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Glee Recap "Theatricality" 2010-05-26 06:30:00

Glee-ful Highlights From This Week's Episode "Theatricality"

We go Gaga on this week's Glee, and we already had an indication from the photos of the episode that we were in for an outrageous treat. The theatrical theme guided us through Rachel's reunion with her birth mother, Tina's goth predilection, and an altercation between Finn and Kurt. The relationship woes are put on the back burner (at least for the most part) and there's not even a single Sue moment to stand on, but there's still plenty to dish about.

I can't wait to talk about it all (especially the big duet with Rachel and Shelby), so to get to it, just


  • Tina is under fire by Principal Figgins for her goth look (her explanation about not being able to see Twilight is priceless: "My mom told me she thinks that Kristen Stewart seems like a bitch"), so Schue reinterprets her punishment into a theatricality assignment. As Rachel reports back that Vocal Adrenaline is planning a Lady Gaga-inspired presentation (note that all of their faces are covered so Jesse is hidden — tricky!), the gleeks horn in on the idea and plan their own homage. Naturally, everyone elects to wear their costumes throughout the episode. Why not? Sadly, I thought the girl's production of "Bad Romance" just isn't as exciting as it could have been. Anyone else feel it's a bit deflated?
  • For reconnaissance purposes, Rachel crashes a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal, only to be impressed by Shelby's Funny Girl rendition. It's all she needs to realize that Shelby is her mother (thank you for not dragging that out, Glee). They sit rows apart as Rachel questions Shelby about her decisions until Shelby freaks out a little, wondering why their reunion doesn't feel more special. After Rachel goes to Shelby for help when her Kermit-inspired outfit fails, Will meets with the coach to find out what her intentions are, and Shelby admits that she may not be ready for a teenage daughter. My heart broke for Rachel when Shelby tells her that they missed their chance. They make peace with their decision — but not before Rachel proposes a duet of "Poker Face." Now this is what I was waiting for when I heard Glee was doing Lady Gaga. Best song of the night, right there.
  • Finn complains to Mr. Schue that the guys don't want to do Gaga, and accuses Schue of always following what the girls want to do. After he agrees, the guys take on Kiss and "Shout It Out Loud," but it's no match for the piece the guys take on together later. Puck leads them in the song "Beth" to suggest it as a name for his and Quinn's baby (seems "Jackie Daniels" is unsuitable), and then says he wants to be there when she's born. I relish sweet Puck moments, and I was relishing this one pretty hard.
  • Finn reaches his breaking point when he finds out he has to share a room with Kurt, then lets the football players' insults get to him. Kurt's redecoration skills incite Finn's latent homophobia, but Kurt's dad interrupts his hate-filled tirade. How moving is this scene? It's the ultimate father-son moment for Kurt and his dad, who puts his own difficulties with Kurt being gay behind him to stand up for his kid.
  • Of course, Finn is a good guy, and he makes it up to Kurt by decking himself out in red vinyl to defend him from getting a beating. It's by far the biggest and best surprise of the episode — I nearly died at the sight of his shower curtain dress. When the rest of the gleeks join him, Mr. Schue gives them a classic slow clap.

What did you think of this week? Was it as theatrical as the title, and its Lady Gage theme implied?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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bransugar79 bransugar79 7 years
So glad I wasn't the only one underwhelmed by last night's episode. I know the show is always surreal but it fells to like where other shows take much too long to advance plot lines to string viewers along, Glee sometimes flies in the face of any amount of suspension of disbelief a normal viewer may be capable of. I love the musical numbers but last night's seemed forced. The mother daughter relationship was so quickly ignited and then extinguished that it left me wondering why Shelby even tried contacting Rachel in the first place. Finn completely got the short end of the stick in that whole Kurt Bert situation. And maybe I'm reaching here, but it seemed more like Bert was defending Kurt from his own past views and difficulty with his son being gay than he was correcting Finn's improper behavior. Oh and the pink lashes were SO distracting .
QueenB75 QueenB75 7 years
loved poker face and rachel's second dress...and that's about it. and did anyone notice that puck's starchild makeup had a jewish star? love.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I had mixed feelings about this episode. I do agree that they're focusing too much on themes, and I wish that they would develop more of the characters. Like, Santana killed it, and Brittany is hilarious, but they don't do much with them. And honestly, I'm a little sick of Gaga. I played her out so much I had to remove it all from my iPod. And more Emma please! She's one of my faves and she's been so absent lately.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
@popcorn19 your comment about going back to realism made me laugh. When has this show ever been realistic?
beautiful-disaster beautiful-disaster 7 years
bad romance was definetly a little disappointing. they should have done it bigger and better.. like gaga! @popcorn19 quinn is way past her first trimester, so she shouldn't be throwing up anymore.
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
I too agree with the comments about this show possibly jumping the shark with the themes and the cheesy wrap-ups. Schu walks into the room and everyone's just sitting there quietly in their costumes. "It's Friday, Mr. Schuster. We figured we'd dress up to hear the lesson you have for us." I couldn't help roll my eyes. Can we please go back to realism? And aren't they going to regionals in two weeks? The entire glee club has just been spending their time effing around with plot lines that have very little to do with advancing the overarching story (i.e. Shouldn't Quinn be vomiting every morning? Where's Jesse?). I still refuse to give up the show; I've heard there will be few themed episodes and guest stars next season so hopefully that can get everyone back on track with what this show is supposed to be.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
Loved this episode. The scene between Finn, Kurt, and Burt was amazing and Pucks song to Quinn. This episode def. had more substance then recent ones. I too was confused about Jessee and Puck and Quinns relationship is always confusing me!!
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
Why were they even sharing a room?! The house has 2.5 baths, but only one bedroom? That made no sense at all. And was it mentioned that Jesse was back at Adrenaline Rush? When did that happen?
animatedpunk animatedpunk 7 years
While I gasped when Finn started his tirade, I completely understood why he snapped like that. Why does Finn always have to be the bigger man with these situations? He's going through a lot too. Just because he's straight doesn't mean he doesn't have a lot of problems and insecurities. He's put up with a lot and reached the breaking point. I'm just tired of Finn always having to be the bigger man in these situations. And aren't the glee kids wondering where Jesse is??? He wasn't in that episode at all.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i HATE saying this, but i'm starting to wonder whether or not Glee is jumping the shark on all these themed episodes and special guest stars. there are plenty of characters to develop further (tina, mercedes, brittany & santana, the break dancer boys, even quinn & puck!), so i hope they don't run out of steam!
cibele cibele 7 years
I thought the moment between Kurt's dad and Finn really beautiful. Finn is a sweet kind and has his reason, but he was out of line and out of character. But to me it wasn't so much about Finn and Kurt's dad, it was about father and son. It was a scene to show how his dad loves and him and what he would be willing to lose to protect his kid. I think it puts a nice ending to Kurt's insecurities. I agree with those who said Bad Romance was bad. I don't know what happened there, but I didn't like it much. Poker Face was really beautiful though. Not because of the lyrics, but because of the music and the singers. And I think it's really silly they are not trying to do something, just falling apart. I was way more excited about Kiss, but they only did one song, and it wasn't even my favorite. And where's Jesse??? I like him, he's cute and the best male singer. I miss him.
gingirl gingirl 7 years
Totally agree with runningesq - Brittany is all kinds of awesome, lol. Loved in the beginning when Kurt said something along the lines of "Gaga changes her look more than Brittany changes sexual partners." And Brittany just goes "That's true." Love her. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in the whole Rachel and her mother storyline. I'm glad they didn't drag it out,but I was shocked when Shelby said in the beginning that she was expecting more of a grand reunion and was disappointed. Jeez, childish much? And to go through all this to have Rachel know who she is, and then doesn't even want her? Ouch, I felt horribly for Rachel. Loved all the Puck scenes, I also love sweet Puck moments and was glad he got to sing a little bit of solos.
ihaveaqtsn ihaveaqtsn 7 years
I agree that Kurt's dad was a little hard on Finn. I don't think that Finn is homophobic, I think it would just be uncomfortable sharing a room with someone who had sexual feelings for you that were not reciprocated. I mean you wouldn't move a guy and a girl into the same room, so why would you move a gay guy and a straight guy into the same room? It would certainly make me uncomfortable to have to share a room with a lesbian who had feelings for me, even if she was my best friend. Finn's mom should have talked about it with him before making a decision that would affect both of them, and I could understand how all of that would make someone blow up. However, that being said...the "three letter f word" is hateful. So good on Burt for pointing that out. People should be more aware of what they are saying and the implications of those words. On a side note, I did not like Bad Romance all that much either....but I am loving Santana's voice! She should sing more.
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
that kurt/finn/burt scene was INTENSE and i loved "poker face," but overall i felt this episode was subpar.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Oh, and my favorite Brittany line of the night: "You look awful. I look awesome." She has the best deadpan delivery.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Poor Finn. His mom breaks it to him that they are moving in with Kurt and his dad IN FRONT of them -- doesn't give him much time to process it. He's told to share a room with a guy he knows has sexual feelings for him... of course it's awkward and uncomfortable! ... Yay for Finn for showing up in a red shower curtain to save Kurt at the end of the episode. Anyone else think the two football players who pick on Kurt for being gay ARE gay? Meh, I thought "Beth" was boring. Poker face was awesome. A beautiful rendition of that song. I agree, Buzz -- I thought "Bad Romance" was a little off. What was up with the camera 'effects' ? It reminded me of a Saved by the Bell episode. Tina hunting down Principal Figgins in the vampire costume ! HILARIOUS !
care0531 care0531 7 years
I agree with all of the above! I enjoyed it but it was missing something (Sue), Quinn's long pink lashes distracted me and caused me to rub and blink my own eyes! What an emotional episode with Kurt finally having his father stick up for was really cute but, Kurt did have a crush on Finn and that does has to be awkward but he should have just confronted him about it. Anyone else wonder why they had to share a room? If their house was so much bigger then where he was living before wouldn't that mean their own bedrooms? I mean most houses have 2 bedrooms at least yet they are sharing the basement for a room? I thought that was weird, but it helps with the story line I guess.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
While I enjoyed the episode as a whole, I was disappointed with the girls' rendition of Bad Romance. It felt like a slumber party with girls dressing up and dancing around. Fun for the people involved but a little confusing and anticlimactic for the people watching. Poker Face was the highlight of the night. Loved Kurt's father standing up to Finn, although I do feel a little sorry for Finn. He's a sweet guy who has gone through some difficult events and probably really didn't need his mom to suddenly spring a new living arrangement on him. That would send a lot of teenage boys over the edge, but I was really glad to see him redeem himself at the end of the show. The slow clap from Schue was a little too cheesy, IMO.
jhilly123 jhilly123 7 years
It must have been SO annoying for Dianna-the lashes were so long! I loved Tina's bit as a vampire at the end, I'm glad we got to see more of her. Glee has an ensemble cast, but sometimes we focus too much on Rachel and in opinion even on Kurt. I want more Mercedes and Brittany too. And can I just say how much I really liked Rachel's 2nd Gaga dress? And her hair and the sunglasses. Well she just looked gorgeous in that second outfit haha.
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