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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 11, "Roman Holiday"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 11, "Roman Holiday"

Deep in the heart of a barren wasteland of repeats (mostly), Gossip Girl was new last night and fully ridiculous in the best possible way. Much of the plot was utterly unrealistic, but hey, that's why we love it, right? Here are my thoughts:

  • Before we get started, check out Fab's fashion quiz, Bella's beauty quiz, and Geek's tech quiz on the episode. Fun, fun.
  • What's with the episodes with no Chuck at all? I guess his "presence" was there and we got the answer to where he went from the airport: Monaco. But seriously, I want my Chuck Bass! I didn't miss Nate nearly as much.
  • Thankfully, Jenny wasn't in it much either. She just bugs me.
  • I know you all are slightly more Team Serena, but the Blair/Dad/Dad's lover plot was sweet last night, right? Plus, since when is Waldorf mom such a sympathetic character? I didn't think I would ever like the parents on this show but, sigh, I guess I do.

To read the rest of my thoughts just

  • So Vanessa got Dan the best Christmas gift ever: getting published in the New Yorker Fiction Issue. Um, suuuure. We'll just go with it. He's amazingly talented. Of course, Serena felt all one-upped so went out and bought him a fancy watch so he doesn't miss all his important meetings. He's kinda a jackass about it and won't accept the gift. Instead, they agree to stay under $50.
  • The Humphrey parent happiness didn't last too long. Just like that, Allison was terrible again and carrying on behind Rufus' back. I'm glad that she is once again on her way to Hudson (and off the show?), but the final scene with her was a little sad.
  • Seriously though, why was Dan reading his mom's mail out loud?
  • Meanwhile, how much do you want Mr. Waldorf and Mr. Waldorf's European lover to just move in with Blair and her mom. One big happy family! Blair was momentarily bratty, but mom saved the day. Yay Eleanor!
  • Chuck was getting a little racy with those text messages to Blair asking about how she faked her virginity and threatening to tell Nate.
  • Speaking of virginity on GG, Dan and Serena, eh? That snow room was pretty cool, but it actually ended up snowing. Way to steal Serena's (or, you know Vanessa's) thunder, Mother Nature.
  • Serena on Bart Bass: "He raised Chuck. That scares me."
  • Cliffhanger! Rufus is outside the van der Woodsen apartment in the freezing cold with no jacket semi-professing his love for Lily on her answering machine while inside Bart Bass was proposing to her. That seems a bit out of the blue since just a few episodes ago he was ignoring her, but okay! What's she going to do? And how angry is that going to make Chuck?

So, what did you think about the episode? Is Rufus a bit of a hypocrite? Is Eleanor Waldorf growing on you? Will Chuck tell Nate? Dan in the New Yorker? Is Vanessa getting better? And, seriously, how exciting does the two part episode starting on January 2 look? Amazing.

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gabichou26 gabichou26 9 years
I think you're supposed to be Team Serena, she's just more lovable, but I definitely think Blair's a better character. She's even getting kinda sweet, as we learn more about her. But still, she can really be a bitch. ^^
Sophbunny Sophbunny 9 years
This episode keeps Serena/Dan a little boringly static, which means major drama will likely be coming soon... Blair is a brilliant character, lovelovelove her, especially her bitchy way of showing bff-love towards Serena with that Vanessa bathroom confrontation.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
Oh I love love love this show! Can't wait until Jan 2! :D
burgundyy burgundyy 9 years
i think all the girls were wearing victoria's secret pajamas on christmas morning....another subtle plug for the store.
arienne arienne 9 years
I don't really get everyone's concern about what the girls were wearing Christmas morning. I honestly didn't even notice when I was watching the show.
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 9 years
I agree with Tinkerbell and the others. S and B both had on entirely inappropriate outfits. Geez. I also don't get these parents who are totally cool with their teenagers having sex and staying out all night. I guess I grew up in a different world. Last night's episode WAS great though. Blair was a lot nicer than usual!
LilyoftheValley LilyoftheValley 9 years
I thought the episode was fantastic. I'm so into Lily and Rufus and their unrequited indie love. It has to happen, and it will only make the show more hysterical when it impedes on S and D. By the way, the episode was clearly sponsored by Victoria's Secret (hence the Xmas party and Mrs. Waldorf's partnership). That's why everyone was in teddies. In fact, I'm buying B's: Not that that makes it better. Lol. Put some leggings on, girls. Geesh! I think Nate ends up with Jenny in a year or so. Again, they have a better connection. My final comment is that B belongs with Chuck. If you watch this show from the beginning, you'll see the subtle ways Chuck treats Blair better than Nate. They get along, I love them together, and he has to come back. What's wrong with you, B! That's my take. Please make this writer's strike end it's been too long now!
brittanybe brittanybe 9 years
oh yeah, and Tinkerbell and tlsgirl-- lmao. Totally agree. Serena and Blair opening gifts in their lingere with their Dad's and mom's boyfriends and brothers was DEF weird. Also, how sad was it that Blair's housekeeper spent Christmas with the Waldorf's instead of with her own family??
brittanybe brittanybe 9 years
I don't get the Team Serena/Team Blair thing-- they're getting along now! (Mostly). Can't we be Team Both? I like each of them. Dan in the New Yorker......riiiiiiiight...... I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Dan was a jackass about the watch. I mean, c'mon. It's not even HER money.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
TinkerbellSF - I thought the same thing! And really, Blaire's was *so* short! No way that I would ever let my dad see me in something that practically bared my behind. Eww! Also, I would like to put in a request to get Chuck back on the show. I miss his antics.
paradisee paradisee 9 years
Blair and Vanessa scene in the bathroom was awesomeeeee
hmr2505 hmr2505 9 years
This show gets more and more addicting with each episode. I seriously cannot get enough.
Tiinnaaaa Tiinnaaaa 9 years
Team Blair!! I wanna see more of Chuck and Nate.. :(
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
Team Blair. Annd, I would love this show a lot more if I hadn't read the books. I keep thinking about how much Dan belongs with Vanessa although if I had just watched the show I'd hate her.
mlen mlen 9 years
i liked blair more in this episode cause she wasn't a total mega bitch- just partly bitchy lol but partly vulnerable. and i liked how her mom stepped up to the plate as a mother a bit and showed some compassion to blair. i thought serena and dan were cute as always lol i really want lily and rufus together but at the same time i do agree that the whole mother/daughter and father/som double date combo thing would be kinda gross! fleurfairy- what characters were they on satc? i can't think of who they were now! o and on an aside, i netflixed the first few episodes of Brothers and Sisters and there was Rufus (real name?) as Calista Flockhart's bf on the show. it took me a second to place him cause he was all suited up and clean cut on that show!
Everythingandme Everythingandme 9 years
Poor B, everything around her seem so sad. She cries all the time.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
I also loved Blair calling out Vanessa and then saying "Merry Christmas!" I also think there is more to the Chuck texts than meets the eye, so I am super excited for that one. Cannot be more glad that Dan and Jenny's mom is leaving. I really didn't like her. She got so rightous about Lily when she was actually sleeping with someone else and that bugged me.
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
TinkerbellSF- my bf said the same thing about Serena's little teddy. And Blair was no different, except she had a sheer robe-like thing over hers. When Vanessa said that Dan's story was going to be in the New Yorker, my bf and I turned to each other and were like- Dan's a writer?!?! I guess the point of that college episode had already slipped my mind. juliex0x0- I've been thinking the same thing about Rufus/Lily and Dan/Serena the whole time. If they're both dating at the same time I think that's just gross. Blair is seriously growing on me. I loved her smackdown on Vanessa. I'm so glad this show hasn't run out of new episodes yet. :)
menthadict menthadict 9 years
Really I just want chuck home!
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
"Seriously though, why was Dan reading his mom's mail out loud?" I think he ended up reading it because it was all piled with the other X-mas cards so he just picked it up and read. i don't think he did intentionally to read his mom's mail. i'm pretty sure he knows better. okay i'm DEFINITELY team blair. although she started out as bitch, she has become so endearing. and for the winner of who is a better friend, blair gets that too. okay serena is sweet and all but she slept with blair's boyfriend. meanwhile, blair is threatening vanessa to back off on dan. and yes eleanor is soooooooooo growing on me. i think the parents in the show have always been sympathetic and likeable but go unnoticed.
elsiebelle elsiebelle 9 years
Did I miss something? I thought Serena & Dan already did the deed a few episodes ago?? I guess if that really was Dan's first time, it's much more romantic under the snow. I was excited to see what Serena got her little brother and thought it was rude that Bart stole the spotlight! & did anyone notice Lily drinking champagne Christmas morning??? hahaha!!!
nomerz nomerz 9 years
nomerz nomerz 9 years
"That snow room was pretty cool, but it actually ended up snowing. Way to steal Serena's (or, you know Vanessa's) thunder, Mother Nature." Hilarious ... I love Blair. I love how she was being totally bitchy to Vanessa and then smiled and said "Merry Christmas!" Typical, lovely, Blair. It was a little low on the drama-meter, but since it's Christmas I guess I let the cutesy, fuzzy stuff slide. ;)
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
I love Blair threatening Vanessa. Serena is a little naive about Vanessa's "friendship" with Dan. Elenor grew on me. I missed Chuck. I hope Lily turns Bart Bass down. And seriously did they hold a casting call for all former Sex and the City actors? I counted 3 of them in this episode alone: Ramone, Bart Bass, and Blair's dad.
TinkerbellSF TinkerbellSF 9 years
Did anyone notice Serena's x-mas morning open-the-presents outfit? I mean, I get that the women on this show generally have to problem appearing in front of friends and family in beautifully expensive silk under-things however, Serena was like, with her brother. I don't think I could manage, "Hey Bro - Merry Christmas! Like my Teddy?"
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