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Glee Recap "The Power of Madonna" 2010-04-21 05:50:00

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "The Power of Madonna"

After a solid Spring premiere, we were finally treated to the Madonna-centric episode of Glee that we've been looking forward to for months — and it did not disappoint. The cast vogued. They expressed themselves. They felt like virgins. They explored what it feels like for a girl. And they did it all in four minutes. Ok, not really, but it was still one of the best episodes to date.

Between the costumes, cone bras, and hair jokes, there was a fair amount of drama in this week's episode too. A V-card is surrendered, gleeks turn Cheerios, and Sue shows her softer side for a hot second. There's lots to recap, so be sure to enter my awesome Glee giveaway, and then just


  • Sue's star power really shines this week, starting with another of her amazing journal entries. We learn that Madonna is her idol and biggest inspiration of all time, and Sue claims she owes everything to Madonna, including desperately seeking "someone named Susan" at all times. I loved that they include Madonna at every turn, even interludes of "Justify My Love" during flashbacks to her blackmailing of Principal Figgins.
  • Over in the relationship drama zone, Rachel is having a hard time keeping her tryst with Jesse a secret — mostly because he's pressuring her for sex and she has no one to talk to about it. First off, the fact that they went to a Wiggles concert is hilarious. Secondly, did anyone else catch that Jesse doesn't technically answer when Rachel asks if he's done it before?
  • Anyway, it turns out that Rachel's not the only one feeling objectified — and she's not the only virgin in the house either. The ladies use Mr. Schuester's suggestion to take inspiration from Madonna, and teach the guys a lesson with a performance of "Express Yourself." It's my favorite number of the night (yes, even over Sue's awesome rendition of Vogue). I loved everything about it, from the spot-on costumes and moves, to the way the girls each got some time in the limelight.
  • Speaking of the spotlight, I kinda wish Puck and Quinn would get more attention. All we get out of them is a great one liner from Quinn: "Can you please stop talking, you're grossing out my baby," and Puck's new self-proclaimed nickname: Puckzilla.
  • Can someone please tell me why the pop culture references are always a little off? Last week they kind of slandered Jessica Simpson and this week they're talking about Britney's shaved head? So two years ago!
  • And now on to the "Like a Virgin" scene. Color me prude, but I'd be lying if I said my jaw didn't drop during Santana's extra-provocative dance moves. Granted, we never even get to see Santana and Finn make out, but there still wasn't much left to the imagination. And you thought Gossip Girl was scandalous.
  • I'm already tired of Emma and Will's merry-go-round of love, but I was happy to see that they both agree to work on their separate problems at the end of the episode. Of course, we all know it won't be that simple with Shelby still sniffing around.
  • Rachel finally admits to Finn that she's still dating Jesse, and Finn's words for her are kind of ominous: "If this leads to something bad for all of us, don't expect any more friendship out of me." Ruh roh.
  • Does anyone else think Finn and Rachel have more chemistry when they're singing than any other time? They're irresistibly cheesy during their mash-up in the library.
  • Now let's get to the whole hair fiasco. I'm all for Mr. Schue finally pushing back with Sue (especially since even I was starting to tire of the hair jokes), but honestly — arrogance does not suit him. On the flip side, soft and mushy doesn't really go with Sue's mean streak either. I was happy to see these two back to their old ways at the end of the episode, but not before...
  • We see Sue and all her Madonna glory! Singing! Dancing! Wearing a see-through top! It's the perfect way to finally give Sue her first song-and-dance number, and the cherry on top is her "Will Schuester, I hate you." Amazing.
  • Big finish: Jesse is the newest (and most unwelcome) member of the New Directions, while Kurt and Mercedes branch out and give the Cheerios a try. Despite the obvious problems that might come with these changes, they all sing "Like a Prayer" together harmoniously...with a choir.

Was the Madonna ep as good as you had anticipated? What was your favorite number? And do you like the idea of Kurt and Mercedes on the Cheerios? Sound off and don't forget to check out the Glee Club group in the Buzz Community!

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xocatiaxo xocatiaxo 7 years
i have a question! my friends and i were debating....i know Rachael and Emma didn't lose their virginities....but did Finn??
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
"Like A Virgin" was my favorite of the night!! Also, I don't want Jesse to leave Glee, I think Johnathan Groff is a great addition and he has charisma that makes you just constantly stare at him. I request more Quin and Puck storyline too!
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
I'm just excited with the fact that Santana has such a pretty voice!! There are a good handful of minor characters who always sing in the chorus numbers and never have solos of their own and I've been beginning to wonder if they're just talented dancers or if they can actually sing as well.
Melli2077 Melli2077 7 years
I know the word in question, I have a great vocabulary, but my spelling is completely off sometimes! Thanks for the corrections least you knew what I was talking about!
divinedebris divinedebris 7 years
I loved the episode, great show. I'm missing some of the bit players, wishing they got some more show time. I loved Tina and Artie in this episode and Mercedes and Kurt are easily my favorites. I just want some more Quinn and that too much to ask? I think Puck is cuter than Finn anyway. And I'm glad Santana is getting more screen time, she's got a great voice.
Fixe Fixe 7 years
i love glee
Fixe Fixe 7 years
<3 glee
animatedpunk animatedpunk 7 years
I enjoyed the episode, but I feel like the storyline is going SOOOO slowly. It's just dragging. My favorite song of the episode was definitely Like a Virgin. Loved it. And I'm SO excited that Kristen Chenoweth is back next episode!!! I hope that her and Idina Menzel (Shelby) sing something together at some point. I'd love that. If they are rivals for Shuester and sing "What is this Feeling (Loathing)" I'd looooooooooove it.
Elzorz Elzorz 7 years
@Melli2077 it's a "Misogynist" which means a man who is extremely sexist and derogatory towards females. :) And Shelby is Vocal Adrenaline's coach. Gosh, Will just has too many women in his life.
Elzorz Elzorz 7 years
Quinn did have her baby bump. I saw a picture during "Express Yourself" and you can see the padding! Also, Shelby is Vocal Adrenaline's coach, and the last song was "Like A Prayer" not Vogue. But that's been covered. I loved Mercedes and Kurt getting more of the limelight and Mercedes' line, "Like you give us a heads up every week before NOT giving us a solo" BURN. Loved Mr Schu being all like, "Oh snap!" Twas hilarious. Loved to hear NAya's voice in "Like A Virgin" for a change, and a bit of Quinn in express yourself. Tina's little outburst to Artie was wonderful as were Sue's lines, "My parents were Nazi hunters" :D
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Great recap, Buzz! And, I'm with you, I think there's more to come between Mr. Schue and Shelby. (And maybe Mr. Schue and April next week?...OK, that's probably just wishful thinking.) Melli, I think you mean misogynistic, masochistic, but, I agree, Brittany's random comments are always great. Although, I'm glad she's not in the show too much. Her comments are great partially because they're infrequent, in my opinion Buzz, I'm in agreement with you-Express Yourself was my favorite number. Although, Like a Virgin was a close second. Naya Rivera is so pretty and talented (I remember thinking the same thing about Dianna Argon once she was out of her Cheerios uniform; they must not be flattering!)
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
Ah, you guys are good — how could I mix up Sue's "Vogue" and the "Like a Prayer" finale? And yes, I was talking about Shelby, the vocal coach of the New Directions. Call me crazy, but I don't think she and Mr. Schue are quite done yet...
zeze zeze 7 years
ha! her baby bumb is gone, that's pretty funny. I think the Glee people are more concerned about making the show fun and with good musical number than perfect/realistic writing.
care0531 care0531 7 years
Melli2077 I agree with Brit's comments...that had me in tears. Then last week she mentioned that Dolphins were sharks but just gay... :ROTFL:
care0531 care0531 7 years
I loved this episode and I was so happy I watched it live since it ran over on time and my DVD stopped short of the last performance Like a Prayer! The only thing that left me puzzled was the missing baby bump on Quinn...she has looked bigger in previous episodes but during the Vogue number at the begging you didn't see any bump.
hiptobesquare hiptobesquare 7 years
The end was great, but who's Shelby? I thought his wife was Terri.
Melli2077 Melli2077 7 years
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE family and friends think I'm absolutely nuts and won't watch it with me, although I've converted at least one friend over into my ob-GLEE-session. Although, Ms. BuzzSugar, you got some info incorrect in your recap. The last song performed, with a choir, was "Like a Prayer", as the first commentor stated. And, who's Shelby?!?!?!? I think you must've meant Terri! And as much as I usually love everything you choose to pick and point out quote wise, you forgot what I felt was the best encounter of the night, and it included my most favorite ditzoid Brittney (they SO need to put her and Santana out in the forefront way more fun, so ditzy...LOVE THEM!).... Mr. Shu: Guys, you know it's come to my attention that many of you haven't been treating the young ladies of our group very nicely lately. You're disrespectful, bullying, sexist, and I hate to say it masochistic. Finn: I have no idea what that means. Brit: When I pulled my hamstring I went to a "masochinist". OMG I nearly peed my pants at that one!
Rwandawithlove Rwandawithlove 7 years
Sorry Buzz I am gonna have to disagree, express yourself was great but the "like a virgin" number was amazing! Pure raunchiness + great singing on prime time TV, Madonna must have been so proud!
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