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Golden Globe Awards: The TV Acting Winners

The Golden Globes get a lot of press for which movies they honor, but I'm always glad they invite TV folks to the party, too (and not just because I like seeing big- and small-screen stars getting tipsy together). The Emmys are a long way off, and this way, some of the great shows of the fall season can get some early recognition. Besides picking "Ugly Betty" and "Grey's Anatomy" as the best series, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association also made interesting picks — some obvious, some less so — in the acting categories.

  • So far, you're saying that Alec Baldwin was the biggest surprise winner at the Globes. I haven't been shy about telling you my feelings about Alec, and I was thrilled to see him win (even though it meant two of my other boyfriends, Steve Carrell and Zach Braff, had to go home empty-handed). While "Scrubs" and "The Office" are established ensemble comedies, "30 Rock" is funny mainly because of Baldwin, whether he's secretly dating Condoleeza Rice or professing his love for Phil Collins. Yes, this is coming from someone who believes her life would be better if she had a talking Alec Baldwin doll on her desk, but I believe his win was well-deserved.

  • Speaking of people who make their shows work, Hugh Laurie almost had to win for "House." He is "House," and the show wouldn't be the same if anyone else played the grouchy doctor. He won last year, though, so I was a little surprised to see him repeat. My money would have been on Michael C. Hall for "Dexter" or Kiefer Sutherland for "24" (though the show's late start this season might have hurt his chances).
  • I've never seen "The Closer," so I really can't say much about Kyra Sedgwick's win for best actress in a drama. That category seemed a little strange, though — on the whole, I thought the best actor nominees were stronger. Are there really just not that many great female-led dramas right now?

A few more thoughts, so

  • The supporting actor and actress categories at the Globes always frustrate me, because I so rarely watch TV movies. It seems odd to me that movies, miniseries, and series get smushed together. Wouldn't it be different to evaluate someone's work in a two-hour movie and in a 23-episode series? Maybe I'm just bummed because Masi Oka didn't get to give a speech.
  • I'm still a little weirded out to see America Ferrera outside her Betty costume, which just proves how fully she's become that character. She's taken a caricature and made her someone I'd like to have as a friend. Much as I do love Mary-Louise Parker in "Weeds," it's nice to see a newcomer rewarded.

  • Anyone know the deal with the blue puzzle pieces Alec Baldwin and Steve Carrell were wearing? Just wondering.
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