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Buzz Blabber: The Glee Finale Is Nothing to Sing About

Glee wrapped up its second season this week, but the big finale wasn't as grand as fans were hoping. Even that big kiss between Finn and Rachel and an unexpected new pairing couldn't save the boring musical numbers and lackluster writing. See why fans were disenchanted with the episode, along with the rest of the most talked-about topics from the week.

Fans hoped for more from the Glee finale

  • "The only decent thing about this travesty was Quinn's haircut. The script, the music, the ending — an awful crapfest." — stephley
  • "I was disappointed in this episode overall. I thought all of the musical numbers were weak. In fact, there isn't a single song that really stood out for me which has never happened in Glee episode. I didn't even like that one group's Usher performance." — kimmieb124
  • "This episode was horrible and it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me." — lilkimbo

To see what readers had to say about The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn, just


Is Lenny Kravitz miscast as Cinna in The Hunger Games?

  • "I mean, I understand that a couple of "out there" castings could work cause they are great actors, but I just never saw Cinna as this...I thought he was supposed to be more elegant and polished." — aembry396
  • "My heart dropped with this. My image of Cinna is so far from Kravitz, I'm being to wonder if the casting directors even read the books. I pictured an actor version of Austin Scarlett, maybe even Neil Patrick Harris, but Lenny Kravitz, not so much." — elle619
  • "This is the first casting I have been totally against. He's so not Cinna." — Star320

The new Breaking Dawn poster fails to impress

  • "It's...quite dull." — littlemunchkin
  • "That is one of the lamest movie posters I've ever seen. That's not even a movie poster. That's a post card with a movie title on it. The hell, Summit?" — testadura67
  • "What up with that!!! I can make a poster like that one with a good camera, time and Photoshop!!! I want to see a hot, sexy guy as the poster and not a sunrise!!!" — pixiesmiles

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