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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 13, "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 13, "The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

Last night, while we said goodbye to Gossip Girl for awhile, we welcomed back Jenny (with a scream) and evil Chuck. We also got a good solid storyline for the friendship between Blair and Serena, something that has been fairly lacking thus far. All in all, it served well as a makeshift finale and had its share of drama. Now, lets just keep our fingers crossed that it comes back sooner rather than later. Here are my thoughts:

  • Before we begin, check out Fab's fashion quiz, Bella's beauty quiz and Geek's tech quiz on last night's episode.
  • While we may never know who Gossip Girl is, she's got eyes and spies everywhere, and the episode kicked off when Serena's private moment buying a pregnancy test ends up on the wily internet. Cue rumor mill.
  • Little Jenny broke our eardrums as she reemerged on the show. Maybe Taylor Momsen's been off at Paranoid Park, but apparently Jenny's been holding her place on the social ladder with her lunch on the steps with Blair and crew. You know, a few steps down, of course. But I'm happy to say that her sassiness was mostly good this episode rather than horrible. So maybe there is hope yet that Jenny will be catty but awesome.

To see the rest of my thoughts, and reflect on our saying goodbye to the gossip kids for a while, just

  • I never thought I'd say this, but boo for no real parent plotline this episode. Well, I guess there was a Rufus story and I should give up on him and Lily for now, but those new girls seem annoying. At least Dan and Jenny are all about their dad being such a stud.
  • Blah, blah, blah Dan is the perfect boyfriend. And Serena is kinda annoying about it, no? "I need to know why you love me." I mean that whole scene was a little over the top. I assume I may be alone in that one, and those of you who love Dan/Serena probably thought that was the sweetest scene ever. I fully know I may be too jaded to appreciate it.
  • Blair had some great one-liners this episode. "Maybe I am a total b*tch. Did you ever think about that?" and "I'm sorry if unlike some people I haven't been on the pill since I was 15." She was on fire when she was in denial mode.
  • Did anyone else think that no matter what her motive, it was totally and completely wrong for Serena to tell Chuck about Blair's pregnancy scare? Blair had full right to be pissed off, even if she wasn't totally honest with Serena about the situation.
  • And how about Jenny telling Nate about Chuck? Scandalous. Thankfully, Eric is wise in the ways of eavesdropping and can easily tell that's how the information got from Serena to Dan to Jenny to Nate.
  • Love love loved that Chuck wrote into Gossip Girl himself about Blair. How often has he been doing that?
  • Also, way to bring back evil, mean Chuck with a vengeance! How about when he compared Blair to his father's Arabian horses, saying she was "rode hard and put away wet"? And this doozy, "I don't want you, and I don't see how anyone else would." Yikes.
  • And just like that, with one salacious scandal, Jenny is the new Queen B? When we catch up with them, will she already be dating Nate?
  • I'm glad that Serena went and stopped Blair from running away. And I do love Serena because she's still best friends with Blair — though really, Blair's bark is worse than her bite. What a way to end it. "Who's going down next? Everybody, if Blair has anything to do with it."

So our beloved Gossip Girl went out on a high note, eh? What will you be missing most about the show now that it's gone for a while? What did you think about last night's episode? Is Jenny good or bad or both? Do Serena and Dan bug anyone else? Should we reminisce about our favorite episodes this season? xoxo

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fancastgirl fancastgirl 9 years
OMG, I love your website, but I can't read this particular spoiler because I haven't started watching the shows yet. Where can I watch this online for free?
norhtamptongirl norhtamptongirl 9 years
loving gossip girl cant wait until it comes back in april !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
norisa norisa 9 years
Looking forward to the return of Gossip Girl!!! Dying to know who B will make to bite the dust!! (Figuratively speaking)
littlebmac littlebmac 9 years
I loved it too. I really hope that the strike is resolved soon. I miss my shows. This episode showed the proof of the choices from Blair's part but also Nate and Chuck. I would have liked to have Blair recognize how she treated Chuck like garbage once Nate wanted her back. I think the look on his face when she sat at the bar might have been hopeful too. I don't think Chuck planned on having feelings for Blair, but he does and he wanted her to return the care for him. His words were harsh but underneath the guy was trying to hide his hurt feelings and disappointment. Too bad B didn't see right through his lines. I will miss this show!
gordopantalones gordopantalones 9 years
ok, LOVE CHUCK! how can you not be into the bad boy? Blair and c are perfect together!!! dan and serena are good, but kinda sappy. i can't handle Jenny! she's so damn underhanded, and then can't stand up under pressure once she gets some social height. And if she and nate get together, i might cry. unless it ended in blair terminating her forever.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 9 years
When you're a little jaded about love and what it all means, hearing someone say *why* they love you, not just *that* they love you, really can turn you around. I think it's less about hearing how awesome you are, and more about making it feel real. IMHO.
demeter demeter 9 years
I am so sad about Blair and Chuck! When they were in the bar I was so happy because she actually went looking for him - that's proof she loves him!!! And when he said that to her I could see right through it. He totally loves her he's just protecting his heart. It's still sad though. And the show is OVER until the writers strike ends. That means no new episodes until it is. Hence the 'BIG break'.
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
the boys lover.... there's a bunch of interviews of ed talking on the gg site on the cw tv page but ALSO look at, he posted a few.
theboyslover theboyslover 9 years
How juicy was GG this week? I just watched it online and MAN that was the best episode yet! However between Serena and Dan and Rufus i have no idea who annoys me more. Serena had no right telling Chuck. i could not believe she even went there! i'm also happy blair has been de-throwned because she's too too too much of a bitch on the show. i'm confused about the "big break" though. how long will GG be off for? it says january 28th on the CW website...thats not unusual considering they usually have the week off breaks. btw has anyone ever heard ed westwick (chuck) talk in a regular interview? he's british and i didn't know it! his british accent is really thick too, he speaks "american" really well on the show.
Bubblegum2000 Bubblegum2000 9 years
The scene between Blair and Chuck was TERRIFIC!!! So intense! Chuck was so harsh, Blair was so hurt and it was so obvious that Chuck still wanted her! I loved it! I can't wait to see what will happen between them. I think it will be much more complex than harsh vengeance. Blair really looked devastated and I'm not sure she can destroy Chuck so easily, without getting involved emotionally. Now, I hope she's going to destroy Jenny because I SO hate her. And I don't care that Blair was a bitch to her, Jenny has a brain and she should know there's more to life that being a queen among these fucked up teens! Blair is bulimic for God's sake! Does it look cool to her? Also, loved the friendship between Blair and Serena. These two need to stick together. I thought there's going to get trouble between them really soon though. Serena will have to choose between Blair and Dan, that's pretty obvious. As for Nate, I can understand his reaction towards Chuck. And Blair, I guess it's her last speech about forgiving and their past and blah blah... which is stuck in his throat. I can't really blame him. The strike needs to stop!
ElizabethK ElizabethK 9 years
Sorry bb, but I love D and S's relationship.
Deehamza Deehamza 9 years
I actually love Dan and Serena together. He's very handsome and he always brings out the best of her. About Nate and Jenny, yes I'd like to see them for a couple.. I think there's a possibility that they would be. But I also think that Jenny is not the new Queen B, even if she does act like it for a while, it's like Gossip Girl said, everyone's going down, which probably means that B will reveal scandalous things about everyone when the show returns.
tadpolenyc tadpolenyc 9 years
what do you mean? if anything it's dan that's always treating serena badly? he's constantly judging her and her "world," turning their relationship into a class struggle, and having her apologize for who she is even though one of the reasons he loves her is that she's doesn't apologize for being herself. i love d/s, but sometimes i really feel dan deserves a chuck induced punch to the face for being a self-righteous ass. i don't think serena was being insecure in asking for some validation as to why dan loves her. her mother has been married how many times? so the girl has trust issues. i think even the most self assured of us have been there.
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
Great episode. Love Dan/Serena but actually feel sorry for Dan. He has to put up with soooo much from Serena and gets treated not so well for the most part. Let's face it, B always wins out for S's time. Jenny, don't care for her much but think it's interesting that her social climbing motives do move the show along. B needed to be brought down to earth. She's mean and manipulative! I know that she's got a soft side but still she terrorizes the other girls at school, c'mon. Chuck is awesome as the slimy snake. And like others I think he was hurt. The catty dynamic between Chuck and Blair was the best part of the show. Would love to see Rufus and Lilly together. Am glad they took the leather thong choker off of Rufus' neck but they totally need to step up his wardrobe. I like Nate the least. Hello pot, it's kettle! He's pretty much a tool. Will so miss this show!
urokmyworld09 urokmyworld09 9 years
Blair was on fire last night with her one liners. And i dont think there are words to describe the scene in the bar with Chuck. Jenny is kind of annoying, how she looks with her head leaning down, ugh! As for Dan/Serena, it was kind of cute, but a tad cloying ; remember the 'i love you--thank you' scene in The OC with marissa and ryan? hard to follow hehehe i also vote for rufus & lily, i missed her yesterday!
inmyjuicysweats inmyjuicysweats 9 years
nate treated blair horribly...she was so hurt when she slept with chuck. i think chuck was hurt too when he said that to blair. i though leightons acting in the scene...where she is just sitting there dazed...was awesome. jenny annoys the shit out of me. she's the only character i dont like.
kia kia 9 years
I totally agree with LVC. Rufus' cardigans were getting on my nerves but I loved his faux pas ways in that episode. It was a good show. I actually gasped when Jenny stuck her nose where it did not belong and told Nate. That was pretty awesome.
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
I thought Blair kind of deserved and needed to be treated like that, to take her down a few pegs. I'll be interested to see what she does next. And yeah, I think it was wrong that Serena told Chuck about Blair's possible pregnancy. Especially because Serena KNOWS how Chuck can be! I do think the whole Dan/Serena thing is too much. Way too much. As much as they seem like the two people in the show that most deserve happiness, it doesn't make for good TV. Haha. I personally predict that their relationship will be in peril next season.
babylish babylish 9 years
geenah, i TOTALLLLLY agree with you, i freaking HATE JENNY!!!! AHHHH!!! what the frak was she doing in the boy's hall anyway, CLEARLY looking for nate to tell him! argh! and HOW could she betray serena like that too, eavesdropping on their private convo n then telling nate, grrrrrrr!
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 9 years
So I had to come comment! That was the best episode of the season! Sadly it was also the last...but I just wanted to let my thoughts spew on what happened: 1) I must say I underestimated social climbing Jenny....never in a million years would I have thought she would spill the beans on Blair. She must have forgotten how Blair can be when she's in her full on B**ch mode! 2) I CANNOT WAIT for Blair to get everybody back because I know as everyone else does that she will RUIN Jenny( Who I find utterly annoying and has it coming!) 3) Chuck was an ass but his harsh words were rooted in his pain that Blair chose Nate over him! He's still hot but he burned Blair...bad! I'd still like to see him and Blair reunite romantically though... 4) Nate is a total hypocrite he's was a little hard on her, you'd think he knew where she was coming from having cheated on her with Serena and all.... 5) Granted and true, I like the normalcy element in Dan and Serena's relationship, but I agree that the scene "tell me why you love me" was a tad too much! 6) I loved the support from Serena from Blair very touching and there was no drama involved-very refreshing! 7) This may just be me but- I want to know who Gossip Girl really is! ~The writer's strike must end soon...I have no more shows to watch=(!!!!~
pirateyzaclover pirateyzaclover 9 years
this is one amazing episode if you didn't watch it, you should! im really sad tho cuz i can't watch the next episode. but i will at my gossip girl themed birthday party. how awesome will that be??
miriah15 miriah15 9 years
I am so in love with Serena and Dan...they're the happy part of a dramatic show and I think that's what makes GG stronger than the OC!
genvessel genvessel 9 years
LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need the strike to end. NOW. I am a sap, so i didn't find the serena/dan storyline ridiculous, but i am kind of on team blair. i'm wondering exactly who is going down first when we get to see them again. my money's on little j. ohhhhh, humphreys. watch out.
candiifloss candiifloss 9 years
oh.. nd to everyone hu calles Nate a hypocrite, Your so wrong! He said those things coz he was angry, i rekon he'll forgive blair eventually but i doubt he will forgive chuck.. luv nate <3 he's so gorgeous!
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