really disappointed too but I'm glad we won't see paltrow anymore, she was fun the first episode but hasn't been since.. I hope next week's episode will be great
peacelove7 peacelove7 6 years
I just couldn't get past the fact that Mr. Schuester, who was an accountant, can't do a simple math problem to figure out how many saltwater taffies to buy. Yes I am a huge dork, but it was a simple math problem. seriously. not 5000 x .25 = 20,000 5000 / .25
stephley stephley 6 years
90% of the writing made no sense (Finn's mom wouldn't come to the show, Emma?), and I feel like the show's become Gwyneth's playground.
millarci millarci 6 years
I love Glee, but I was disappointed too (especially since there was a break between the last new episode and this one).
campbrad campbrad 6 years
Definitely disappointing!! One of my favorite moments was Santana defending Kurt and Blaine when Karofsky was being a jerk. Especially since she wasn't exactly the most supportive person to Kurt when he was in New Directions.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 6 years
I was not thrilled with this episode at all. Even Gwyneth's insertions seemed random to me. Loved her cover of Turning Tables though. I'm excited for next week - Born This Way, baby!
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
The whole episode just felt like a thrown-together vehicle for Gwyneth Paltrow. After a month off, I was so disappointed!
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
I'm glad I'm not crazy, and you guys were disappointed too.
care0531 care0531 6 years
Oh and anyone else feel like Quinn is totally going to end things with Finn if they don't win Prom King and Queen?
care0531 care0531 6 years
It was okay for me. I am hoping for a lot more next week with it being 90 minutes!
Emily2453154 Emily2453154 6 years
It wasn't that great of an episode but the best part for me was seeing Harry Shum Jr dance. sooooo good
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 6 years
This episode was so hard to get into for me. I could barely even pay attention! Sad.
smileet147 smileet147 6 years
I wish Tina could have finished her song. It was an artist I had never heard of and she looked so beautiful. I also felt like this episode could have been a lot better. Next weeks episode could do the trick. Check out my review of the episode here:
funkygeorge funkygeorge 6 years
Why does Tina NEVER get to finish a solo? Are they doing that on purpose?
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