The season premiere of Glee doesn't address the absence of Finn, the character Cory Monteith played before his tragic death over the Summer, but the show goes on in season five. That's made possible by The Beatles, whose songs provide the soundtrack for the premiere (and next week's episode as well) and inspire big moves in the characters' lives, including a proposal. It's weird that there is no mention of Finn, but he was still on my mind as I watched, and I'm glad that there is some sort of emotional payoff this week, even if it doesn't involve him.

Nothing will ever be the same on Glee after Monteith's death, but until Finn's death is addressed, it's almost like business as usual. Before we get there, though, let's break down what happens this week after the jump.

  • The closest we get to a Finn reference is when Rachel sings "Yesterday" — arguably the saddest song in The Beatles' catalog. She sings it while feeling discouraged after her Funny Girl callback, and she gazes at a picture of the gang, including Finn. We still don't know if she has the role yet — or why Peter Facinelli is in this episode — but the song is the closest we get to the episode being somber.
  • Artie and Kitty are now dating, which makes sense in the random merry-go-round of these characters' love lives. She's embarrassed of him, which Tina is not okay with, but at least it means we get to hear "Drive My Car" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away."
  • Speaking of Tina, Blaine is not cool with her being the only member of the Too Young to Be Bitter club, so he stages the most entertaining intervention ever, to the tune of "I Saw Her Standing There." In an episode full of Beatles songs, this is the Beatles-iest, if only for the sweet hair on the guys. The plotline also gives us a hint about the timeline, letting us know we're picking up right after the season finale, and it's just about time for prom. The guys let Tina pick among them for a prom date, but it all feels less exciting this year.
  • In the least sensical storyline, Sue is back at school after getting Figgins ousted, and Becky had apparently confessed to bringing the gun in. Everything always working out for Sue seems to be the lesson, but I have no idea why it necessitates a bucket of rancid meat being spilled on the ground.
  • And now, for the sweetest part of the episode! Blaine and Kurt are back together, and after they make up and decide that they can withstand relationship challenges (a good Beatles duet will do that to you), Blaine is ready to propose again. In an appropriately Glee fashion, Blaine stages a sing-along of "All You Need Is Love," with the help of old friends like Rachel and Mercedes.

Blaine's sweet proposal is pretty moving, but it's almost a little hard to be happy for them knowing what's coming. Again, it's weird that Finn's not mentioned at all, but I guess there's also no mention of Brittany or Emma. What did you think of the Glee season premiere?