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Should Dan and Serena Be Together?

Last week on Gossip Girl Serena came clean about her big secret to everyone . . . except Dan. All season we've watched Serena "protect" Dan from her past, but this is more of a mess than ever.

Heading into tonight's season finale, Dan is still in the dark about lots of things. My question is: Do you think he should stick with Serena if/when he learns the whole truth? Or do you think Serena's blown it with him because she never trusted him? He is (as Rufus put it) pretty judgmental, so maybe he just needs to cut the girl some slack. What do you think?

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Aly2009 Aly2009 9 years
I voted other, cuz it's not dan being able to do better, it's Serena being able to do better *cough ehem(Nate)* the guy who has always loved her no matter what, who knows her, who knows what she's done, and has never judged her, and would never change a thing about her, cuz he loves her just the way she is... plus this way we get to have Chuck/Blair, and Rufus/Lily SereNate, Chair, Rufly, i wouldn't have it any other way... dan can just go jump off a bridge with his sister and vanessa...
AveryDarling AveryDarling 9 years
Serena should just forget about him. I'm sure she can do way better.
it seems the fans have spoken. GG hit a dud with that one!
lavieboheme lavieboheme 9 years
I totally agree about Dan hooking up with Georgina. I was so pissed I wanted to throw my Tv out of the window lol
karadisexo karadisexo 9 years
Dan pissed me off by hooking up with Georgina.
reesiecup reesiecup 9 years
After tonight's episode...if not Dan, then I vote for S + Nate!
binkyob binkyob 9 years
I voted no because the two of them were seriously getting on my nerves. They seemed so perfect in some of the earlier episodes I knew it had to crash and burn (at least for a while if not forever) sooner or later. I do agree with MissBrook. I totally want Lilli and Rufus together!! They are really cute together! I can't wait to see all the drama tonight! Go Chuck! :-D
serial serial 9 years
I also want to add that Dan's been a complete prick about "Sarah." He meets a girl in a park, gets all flirty with her, and suddenly he's hanging out with her more than he is with Serena? And then he takes "Sarah's" side, a girl he just met, over Serena's when his girlfriend of however long essentially warns him not to trust her? gg Dan.
serial serial 9 years
No, but I voted "Other" because Dan and Serena shouldn't be together, not because she's a handful and doesn't trust him with the truth. Nor because Dan can do better, but because it's clear, at least in the last few episodes, that Dan has no idea what he's gotten himself into in dating Serena. The guy secretly reads Gossip Girl, should have known all about Serena's past scandals and misadventures but nonetheless, as Serena herself pointed out, places her on a pedestal, and then passes judgment on her when her past caught up with her. You would think that he went into this relationship eyes open and accepting of Serena's faults. I mean, even when all bad Serena's scandals riveted the pages of Gossip Girl, it didn't stop Dan from fancying Serena as his dream girl. Can Dan do better? That's probably subjective. Let's face it, Serena is gorgeous and wants to mend her life, friendships and reputation. But if Dan expects Serena to be the his ideal girlfriend overnight, he's just being naive and she's not the girl for him.
any-22 any-22 9 years
I voted yes b/c i think they are adorable!! They make pretty much the perfect couple!! I love the fact that Serena being part of the Upper East Side can date Dan no MATTER what her grandma thinks and no matter what anyone (not even Blair) think about it.... They are also dating in real life so that gives more credibility to their relationship... CLEARLY they love and complement each other!!!!.. It would suck if they broke up... Ps. I LOOOOVE CHUCK AND BLAIR TOGETHER TOO
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I voted no, because I honestly think Dan could do better. Serena is a really annoying character to me, and they got together way too quickly in the show. I think if they want the show to last more than a couple seasons, then they need to stretch out the storylines. Almost everyone has slept with each other already, it seems!
chicsugar chicsugar 9 years
I voted other, b/c I think it's Serena that needs to dump Dan. He's so annoying, and I hated when Serena tries to tell him that's something is off with "Sarah" and he totally brushes her off. For a girl he just met!! He listened more when she was having problems with Vanessa, and he knew Vanessa for years! Sorry for the long post but this guy needs a swift kick to shins to make him wake up!
em113 em113 9 years
I voted Other because I think they are super boring and need to break up so that the characters can hopefully be more entertaining on their own. (There's a reason everyone loves Blair and Chuck, they're fun!)
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 9 years
Oh. And I want Serena to be with Nate.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 9 years
No. I don't like Dan and Serena together. As a couple, I don't think they're remotely interesting and I really could care less about their relationship. They're either boring. Or annoying. Or both. Besides, I'm totally in favor of Lily and Rufus being together. And with Dan and Serena together, it sort of gets in the way of Lily and Rufus being together.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 9 years
I liked Dan in the beginning but over the course of the season, especially after Vanessa returned, I've found him to be self-righteous, judgemental and annoying. And I can't tell if its him or the way the writers are writing him. There seems to be this insinuation that somehow he's better because he doesn't have money and doesn't come from the moneyed and privileged world. And I frankly can't stand it anymore. He's way to quick to judge those with money. And I wasn't surprised by Serena's actions and desire not to tell him. Georgina was a close friend before and look what she did to her. Blair turned on her before. She has trust issues. I give her a break. She clearly has things to work out and sometimes I think Dan doesn't give her the time to.
Angelica Angelica 9 years
I think I'd like Dan with anyone, but they do seem cute together. I think having them together and in a good relationship is too cookie cutter for the show - it doesn't exactly create drama.
Monoka Monoka 9 years
I think they should be together, but take a break. Would make for good drama, cause if they start dating other people, will cause jealousy between them, and would make the plot thicken, come on true love is hard to find, so they have to go trough hardships. I'm giving away to many good ideas :P
matthews-mom matthews-mom 9 years
Dan has become an annoying character. Too goody-goody and boring.
soulight soulight 9 years
I understand that Serena wants to show Dan that she is a good person, but I think it's pretty self evident with how badly she's reacted to the situation. She deserves to be with someone she trusts will want her, with the bad as long as the good. If she feels that isn't possible with Dan she should move on.
xlightningboltx xlightningboltx 9 years
I love me some Serena and Dan action but it's all about Blair and Chuck! Cannot wait!!! Eeek!=DD
usafhockey3 usafhockey3 9 years
i said it before, and i will say it again (:))... Serena's character is being super annoying. this kind of wishy-washy, weepy, weak character was exactly what marissa cooper became on the OC, and they had to kill her off bc there was simply nothing left to do with her. if you cant trust the one you are with, with your past and present, no matter the demons, it is destined for failure. imho, if they continue to write blake lively these scenes, this show will quickly crash and burn. and i dont want it to!!!! so, josh schwartz better write this girl a backbone! :P
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
They were cute together at first, but now they are messed up. Also, I was getting kinda bored with them being all happy.
kellys kellys 9 years
*if* she learns her lesson and stops with all of this "he thinks i'm pristine/he doesn't know what our world is like" crap, then yes, he should stick around. if not, she doesn't really value him as a person enough for him to stick around. and yeah, i think that dan kissing georgina is out of character, but then again, his gf did just *sleep* with someone else (as far as he knows), and all her friends basically told him to kiss off. i'd be pretty reckless, too.
Papaver Papaver 9 years
I'm just re-watching Woman on the Verge and I can't believe it was actually DAN who propesed Sarah/Georgina to go somewhere quiet to talk! He was supposed to have thios big crush on Serena for years, then he got lucky and got the girl - it was luck what brought them together - the lost cellphone and the fact she needed an excuse to avoid Blair's party. He sees something is wrong, but he ignores everything, believes Serena's confession(which was stupid, I admit) and goes straight to Sarah? I can't get over it. Can't wait for the finale...
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