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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 11, "The Magnificent Archibalds"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 11, "The Magnificent Archibalds"

On this week's Gossip Girl there aren't things like murders or drug overdoses, which I was hoping for kind of expecting given the show's history. In fact, it seems like everyone puts aside their differences for one day in the spirit of Thanksgiving despite the fact that Gossip Girl hinted there would be "lying, manipulation, and betrayal" on the Upper East Side.

The entire cast is present in this episode, too, and it seems like all loose ends from the past couple of episodes have been tied up, while the seeds for future intrigue are definitely sown. Ready to talk about it? Just


  • Blair is on a mini-rampage to have the perfect Thanksgiving because it's her favorite holiday. She's super peeved that Cyrus and his family are intruding on her day with Eleanor.
  • Blair's also weirded out that Serena would want to date a guy who doesn't want to be exclusive. She hilariously compares Serena's situation to the show Big Love and later refers to Aaron as Warren Jeffs. Ha!
  • By the way, I was so happy with the way Blair responded to Serena's weird "you don't get the prize if you don't compete" comment about Aaron: "There are so many things wrong with that statement!"
  • Meanwhile, Jenny's still hell-bent on divorcing her dad. Ugh, are you guys tired of poor, sad, shaggy-haired Jenny's tantrums? She basically runs around New York bumping into very powerful people (Lily, Eleanor, etc.), crying her eyes out because her dad won't let her quit school. Call the wambulance, Jenny!
  • But Eric and Jenny are cute together as friends, don't you think?
  • Even better are Eric and Chuck as stepbrothers. I love when Chuck reveals his dad's secret safe and Eric says, "It’s like the end of every heist movie ever made . . . Are those gold bars?"
  • So Blair and Dorota basically run away from Thanksgiving. I wish Blair wouldn't scream at her quite so much but the pair of them is still pretty funny.
  • I don't know about you but by the middle there I was confused at who was mad at whom and why. I think Nate is still mad at Chuck for . . . being Chuck? Loaning the family money? And Vanessa's mad at Nate for kissing Jenny? And is Chuck still mad at Dan for creating Charlie Trout? Or because Dan almost wrote that story for New York Magazine? It's complicated but everyone kind of makes up in the end.
  • I'm glad the Archibald drama is over. Dad's in jail. Nate and Chuck are friends again.
  • Which brings me to Vanessa and Nate — what the heck? Nate tells her that he hasn't heard from Jenny in months so, yeah, we can go out. What the? Why would Vanessa accept that? Then, then! Vanessa hides the love letter Nate sent to Jenny that she finds after telling Jenny they shouldn't let boys come between them. I have a feeling that those of you who've disliked Vanessa are very unhappy with her now.
  • The other big secret is Lily's time in the "institution" that Eric discovers via Bart's file on her (Bart is way creepy this episode). We can now commence theorizing on why her parents sent her there. Perhaps a Rufus love-child?

What did you think of this holiday episode? And how do you feel about Aaron? I think he's a bit of a wet blanket myself. Do you still get any warm fuzzies at the idea of Lily and Rufus together, or no? And how'd Blair's dad get that pie through customs?

Sound off below, and to check out all the clothes, head to CelebStyle!

Photos courtesy of The CW

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