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Glee Recap, "Saturday Night Glee-ver"

Glee-Ful Highlights From Episode "Saturday Night Glee-ver"

It turns out that disco isn't dead after all — it's alive and kicking on this week's episode of Glee. In search of an assignment and a way to get through to a few of his troubled students, Mr. Schue finds the answer in the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. So what does that mean for us? A little Bee Gees, a little hustle, and a lot of white polyester.

As we get closer to McKinley High's graduation day, the seniors are getting more antsy about their future plans. Even Mr. Schue is starting to get worried about a select three — Finn, Santana, and Mercedes — because they don't have anything set in motion yet. Ready to break down all the big moments? Just read more.

  • Disco isn't exactly my favorite genre (is it anyone's anymore?), but the episode kicks things off on a good note with a performance of "You Should Be Dancing." Even if it seemingly comes from nowhere, the number got my attention thanks to featuring the three best dancers — Blaine, Mike, and Brittany — in an upbeat number.
  • If you were missing Mr. Schue's sweet, sweet falsetto, then this episode provides a special treat. Not only does Will lend his pipes to "Night Fever," but we also get to sample some of Sue's moves. I know that Sue is on Team New Directions now, but something about her smiling and grooving out on the dance floor felt bizarre.
  • Mercedes uses a performance of "Disco Inferno" to prove that she's not just a wayward sheep: she's got big dreams of following in the footsteps of the likes of Mariah and Aretha. The only problem is that she's too scared to act. Luckily, Sam's there to be her white knight with an iPhone. He takes a video of her performing and puts it on YouTube, which gives her a much needed self-esteem boost. It also wins Sam a big smooch for being so supportive. It's about time those two crazy kids got back together!
  • My favorite performance of the night doesn't even come from the gleeks. It's courtesy of Wade (played by The Glee Project's Alex Newell), who worships Mercedes and Kurt. After he meets them, he decides to perform at Regionals as his female alter ego, "Unique." Oh, and did I mention that he's a member of Vocal Adrenaline? Kurt and Mercedes are conflicted about whether or not they should let Wade go through with it, but in the end he takes the bull by the horns and brings the house down with "Boogie Shoes." Jesse St. James is not pleased, but something tells me that Unique will be the new secret weapon of Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Mercedes isn't the only one with someone in her corner. Santana's dead set on becoming famous, but Mr. Schue is skeptical about how she'll get there. Brittany steps in to help, except for Brittany, "helping" means making a sex tape that's hilariously called "Two Girls One Cat," featuring Lord Tubbington of course. Santana's a little peeved, but I was surprised at how well she takes the news that everyone in school is talking about her. The whole mess gets cleaned up in no time, because Brittany and Sue have conspired to get Santana a full cheerleading scholarship in college. That's two gleeks who have gotten someone else to fill out college applications for them. Just once, I would like to see that happen in real life.
  • Rachel and Finn recover from their fight about the future, but Finn's still having serious doubts about whether or not he can make it in the real world as anything other than a competitive eater. He's basically convinced that he peaked in high school, but all it takes is one magical viewing of Saturday Night Fever to make him realize his dream of going inside the actors studio. He tells Rachel that he's ready to go to New York with her, and struts around to "Stayin' Alive" to show off his newfound confidence.

Though this isn't my favorite episode, the scenes for next week's Glee already have me looking forward to a whole lotta Whitney Houston. How'd you feel about the disco flashback?

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