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Golden Globe Nominations Breakdown: The Movies

Ever since the 2008 Golden Globe nominations were announced bright and early this morning (especially so for us West Coasters) I've been dying to spew my thoughts about them. In regard to the movie noms, here's what I think is the good (yay, Atonement!), the bad (no love for Waitress = sad) and the ugly (seriously, John Travolta? Come on!).

Oh, The Drama!
So much drama. Do we really need seven Best Dramatic Picture nominees? Of those seven, I would easily eliminate Eastern Promises (which I liked very much, but it isn't in the same league as movies like Atonement or American Gangster) and Michael Clayton which could maybe get the Snooze Award, but not Best Dramatic Picture. On the other hand, I'm baffled that 3:10 to Yuma didn't make it here.

I'm Really, Really Not There.
The Bob Dylan drama I'm Not There went almost entirely unrecognized (with the exception of one much-deserved nod to Cate Blanchett as Supporting Actress), and you won't find me disputing this.

More thoughts if you


Who Else Is Not There?

  • No love for either Christian Bale or Russell Crowe. Bale surprises me because I think he's deserving for his performance in 3:10 to Yuma, though while the absence of Russell Crowe surprises me, I'm not unhappy about his snub.
  • It's true, Emile Hirsch is not on the list, either, though at least this ensures that we won't hear any more of his stupid acceptance speeches. I thought he did a fine job in Into the Wild, but frankly, I'm okay with him not taking home any Golden Globes. I understand this is not the popular vote and yet, I stand by it.
  • The one nod for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford goes to Casey Affleck, with Brad Pitt's name missing entirely from the list. Interesting.
  • I have such a soft spot in my heart for Keri Russell and her performance in Waitress. I wish she'd been nominated.

Know What Else Is Missing? A Lil' Bit O' Diversity
Denzel is deserving of his nomination (though it's for The Great Debaters and surprisingly not for his role in American Gangster), but we can now count the number of non-white folks listed on one finger. If nothing else, they definitely should have nominated members of the superb cast of The Kite Runner.

I'm Quite Happy With the Supporting Actress Category, But...
...if I were in charge, I would have given props to Emily Mortimer for her lovely performance in Lars and the Real Girl. Just saying.

Oscar Survivors
It's nice to see that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cate Blanchett haven't fallen victim to the Oscar Curse (looking at you Charlize Theron and Hilary Swank) — they're still joining some great projects and receiving kudos for their stellar performances.

Define "Comedy."
In what universe does John Travolta's cross-dressing, fat-suit-donning, overacting flailing about in Hairspray constitute "funny" or, even, "okay"? And I can see why Judd Apatow's humor is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm still surprised that bizarro-Travolta gets a nod and Apatow gets zip (the John C. Reilly nomination for Walk Hard notwithstanding). In this same vein, absolutely no love for Michael Cera? Sheesh. It's like my Great-Aunt Marge told the Hollywood Foreign Press Association what she thought was funny and they went with that. However, I am pleased with the overall Juno love.

So do tell: what are your thoughts on the movie nominations?


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