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Glee-Ful Highlights From Episode "Rumours"

The title of this week's episode of Glee may refer to the Fleetwood Mac album that inspires the songs, but it also perfectly sums up the theme of the night. McKinley overdoses on the gossip this week, thanks to Brittany's new web talk show and Sue's revival of the school newspaper. Not only are the New Directions involved in the mudslinging — they're at the forefront of all of the hearsay.

Some of the rumors turn out to be true, while others are just made up, but in the end the whole club learns a lesson in how easy the truth can be manipulated to hurt others. Since all of the back-and-forth is reminiscent of the turmoil Fleetwood Mac went through while making their album Rumours, the club pays homage to the band by only using songs from that record. Let's talk about what worked and what didn't when you


  • First thing's first: we must discuss the wonder that is Fondue For Two. Showcasing Brittany's new talk show is a brilliant way to open the episode; I loved every second from Mercedes's criticism of the melted cheese to Lord Tubbington's Atkins diet.
  • Brittany's gossip show is only a precursor to a much bigger animal: Sue decides to bring back the school newspaper, The Muckracker, as part of her latest evil scheme to get Will out of McKinley and create chaos for the glee club. She sets her minions out to dig up (or make up) dirt, and it's only a matter of time before Santana is flagged as a lesbian and Quinn is accused of cheating on Finn with Sam.
  • When Artie confronts Brittany about the Santana rumor, Brittany deflects it by saying that her relationship with Santana doesn't count as cheating. Artie's pretty cute about his paranoia, saying that he can't compete with someone who can give Brittany more . . . until he gets so frustrated that he calls Brittany stupid for defending Santana. Poor Brittany takes off in tears, but it kicks off my favorite number of the evening: Artie sings "Never Going Back Again" while the rest of the guys follow with guitars. Not only does Artie sound great, but it's a creative and different performance (especially since Will and April's "Dreams" is kind of a snooze fest).
  • Speaking of April, Kristin Chenoweth is back yet again this week, and I have to say that she doesn't add much to the episode. Thankfully she's not at the epicenter, but the woes of her Broadway show just didn't do it for me. She serves as the catalyst to try to get Will out of McKinley by enticing him with dreams of performing on a big stage. Though Emma encourages Will to get out and follow his dreams, Will chooses the group that "saved him" over the bright lights of Broadway. I'm still a bit confused about why April would be in cahoots with Terri though, since clearly both women still carry a torch for Will.
  • Finn and Quinn's relationship suffers most from the tangled web of lies: given Quinn's track record, he can't help but believe that she could be hooking up with Sam, so he and Rachel stake out a motel (not sure where that tip came from) where they find Sam and . . . Kurt. Before the gay rumor even lifts off ground, though, they spot Quinn parting with Sam at the same location later that week. Finn and Quinn can barely keep it together (their "I Don't Want to Know" duet is entertaining but awkward). Meanwhile, Rachel uses the entire situation to try and manipulate her way back into Finn's heart. He may have offered a huge grin in response to Rachel's love song, but it looks like next week Rachel will feel the wrath of Quinn.
  • Santana pulls out a love ballad of her own, dedicated solely to Brittany after she breaks up with Artie. It's a sweet moment, but the sentiment doesn't last very long. Though Santana agrees to openly accept Brittany's invitation to prom on Fondue for Two, she leaves Brittany in the lurch. To add salt to the wound, Santana confirms word that she and Karofsky are "soul mates." Ouch. Do you want to see Brittany and Santana go public or would you rather Brittany and Artie get back together?
  • In the midst of all the cat fighting and finger-pointing, Sam's big secret is revealed: he's actually been living in the motel with his family because his father lost his job; Kurt and Quinn were just helping them get by. In typical New Directions fashion, Rachel and Finn are quick to apologize and do whatever they can to help. Poor Sam is so touched when they return the guitar he pawned that he starts crying. The frown is turned upside down though, for the episode's big finale of "Don't Stop."

Were you touched by the sweetness of this week's episode? Do you think Sam should have given Rachel's dating proposal more thought? And what are your expectations for next week's big prom event? Weigh in!

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Join The Conversation
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 6 years
Jesse was not horrible to Rachel. Why do people keep saying that? He joined Glee club for what he thought was a good cause which was helping Rachel's mom get closer to her. Rachel was the one that was playing games going back and forth with not just Finn but Puck also.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Everything else to do with this episode has been a blur ever since I glimpsed Jesse St. James in the previews for next week! Yeah, he was pretty awful to Rachel but Finn has been no angel either.The dynamic between Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele is gold. Can't wait to see him again.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 6 years
@Care0531 It must have started late wherever you live. Glee ended at exactly 9pm for me. I only know this because my bf made a comment about it being another 90 min episode, saying that it wasn't going to end in one minute. I told him that since they were nearing the end of the group number, that it would be over soon enough. Sure enough, at 9pm the credits were rolling.
stephley stephley 6 years
I'm looking forward to Quinn punching Rachel - what a psycho!
hiptobesquare hiptobesquare 6 years
I really enjoyed Fondue for Two! The episode seemed very messy to me, the plot seems to be getting really contrived, as if they're not sure where to go with it.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 6 years
lord tubbington totally stole the show! personally, i'm really looking forward to brittany and santana being together. i did feel bad for artie, as i had kinda forgotten that brittany had been cheating on him (obviously that's not ok), but it's not like he's always such a stand-up guy (remember how he treated her in the duet episode?) plus, seeing santana's emotional journey toward being true to herself is inspirational and lovely and realistic. yeah i'm biased haha but tell me songbird didn't tug at your heartstrings
care0531 care0531 6 years
I also loved Fondue for Two! I hope they keep that around :) I was mad that it went over by 5 minutes! My DVR didn't get it all and I even extend my recordings by 2 to 3 minutes for previews!
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
I am sad that Brittany and Artie broke up. I really liked them together. I don't think Santana has any questions about her sexuality even if she's trying to put off a different front, but I'm not convinced about Brittany based on how easily manipulated her character is. It was still really wrong of Artie to call her stupid, though. My favorite song of the night was Rachel's "Go Your Own Way". Even though it was just her singing, I thought she did a great job with it. I love "Fondue for Two" and Lord Tubbington. I hope they bring that back in the future!
smileet147 smileet147 6 years
Heather Morris is the best thing that could have ever happened to Glee. I'm glad she has more to do than just one liners. "Fondue for Two" is genius. Check out my full recap here:
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 6 years
I have the theme song for "Fondue For Two" stuck in my head.
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