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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 11, "The Magnificent Archibalds"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 11, "The Magnificent Archibalds"

On this week's Gossip Girl there aren't things like murders or drug overdoses, which I was hoping for kind of expecting given the show's history. In fact, it seems like everyone puts aside their differences for one day in the spirit of Thanksgiving despite the fact that Gossip Girl hinted there would be "lying, manipulation, and betrayal" on the Upper East Side.

The entire cast is present in this episode, too, and it seems like all loose ends from the past couple of episodes have been tied up, while the seeds for future intrigue are definitely sown. Ready to talk about it? Just


  • Blair is on a mini-rampage to have the perfect Thanksgiving because it's her favorite holiday. She's super peeved that Cyrus and his family are intruding on her day with Eleanor.
  • Blair's also weirded out that Serena would want to date a guy who doesn't want to be exclusive. She hilariously compares Serena's situation to the show Big Love and later refers to Aaron as Warren Jeffs. Ha!
  • By the way, I was so happy with the way Blair responded to Serena's weird "you don't get the prize if you don't compete" comment about Aaron: "There are so many things wrong with that statement!"
  • Meanwhile, Jenny's still hell-bent on divorcing her dad. Ugh, are you guys tired of poor, sad, shaggy-haired Jenny's tantrums? She basically runs around New York bumping into very powerful people (Lily, Eleanor, etc.), crying her eyes out because her dad won't let her quit school. Call the wambulance, Jenny!
  • But Eric and Jenny are cute together as friends, don't you think?
  • Even better are Eric and Chuck as stepbrothers. I love when Chuck reveals his dad's secret safe and Eric says, "It’s like the end of every heist movie ever made . . . Are those gold bars?"
  • So Blair and Dorota basically run away from Thanksgiving. I wish Blair wouldn't scream at her quite so much but the pair of them is still pretty funny.
  • I don't know about you but by the middle there I was confused at who was mad at whom and why. I think Nate is still mad at Chuck for . . . being Chuck? Loaning the family money? And Vanessa's mad at Nate for kissing Jenny? And is Chuck still mad at Dan for creating Charlie Trout? Or because Dan almost wrote that story for New York Magazine? It's complicated but everyone kind of makes up in the end.
  • I'm glad the Archibald drama is over. Dad's in jail. Nate and Chuck are friends again.
  • Which brings me to Vanessa and Nate — what the heck? Nate tells her that he hasn't heard from Jenny in months so, yeah, we can go out. What the? Why would Vanessa accept that? Then, then! Vanessa hides the love letter Nate sent to Jenny that she finds after telling Jenny they shouldn't let boys come between them. I have a feeling that those of you who've disliked Vanessa are very unhappy with her now.
  • The other big secret is Lily's time in the "institution" that Eric discovers via Bart's file on her (Bart is way creepy this episode). We can now commence theorizing on why her parents sent her there. Perhaps a Rufus love-child?

What did you think of this holiday episode? And how do you feel about Aaron? I think he's a bit of a wet blanket myself. Do you still get any warm fuzzies at the idea of Lily and Rufus together, or no? And how'd Blair's dad get that pie through customs?

Sound off below, and to check out all the clothes, head to CelebStyle!

Photos courtesy of The CW

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KirbyBoom KirbyBoom 8 years
Why oh WHY does Nate seem to get away with being such a player?? It frustrates me so much that he always ends up looking completely innocent but the simple truth is he's playing Vanessa and Jenny so hard. But he's hot who cares haha Also Serena's thanksgiving outfit...eek! She looked like a hooker, put it away S!
norisa norisa 8 years
BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! to a Lily and Rufus reunion! That first love storyline is sooo boring and overplayed! -I somehow was not "shocked" that Lily was a mental patient at one time. I was expecting her having Rufus's deformed love child or something more twisted. It would be more fun to watch if Lily & Bart called quits because of cheating and not because they are going to kill-off Bart. -Why did the writers not resurrect Chuck's mom. It would be more believable if Chuck's mom was in a mental hospital than Lily. Lily is so Martha Stewart/ Brie van de Camp with a slightly bad girl past. -At times I swear that I really do not think that Serena was ever really "wild". I think Blair has been crazier, because she does things out of anger, spite, jealousy. (At times a lot more desperate than Serena!) Serena is more like Oops! Sorry did not mean too. -LOVE watching Blair's character. She is more bitchy, catty, and unpredictable just like the books intended her to be. As far as Aaron and Vanessa, With Aaron I was expecting a cute and cut yoga body boy with blond hair in dreads.(VEGAN) Who knew that for a "artsy" type you give him some some mousey brown bed hair, a scarf, and some big plastic eyeglasess, annoying chin hair and a wardrobe in varying shades of gray with some punches of a plain white tee. !!!!!!!Wardrobe department this is not Seattle in 90s!!!!! This is NYC!! Throw an eco-friendly tee on that boy and some self-tanner! -Vanessa, I LIKE HER! Could not stand her self -righteous ways. Nobody could be that good for so long. -Chuck is awesome! -Eric, love him too. -Like Dan. -Nate? Oh, God grow up and grow some balls. Why would anybody ever diss a friend like Chuck? It does not matter who Chuck likes. Chuck has only been there for Nate. Which says a lot because CHUCK DOES NOT LIKE BROKE PEOPLE!!! -Jenny, I like you just fine because I mostly fast-forward you. (And Rufus too) LOVE THE SHOW!!!! I can only be honest when say that I did not like this episode or all of the ones since "There might be Blood"
graylen graylen 8 years
The whole now it's here, now it's gone with Little J's eyeliner cracks me up. Can you shove good girl/bad girl in our faces just a little harder? I am pretty sure I audibly made a sound when Serena came in with that dress. That was just too much- fishnets and a hoochie skirt for Thanksgiving dinner? Hilarious that this outfit was even more trashy than the one she taunted Bart about going out in. Just wow. I felt uncomfortable for her and her exposed ass. ;) I kinda loved that they all ended up at the Humphrey's for dinner. It was sweet. They seem more like a real family together than any other family on that show. LOVED Blair and Dorota. I also love that Blair and Dorota always have their headbands.
Jammi Jammi 8 years
LMAO @ reesiekitty, you're killing me, hahahah. Bonus marks to you for; "2)I also thought the Captain looked REALLY CREEPY with the 'stache. Like child-molester creepy. I had no problem believing he would hold his own wife and son for ransom 'for their own good'. We are all well rid of them." " I think Chuck actually really likes being a big brother- unlike Bart who just IS Big Brother, apparently." ROTFLMAO I'm glad everyone agrees that Aaron is a pretentious creep. And you're so right about that turkey, that bad boy was bought cooked and they just heated it up, lol. I think the whole Dorota and Blair relationship is one where Blair was raised seeing her as a maid but she's her only friend at times [her mother was with the boytoy and Serena was worrying about the jackass, so instead of running away with Serena she had to run off with Dorota]
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
LOL, tlsgirl - my BF made up for NOT Tivoing GG for me by finding it online last night, so I got to watch it! And the first thing I thought when I saw S was ' She looks like a hooker version of Ronald McDonald!!!' Not just too short and inappropriate, but bright yellow and red should not be together unless you are a MickeyD spokesperson. Let's see... 1)hated Jenny- her whiney teen angst behavior doesn't bother me so much because she is the only teen on the show who ACTS like a teen. But... isn't it harder than that to GET emancipated? Like, you can't just show up at the lawyer with your pal Eric and they just hand over the papers. I mean, for starters, who paid for the lawyer? Maybe that's what Eric was along for. Even though it was really funny that Good J immediately replaced Evil J when she returned to the loft, I was thanking god that I didn't have to look at her raccoon eyes anymore. Now if we can just lose the shag cut... she and Nate are both so not-bright, they would actually make a good couple. I also still think Dan is totally over-reacting, shunning Nate in the hall at school, etc./ He KISSED HER- after rescuing her from a potentially much worse situation with Agnes and the photographer the night before. I think Dan needs to get over it. 2)I also thought the Captain looked REALLY CREEPY with the 'stache. Like child-molester creepy. I had no problem believing he would hold his own wife and son for ransom 'for their own good'. We are all well rid of them. I totally loved Nate's blueblood, milquetoast mom though. She looked like a dejected puppy when the FBI came to take the Cap away. I actually liked Nate more here than I have in a while. 3)Every one makes up in this episode. EVERYONE. But- people who get big gold stars for good behavior are: Dorota- because she 'runs away' with Blair- even if she is NOT allowed to enjoy herself feeding the ducks, lol. Seriously, I just can't get enough Dorota. Blair- for inviting Jenny along, even if she just did it to tick off her mom Elanor- with her newfound happiness (and huge rock on her finger) she was perfect at being exasperated yet sorry for Little J all at the same time. I understand this, because it is partly the emotion J inspires in me. Vanessa gets a star for one thing only in this episode: realizing that dealing with the FBI and Nate's dad is out of her league and calling in Chuck for help/advice/moral support. Good call V- much better than the hippie tunic you wore to dinner. I thought she looked pretty cute this week until she took off her coat. Chuck- for just showing Eric the safe and leaving him to it privately. I think Chuck actually really likes being a big brother- unlike Bart who just IS Big Brother, apparently. But the best, biggest gold star goes to Lily!! For showing common sense about dealing with J, but then totally realizing that telling Rufus about the emancipation was the only thing to do. And for just taking those files and walking the ***k out on Bart and his fancy dinner. Lily's been married like 4 times ( but only to one Claus/Klaus) and she has her own money and she doesn't REALLY need you, your money or your creepy spy crap, Bart. It was sort of funny how they all ended up at the Humphrey meal. I also loved it when Rufus said they had better get cooking. After seeing that turkey, I decided it must have been in the oven during all these other shenanigans, because otherwise they would be eating at 3 AM on Friday. Black marks go to: Bart- what a jerk. I mean, come on. Did you really think anyone would buy that 'Its to keep you safe. It's for your own protection' line? Do you even buy it? Blair- for being so bee-atchy to Dorota. And she needs to just get over Wallace Shawn already. She got her pie in the end. Dan and Vanessa are ties for the ' I am so high-minded I would never do anything except for outstanding moral reasons. now I must go and do this sort of crappy thing and justify it to myself' award. Really- Dan- anytime you are the ex and you say ANYTHING that isn't nice to the NEW BF- you're being a jerk. And Vanessa- you and Nate didn't even really DATE. I think he's kissed you and J an equal amount of times, so really, he's who should be getting your anger. Rufus - for still not parenting and totally copping out in every way with the ' I love you no matter what.' His response should have been ' I see where you're going with this and it is a really terrible idea. I love you no matter what, now get your butt home!' he really let Lily do all his parental heavy lifting here. Serena- for her dress, but also for her DUMB. Blair can totally see what a pretentious jerk Aaron is. Serena is all happy that he's 'ok if you still want to see other people' ?? Seriously, though, as I said before, he is EXACTLY the kind of arty, pretentious trouser-snake you get involved with after an upright, uptight Dan Humphrey. Aaron is SOOOO the rebound man. Aaron wins the biggest jerk award. For all of the above, and the talentless 'installations' of Serena pics ( all of which look like a junior high girl's bulletin board collage from Seventeen magazine) but mostly for the SCARF!!! My eyes! My Eyes!!!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
The Fug Girls hated Serena's outfit too: In fact, they called her Ronald McDonald's favorite hooker. LOL.
thelorax thelorax 8 years
LOVED Dorota's ringtone. I guffawed. Buzz, the group hug made me tear up a little too. I'm such a sap. Dan & Vanessa both made me so mad this episode. Totally wanted to punch Dan in the face @ his onset of verbal diarrhea in the grocery store with Aaron. Jerrrk! And I REALLY wanted Jenny to catch Vanessa with her letter. I think I dislike Vanessa not because she's evil (is anyone NOT evil on the show?) but because she's dumb! She tries, but she could never pull off a scathingly clever plot a la Blair/Chuck. Maybe the untimely death will be hers, as she now seems to be a little bit crazy! Oh, and WHY did Serena hand over her file to Aaron? Not only have they JUST started dating, she has no good reason whatsoever to trust this guy.
advo advo 8 years
Personally, I really disliked the episode. It didn't majorly suck like the last one 2x10, but it was only a tiny bit better. You're absolutely right, I felt totally justified in my hate for Vanessa now! And Jenny is just annoying with the way she gets away with everything.
meeshee meeshee 8 years
i agree with so many of the girls!! firstly, i wanted blair & chuck to have SOME interaction with each other! i love them together! it looks like there will be some in the next episode ^_^ secondly, wtf was serena wearing? ESPECIALLY at a family thanksgiving event?! she always manages to dress so inappropriately, even though i know it's not technically her fault since the wardrobe people probably dress her. thirdly, it was so sad when jenny just walked away when her dad told her "i love you." how mean of her!!! she is a talented, young designer, but clearly she wouldn't be able to handle it IF she did decide to get emancipated. i also love how all of her eyeliner came off when she was at home, HA! fourthly, i thought the eric/serena/lily files made the show pretty interesting. i wonder what lily was institutionalized for? Some people seem to think it's because she had rufus' baby, but... are you suggesting that it's eric? because i'm sure she woudln't have let serena date dan if it was serena.. lastly, I HATE AARON! he is so full of himself, not attractive, and he and serena have no chemistry! blegh...
hautemommie hautemommie 8 years
Ok so first Jenny gets the biggest boo! Sure you can design clothes but clearly you're not business savvy as you let a drunken supermodel set up all your business meetings! And get loud with you and argue with you in said meeting. Stay in school kid. Serena and whack Aaron. Is he really that cute? I mean all this attention he's getting is confusing me. All the model chicks want him and serena just can't get enough? Eh... Serena's outfit screaming inappropriate at me from the TV screen! Blair and dorota! Hi-lar-ious. She's so spoiled and self absorbed and dorota is just along for the ride. And biggest wtf of the episode?! Why do chuck and Vanessa have one anothers numbers?!?!
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 8 years
I can't stand Vanessa. She's so annoying. She may be my least favorite character on television. She just needs to go away. I love Blair. I love Chuck. I miss their interaction. It's one of my favorite parts of the show. Lily and Rufus are cute and I love them. They need to be together. Serena needs to put some freaking clothes on. Oh and Blake's acting was really annoying in this episode for me. I'm so sick of Jenny. Hopefully, she'll fade into the background for a while. I really hope they don't make a whole big thing with Jenny/Nate/Vanessa. IMO, they're three very annoying characters who are better off not being in the episodes at all. I may have to boycott future episodes if they try and make the little love triangle into a main storyline because I really can't stand any of them.
berrypeachie berrypeachie 8 years
Did no one at the dinner table not find it out that Vanessa didn't seem to mumble a word while "talking on the phone with her parents?" Seriously isn't that quite obvious.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
"Who here laughed when Dorota's phone was ringing and it was "I'm a slave for you"" I totally laughed out loud. Loved Blair with Dorota! Especially Blair's "cooking" :) Serena's outfit was ridiculous. Her skirt seriously barely covered her butt! And the front was so tight that you could see the outline of **cough-cough** her ummm... you know Ew @ Aaron ... he is nasty!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 8 years
I really hope it's Vanessa that gets off and not Bart, who I'm afraid it will end up being. I'm so bummed that the Aaron on the show sucks so much because he's really cool in the books! Also, I absolutely adore Cyrus and I hope he's in this show for the long haul!
pelininstyle pelininstyle 8 years
Serena and Aaron: Wrong! Horrible horrible couple What the heck? Serena is changing who she is with each guy that she dates? I don't understand. Nate and Vanessa: So wrong! There is absolutely no chemistry between them. I still think about the "kiss" of Jenny and Nate. It was something. Rufus: Finally! Jenny is a talented girl and fashion business is a fast growing area so it is normal how Jenny is acting specially with a father who doesn't understand how much it is important for her to be successful in fashion industry. Of course i am against divorcing parents but parents should be understanding and try to help their children realise their dreams. Jenny: You should stop crying though! ACT! Blair and Chuck: Come on, we want more action, don't we?
serenavallentine serenavallentine 8 years
i miss chuck and blair interaction, though dorota is awesome. favourite part was how jenny was "good" again and went home so now she wasn't wearing all that awful makeup anymore. hilarious.
supertramp supertramp 8 years
I thought the episode was okay. I'm still not a fan of Serena's love life or Aaron. Sorry. Before I forget, I am one that has hated Vanessa but I was really mad with her at the end, I just thought finally she's a little interesting. I grow to like the characters when I see their bitchy side, but usually not from Jenny. Her tantrums are so annoying. And before I forget again, can we be done with the Nate/Jenny fling thing. It's so over, they should have built it up at least. Eric found out a lot last night. I mean his boyfriend is a jerk for cheating. And I also like Eric and Chuck as stepbrothers. I also love that Eric is one of the only people that sees good in Chuck. Blair and Dorota. Oh how I've grown to love Dorota. I think we all love her. With Blair they just work so well together. Dorota always helps her, and remember it's like her child. I don't know about the rest of you, but I still oficially think that Bart Bass is gonna die in 2 weeks. Its just the only death I would get. He always reminds me of Caleb Nichol and he died too.
Tulipe Tulipe 8 years
Just wanted to say to the people who complain that Jenny acts like a brat... Well, she's 15 !! She's supposed to go through that adolescent phase, right ? Don't you remember yours ? I know that I did some pretty stupid things myself and I didn't have the money she has now (even though she's supposed to be "poor"... yeah, a big loft right next to the Brooklyn Bridge) ! I can't imagine if I had been near spoiled kids like UpperEastsiders, because I guess that my behaviour would have been MUCH MUCH worse... :-)) Oh, and if you read the book (the very first one, i guess that there were others), you'll learn that Nate DOES hook up with Jenny pretty quickly. Well, in the book, Jenny is that nerd with big boobs, but still... :-) And on a side note, I want to slap Vanessa right in the face. Why doesn't she date Dan ? With their mightyer-than-thou attitude, they would get along soooooooooo great !
runningesq runningesq 8 years
I'm still hoping for a Lily/ Rufus reunion. I thought it was a little ridic that Jenny came out to tell her dad she love him .. sans the 3 lbs of eyeliner. it was a little too obvious: oh, now she's back to 'good jenny' inside and out. and she just annoys me SO much ... wah wah, my dad won't let me drop out of school, my life is sooo awful Aaron: UGH. skeeeeezy! senera: put on damn clothes!
nikecold nikecold 8 years
Serena's red and yellow outfit was too much, I mean I have bikinis that cover more skin than that. And I agree, wtf was up with the big weird braid in her hair? Did anyone else laugh at Dorota's ringtone? I may be reading way too far into this, but she's the maid and the song was 'Imma slave for you'. Even if it wasn't metaphoricalit was still funny :D
Advah Advah 8 years
What's with Dan and Aaron wearing more hair products than the show's actresses combined? Rufus is such a wuss, good thing Lily was there to finally take some decisions. Actually, Lily might be the best character in this episode - or the most human one. I thought her interaction with Eric was super cute. Loved Blair's "cooking" - shouting at Dorota. Seriously, where would the show be without her and Chuck! What's with Serena wearing a gigantic braided knot in her hair? If she's trying to draw the attention away from her non-existent skirt, she'd be better off wearing actual clothes. Did anyone notice how, during his dinner with Serena, Aaron was either staring at his plate or Serena's eyebrows? Looks like I wasn't the only one distracted by her boobs! Wtf is going on with Jenny's hair?! Since when are straw mullets fashionable? Someone slap Jenny already! Her bratty behaviour is so annoying it's not even funny. Blair caring about Jenny? NO. Blair sharing personal stories with Jenny? NO. Blair *tearing up* in front of Jenny? NO! Blair inviting Jenny to come with them?! NO NO NO! Nate's letter was as girly as his bangs? Totally predictable. Btw this guy is unable to make up his mind between girls, he's worse than me in front of a lipgloss shelf! Blair's mother resting her elbow on Cyrus' shoulder was hilarious! So apparently Jenny's eyeliner was all about rebellion, since she took it off when going back to her dad's. On this note, Jenny's inability to know what she wants from life is just as annoying at Nate's. So Vanessa stole Nate's letter - I knew it, she's a b*tch too! It took me a while to realise that Lily's big secret was she was in a mental institution. Is it bad I was expecting something more scandalous? Like sex, or drugs? Or both?? Also, since when do Chuck and Vanessa have each other's numbers? Since the FBI know where Nate's dad is, why the hell would they tell his son they're about to arrest him? (btw, I love that the Nate/Chuck friendship is back)
Jammi Jammi 8 years
I love the fact that when Blair 'ran away' she brought Dorota with her and Dorota kept on that maid head band, hahah, Chuck is again love. I don't like Nate, and I still don't get why he was mad at Chuck, especially since Chuck was willing to part with money for him at the beginning of his family's drama and like chuck said first season, the only thing he cares about aside from Nate is money and women. Dan talks too much, like when he was telling Aaron all of Serena's business I was like, I understand nervous babbling but seriously, shut. up. And what rock has Aaron been living under that he didn't know Serena was talking trash? Hello she was plastered all over magazines for quite a few episodes which should be roughly about three months, lol, *and* if he was still as sprung on her as he claims I'm sure he would've checked some of them out. Bart is a creep. That stalking his own family thing is ridiculous. Vanessa is a hypocrit and pathetic because the man wrote Jenny a love letter and you'd prefer to be a rebound instead of a true friend? Right Miss. High and Mighty, hope you choke on your 'morals'. Yeah, Blair is whiny but I too don't blame her for being pissed her ate her pie. And I like that unlike Serena she tells her mom what she doesn't like instead of keeping it bottled up then explode at a party with reporters there.
cibele cibele 8 years
"As much as Vanessa annoys me, Jenny annoys me more, so I didn't have a problem with Vanessa stealing the letter" I second that. Those two ruin the show. And NO Chuck and Blair interaction :(
bsglrok132 bsglrok132 8 years
The Aaron/Serena thing doesn't do much for me, it's just boring. The Bass family fascinates me to no end. I think it was obvious that Bart had a safe somewhere chock full of secrets and gold. Poor Nate, I was glad that he finally got his dad to just do the right thing and stop running and making everything worse. I wonder how he'll "start over" with his mom. I can't wait for Lily and Rufus to get together someday (I'm assuming they will). I'm verrry curious to find out why she was institutionalized.
ElleJay ElleJay 8 years
yes i am SOOO sick of poor, pathetic jenny. I kinda feel like GG has become The Jenny Show. Blah. and Aaron is gross!
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