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Glee Recap of "Wonder'ful"

Glee-ful Highlights From Episode "Wonder'ful"

For once in our lives, it's a Glee episode completely devoted to the music of Stevie Wonder. Of course, between seamless renditions of "I Wish" and "Superstition," the kids of glee club (and the young adults former known as glee club members) are making some major moves. While Rachel is forging a new relationship with Cassandra in Manhattan, Kurt, Mercedes, and Mike hit up McKinley High and school the new class on vocals and dance moves — just in time for Regionals. The new class actually takes a backseat this week, except for Kitty, who is nosing her way into Artie's business.

This week we also get a reminder that these guys actually have parents when Kurt's dad, Burt, returns and Katey Sagal guest stars as Artie's mom. Get my highlights and a complete Spotify playlist with the songs from the "Wonder'ful" episode when you read more.

  • Finally, Rachel catches a break from Cassandra! Though we could all see through her mean-girl act from day one (right?), Cassandra comes clean to Rachel, explaining that she saw something special in her. This is after she fakes Rachel out, moving up her "midterm," which turns out to be Rachel's fellow NYADA students rewarding her with a party to celebrate her callback for Funny Girl. It's a rare moment of joy for Rachel, whose year has been really topsy-turvy. Need I remind you of her pregnancy scare or the time her boyfriend turned out to be a gigolo? Here's hoping she gets that role on Broadway.
  • Was anybody else praying that Kurt's dad would make it through the episode? Even after the doctor tells him he's cancer-free (a scene I teared up at), I thought for sure Burt was going to get hit by a truck or something. Thank goodness he lives another day, and hopefully many more days, so at some point he can have that "old-person sex" with Finn's mom that he's always wanted. Side note: gross.
  • Another reason I'm happy Burt survives? He talks the crazy out of Blaine, who is prepared to propose to Kurt. He dishes out some sage advice: "Did you learn anything from Finn and Rachel?" Somebody needlepoint that on a pillow. But for real, he does have wise words: "There's a big difference between marrying a person and marrying an idea." I kind of wish Burt was real and I could ask him for life tips.
  • I know that I'm supposed to applaud Mercedes's choice for sticking to the "Higher Ground" and calling off her record deal, but it is going to take her for-ev-er to rise up the ranks selling her CDs in front of the grocery store. People don't even stop to buy Girl Scout Cookies out there, and those are delicious.
  • A quick round of applause for Mike and Jake, who kill their number, "I Wish." Jake has been tapped to be Mike's successor as the best dancer in all the land, and though his moves look a little clunky next to Mike's, Jake's air-split is truly something to behold.
  • Remember when Kitty was, like, the worst? This week, her moral status is elevated slightly as she takes on the role of Artie's questionably motivated fairy godmother. I'm glad that she gets him to come clean about getting accepted to film school, but showing up at his house and hanging out with his mom is a move straight out of Swimfan.
  • Kitty aside, I really enjoyed Katey Sagal this week, but why is her scene so short? If she can promise more lines like, "If you ever imply again that I'm an old hag, I'm gonna tip you over," I say let's make her a series regular.

What's your take on this week's episode? Who do you want to see a tribute episode for next?

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