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Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Prom Queen"

Glee invites us to prom this week, and while it manages to stress the characters out more than excite them, the episode ends with most everyone having a good time. New Directions is asked to perform at the event, giving the glee club another chance to tune up before nationals while guest star Jonathan Groff returns and also goes to the prom.

The big reveal of the episode — who gets voted prom queen — is shocking and initially upsetting, but it fails to ruin the night for the McKinley high students. Plus, there are a load of fantastic performances this week, all of which I'm ready to chat about when you


  • The glee club is mostly full of anxiety over the impending prom, and not just because they're trying to figure out what to wear. Principal Figgins asks to have the glee club perform, and they accept, to Sue's displeasure. Did anyone else desperately want to hear what other songs were on her list of the worst songs the glee club has ever done besides "Run Joey Run" and the "Crazy in Love"/"Hair" mashup? When the kids hear the news, Mercedes is less than enthused, unhappy with the fact that no one has asked her to prom. Rachel, also dateless, proposes a plan: they'll both take Sam, pooling their resources since Sam can't afford much, and he accepts.
  • Be still my heart: Jesse St. James is back! And his timing is impeccable, showing up to crash Rachel's performance of "Rolling in the Deep" and making it a duet. I'm obsessed with this song, there's a load of tension crackling amid the lyrics, and the two powerhouse singers sound incredible. His timing is doubly good for Rachel, who now has another date to prom. It doesn't sit well with Finn, who admits being nervous about his own date with Quinn.
  • Kurt asks Blaine to go as his date, but it brings up a bad memory of being beaten up the last time he tried to attend a dance with a male date. Blaine ultimately agrees, and when Santana hears the news, she offers herself and Karofsky as Kurt's personal bodyguard at school. She claims it's so she'll win the sympathy vote for her campaign for prom queen, but I have a feeling she's also being protective of Kurt. Later, Karofsky walks Kurt to class, and in a surprising show of emotion, he tears up and apologizes to Kurt for the way he treated him before.
  • Artie is determined to win Brittany back in time for prom, but she's not having it. He stages an adorable performance of "Isn't She Lovely" during her home ec class (even if Mercedes is right about the song being about a baby). I had virtually the same "prom proposal!" reaction that Kurt does, but Brittany isn't swayed so easily; she refuses Artie's invitation to prom, saying she wants to go alone and dance with others' dates. Dejected, he accepts Puck's offer to help him spike the punch at prom.
  • Prom time! Sam, Puck, and Artie perform "Friday," and whatever you feel about the Rebecca Black song, I think we can all agree that it's one of the most fun TV prom scenes ever. Then, when Rachel graces the stage for a slow song, "Jar of Hearts," Finn can't take his eyes off of her. How does Quinn not notice that? Anyway, during the awesome "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You," Finn gets fed up with a little Jesse-on-Rachel necking, and he picks a fight with his sudden rival. ("Keep it PG" is his excuse to get in there? What a nerd!) The fight gets both of them kicked out of the dance to Quinn's dismay.
  • Time to crown the prom king and queen! Though Lauren, Quinn, and Santana are up for the honor, queen doesn't go to any of them. After Karofsky is crowned king, Figgins announces Kurt as the write-in winner. He runs from the room, devastated, and he's not the only one in tears. Quinn thinks she lost because the school would rather see Rachel with Finn, and she slaps Rachel hard across the face. Santana storms out, declaring that she wants to leave the school after nationals in New York to live in a lesbian colony . . . "or Tribeca."
  • Kurt turns his nomination as queen around and marches back into the room to accepts his crown. "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton," he proclaims, to a room full of applause. On their way to the king and queen's first dance, he urges Karofsky to come out, but Karofsky whispers that he can't and takes off instead. Blaine takes his place on the floor, as everyone else joins in. Artie finally gets his dance with Brittany, and the balloons drop on the crowd as they get their last, joyful dance to "Dancing Queen."

Were you happy with the prom episode? I'm glad that Kurt was able to turn what was meant to be a homophobic prank into a positive, and something rare happened for me — I loved each and every song. Plus, I'm a sucker for TV proms and seeing everyone dressed to the nines and getting their groove on was so much fun. What did you think?

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Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
"I'm Not Gonna Teach..." was my favorite performance! Definitely need to add this song to my iPod. Did anyone else notice that Karofsky seems to end up wearing the queen crown while Kurt gets the king crown?
jannam jannam 6 years
i really liked this episode, but my only complaint is how figgins handled the kurt prom queen issue. it's not believable that the principal would have acted like that..
jesusmorales jesusmorales 6 years
I guess the episode illustrates the reason why Kurt is so much more mature and kind than the rest of the cast. Coming out in high school and handling so much insult is probably the most difficult experience a teen could go through.
care0531 care0531 6 years
I don't know about all of you but I really wanted to be at that prom! :) My proms were at the Ritz instead of the school gym. School Gym dances are so much more fun :) I really liked the episode and loved that Jesse is back! I think the Kurt and Blaine parts were so cute....I don't agree with Kurt being named Queen what is up with movies and tv shows having the winner be someone who isn't even on the ballot....that's not how it really goes. With that said I love how he stood up and embraced it all and showed the haters some gay pride! :)
stephley stephley 6 years
I don’t think the writers even try to be coherent, they just pull cliches out of a hat and slap them together. So is last night’s ‘reticent to go too public’ Blaine the same guy who brought the Warblers to serenade his crush at the mall? Who didn’t think Kurt was going to end up something royal at the prom? I love that he and Karofsky had the coming out talk right at the classroom door – best place to have a private conversation. How schizophrenic is everything about Rachel? She’s alternately the most vicious back-stabber in the school and everyone’s comforting friend. When did Santana become an ‘outsider’? She’s been a lesbian for about a month, before that, she pretty much ran the place, took Quinn’s slot as head cheerleader briefly. Why was Amber talking about buying a dress at Goodwill? She’s always dressed to the nines and isn’t her father a dentist? Lauren is supposed to be an object of worship but no one’s given Amber a second look? Really?
DCBaxter DCBaxter 6 years
I'm so tired of the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle - Rachel needs to get over it already (though now it looks like Finn is changing his mind). I laughed out loud when she said something along the lines of "Can you please try to handle it as well I have been trying to" - um, she's hasn't been handling it well at all! And, Kurt being crowned prom queen...I honestly found it a little unbelievable that Figgins would have read his name, AND that he would suggest the customary first dance, especially when it was between Kurt and someone who had threatened him in the past. It was just too much.
smileet147 smileet147 6 years
This episode was for the most part pretty good. I completely over the Finn/Quinn/Rachel triangle and adding Jesse to it somehow made it even more annoying. They've made Quinn completely unlikeable and just a spoiled brat. Bring back the bitchy cheerio Quinn, and put this one away. Thank you. I also loved that the way Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" was broken down. It's a fabulous song. check out my own recap here:
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Great episode. My heart bled for Kurt. So happy he had Blaine to get him through it. Their dance at the end was beautiful. I feel horrible for Karofsky. I was literally telling my TV "come out! come out!" lol. LOVE that Jesse St James is back! The harmonies between Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff are unparalleled. And I always like the jealous side of Finn that Jesse brings out, this is the first I've felt ANYTHING for the Finn/Rachel pairing in a long time. Am I alone in wanting Quinn gone? She's such a bitch and not the "I love to hate you" kind, either.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I loved Rachel and Jesse's performance together. Even though it was pre-prom, I thought it was the best number of the night. And even though he's a jerk, I'm glad Jesse St. James is back for a few episodes. He's entertaining and he has a great voice.
bushra bushra 6 years
'she refuses Kurt's invitation to prom' do you mean Artie? Finn's behaviour makes Glee look a little Big Love!
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