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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 14, "In the Realm of the Basses"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 14, "In the Realm of the Basses"

It's a new year for the youngsters of Gossip Girl but that doesn't mean much has changed since we saw them last. Chuck's still mean and boozy, everyone still has secrets, and Little Jenny is still caught up with those mean rich girls at school.

Also, Lily and Rufus are still grappling with the fact that they have the hots for each other but can't be together because Lily kept that huge secret from him for 20 years. This long-lost Rufus-Lily lovechild adds a new incestuous-y complication to the on-again/off-again pair, Serena and Dan. It's a little icky to know that your dad loves your girlfriend's mom, but it's super duper icky to know you and your girlfriend share a sibling by blood. Let's talk about it! Just


  • The opening of this episode is so hilarious with Serena doin' the tango in Buenos Aires to ring in the New Year! She's so free-spirited.
  • But where is Aaron Rose? Well, he was not exactly a fan favorite and was abruptly written off the show. Serena informs Dan right off the bat that she got a call from Lily saying she and Rufus would never be together, so Serena promptly ditched poor Aaron. Why did Serena have to be with Aaron if she couldn't be with Dan? Why not alone? Sheesh.
  • So now Dan and Serena are back together which is kinda cute but totally ominous (like, we know they share a half-sibling out there which means these two are probably doomed). I was a little sad they didn't make a bigger deal out of their romantic reunion. Why not take some time and have a big romantic gesture happen or something? Maybe I'm just a sucker for that stuff (like the snow room! Remember that?).
  • Rufus is moody these days, and is displeased to see Dan back with Serena which isn't totally fair. However, if I walked in on my teenager and his girlfriend and they were all giggly with the shirt and tie undone the way Dan's is I'd probably break that little rendezvous up, too.
  • Which brings me to Blair who is an emotional wreck this episode thanks to Chuck, who's back from what appears to be an opium den in Thailand . . . or something (Blair: "Chuck's body odor could have given a contact high to half of Manhattan").
  • Chuck is dragged home by his Uncle Jack who I thought was cute and spunky at first, but now that I've seen the previews for next week I retract that thought.
  • Oh, but back to Blair's emotional ups and downs. That shot of her in the mirror felt a little cheesy to me.
  • But not as cheesy as the slow-motion stripper dancing at the club followed by slow motion bottle breaking on the cement as Chuck teeters on the edge of the roof! As silly as that stuff is though, it's precisely why I tune into this show.
  • Jenny and the mean girls are always fun to watch, too. I loved this exchange:
    Penelope: "The only way Nelly is leaving is in a body bag."
    Hazel: "God, P! Tone down the crazy."
  • We now know Rufus and Lily's kid is a boy! And they're off to go find him.

What did you think of this episode? Do you like the new and improved, slightly less annoying Little J? Are you tired of Blair pining after Chuck? Do you hope Vanessa and Nate show up next week? Do you think Serena's going to be really mad at Dan for not telling her about their brother? Ew, just typing that sentence makes me feel skeevy.

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tiggles101 tiggles101 8 years
Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I lurrrveee Dorota.
tiggles101 tiggles101 8 years
Ooooooooooooohhh that's interesting! As for Lily & Rufus... I thought they would have come up with something more creative then an illegitimate love child. But bah! Now that we know it's a boy, maybe he can come in and create difficulties for Chuck and Blair? Or maybe even Vanessa? Something along the lines of sweeping her off her feet and carry her out of the show? (I know some will be ecstatic about that idea). Maybe even little J? Oh, wait, no that would be wrong. As for Chuck & Blair... We need someone like Jack Bass to come in and seduce Blair to wake Chucky up. He won't be very happy. But that's the whole point of the exercise. As for Dan & Serena... Cute, but really not that interesting. I hated it when they were together. I hated it when they were apart. I can't win. As for Aaron... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! As for Nate & Vanessa... Meh. I don't really mind this couple...they're both hot. They're both poor. What could possibly be bad about this pairing? Apart from them being a tad *SNOOORRE*. And I think that is all I'd like to say. But I can't wait till next weeks episode! Jack Bass and Blair would be the thing I'm looking forward to most.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
-i thought the same thing about jack bass at first, but i knew he was up to something... after all, he's a bass. -i don't care for vanessa, please keep her away but bring nate back. -dan and serena, oh boy, here we go again. -blair's emotional scene, FINALLY, we get to her being human -those cc club ladies, wtf were they wearing? not how i pictured them, glad blair put them on blast and dorota's little smirk at the end. -which brings me to: I LOVE DOROTA!!!! i just can't get enough.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
where in the world was nate? i was a little disappointed he wasn't there to help out w/ chuck. usually when one person is in trouble then the whole group rallies and helps. i was annoyed that serena was going to look for chuck and help blair, but as soon as dan walks in she forgets about her step-bro. does "free-spirited" also mean "so obsessed w/ my boyfriend"?
LOVErickii LOVErickii 8 years
i didnt miss nate and vanessa at all...
Anadi Anadi 8 years
My grandfather and my step-greatgrandmother (if such a word exists) were brother and sister, because my grandfather's sister married my grandmother's father(my greatgrandfather). So when my mom asked his dad "do you have any sisters?", his answer was "yes, your grandmother" (not that I know she ever asked that exact same question hehehe). My mom considered her her grandmother because she married her grandfather when her mom (my grandmother) was 15 or 16 (this is probably the biggest riddle you ever read). However, my mom didn't need any therapy, so needless to say I find the whole 'Dan and Serena can't be together because they share a sibling' not that big of a deal. I liked this episode, but it is definitely not among the best ones of this season.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I really want to find out what happened between Blair and Uncle Jack! I know Chuck ditched her and all, but I can't believe she would retaliate by hooking up with his UNCLE after all he's been through. I totally forgot that Nate and Vanessa weren't in this episode until you mentioned it Buzz. Nate is my least favorite person on this show and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) can't act so I guess they are kinda useless. I like seeing Jenny and Eric team up with Nelly Yuki to get back at the popular girls, too bad Nelly was just using them. I can't wait to see what happened to Lily and Rufus' son. I don't think it's that bad that Serena and Dan are dating even though they share a half-sibling...their parents weren't even married to each other and they aren't genetically related. S & D's reunion was awfully anticlimatic though.
geebers geebers 8 years
bakedbeans- I think that is what everyone is guessing on. Did Blair hook up with Jack on New Year's. I dont care for Serena and Dan individually or together- they are BORING. I love Chuck and I love Blair but I am tired of the myriad of ways to keep them apart. Either just let them move on with the realization they are not ready to be together or put them together for real.
sylviamcdanyel sylviamcdanyel 8 years
I'm sure Rufus was upset about Dan + Serena knowing they share a sibling!!!!
bakedbeans bakedbeans 8 years
SOO. MUCH. DRAMA. My head was swirling with all the plot lines, but ultimately in the end, I was just wondering where the hell our resident eye candy was this week. I guess he's taking a break from the limelight. Uncle Jack scares me, but reminds me so much of Chuck. which brings me to my next point... how funny is drunk Chuck, singing on the edge of a burlesque club. This episode seems to have left out the entire christmas/new year break which left me confused at the beginning and Serena and Dan were re-united by the end of the first 5 mins. Well, I shouldn't complain... Aaron's gone.. my wish is the GG writer's command. Also... what happened with Chuck on NY's??????
gossipandthecity gossipandthecity 8 years
Oh, but back to Blair's emotional ups and downs. That shot of her in the mirror felt a little cheesy to me. really ? I thought it was great...I mean she was like trying to keep a presentable image for those ladies... I LOVE CHUCK!!! and the roof scene was sooo cute. I hope Blair didn't do something stupid like sleeping with Chuck's uncle because that would be so hard for Chuck to forgive and forget. Serena and Dan again?!?!? you gotta be kidding... It's sooo boring and lame - been there,done that kind of thing. I'm happy thought Aaron is off the show!!! The Lilly and Rufus story is kind of...weird. And I loved Jenny in this episode....she was so Kaitlin Cooper like :))
Alithyra Alithyra 8 years
I didn't even notice the lack of Nate and Vanessa. Dan/Serena: Starting to think, who cares? They're together, they're apart, they're getting boring. And I agree, maybe S needs some alone time. Though maybe she's just copying Lily? Blair/Chuck: Their relationship seems a lot more real and not the romantic-comedy stuff from D&S. I love their story line. Blair & the matrons: "I thought was leaving high school behind, but I guess you never really do". So true. Plus Dorata's expression. Love. Little J: I actually liked her high-fashion-dropout story. I think that story set up well for her coming back a lot more mature. I'm looking forward to what happens next with her. J: "Everything's still exactly the same?" E: "Everything expect you."
ccwhite ccwhite 8 years
What if Blair and Uncle Jack didn't sleep together? All Blair said was that Chuck couldn't find out what happened on New Year's Eve, but that doesn't necessarily mean they slept together. The secret probably isn't as crazy as last year's Serena-Murder theme, but maybe it's something along those lines. I would just like it to be more complex than the obvious. I love Chuck's character too. Unfortunately I've met guys like him so his character isn't a stretch for me. I loved the scene of Blair in front of the mirror trying not to try and pull herself together!! I've been there myself and it's hard to supress all those emotions and keep going. I thought she was seriously going to lose it in front of those society women!
KindersurpriseKa KindersurpriseKa 8 years
whooa, guys, love reading your posts and thoughts!) i think the episode was great! Chuck and Blair line is awesome, Ed's play and Leighton's are incredible. ectially hope that Jenny stays in that way, like a normal 15-years girl.) love "dan and serena dan and serena whoooooaa!" ))) ignoring Lily and Rufus line, i just know how it will cancel (spoilers are alive), soo..)) And i'm happy that Dan and Serena are back together, some kinf of boring,but it's better than Aaron=) And, at the end, Jack Bass is an ass..and H-O-T! waiting for another tueasday=))
kemma kemma 8 years
My first thought was that since Dan and Serena aren't related by blood, what's the problem, but then you have to think about Bart and Lily's son saying, "My brother and sister are dating..." and then it's icky!!!!!!!!!!
manga manga 8 years
sooo...its been like, a WEEK? perhaps 2? and blair slept with chucks uncle??? I just can't really see that happening. esp. after that sweet scene when chuck shows up to her room, and the albeit sad but sweet letter he left her. why would she just give it up and sleep with a random man? unless she was crazy drunk it just doesn't really make sense. and dan and serena, slightly ick, but doesn't really bother me. THEY AREN'T RELATED BY BLOOD.
supertramp supertramp 8 years
I'll just say I'm relieved that Aaron is off the show. Thank you. And I'll never be tired of Blair pining for Chuck. He know she loves him and he loves her. I thought the hug exchange was sweet, the way he lets her hold him is romantic. But what I really hate is when they show us there's hope for them and then they give them another obstacle. I do however understand that that's to keep the most exciting people on the show from being boring, but did she have to sleep with his uncle. Nooooooooooo! They shouldn't have done that. His uncle is a complete sleaze, I mean I know she's 18, but c'mon she's in high school and he must of heard about their relationship. Why can't Blair and Chuck just be? OH! This frustrates me.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Oh and I would like to add that I miss Nate being part of the story line. Last season every character they added in was important...this season not so much. And I'm a little tired waiting for Nate to decide which girl he likes. Last season it was between Serena and Blair, now it's Jenny and Vanessa and the duchess and that random girl in Yale...sheesh!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Luv it but eww...did Blair and Jack really hook up? Ugh he is almost old enough to be her father, but that would explain that weird look Blair got on her face every time he walked in the room and the fact that they had each other's cell numbers...creepy!
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
I loved this episode. chuck and blair are cute together even when he is depressed, but the end was so cute when he took her hand. i was actually kind of happy to see dan and serena back together even though they are probably going to break up again due to the half sibling thing. I also didn't notice that nate wasn't in the episode until i read the imdb boards yesterday.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 8 years
I don't think Dan and Serena are icky, I just really don't like them together. I love Blair and Chuck. The scene where she reached out to him was really sweet. I'm interested to see what happened between Blair and Jack. I can picture him using (or trying to use) Blair to try to destroy Chuck so he can get his hands on Bart's money or something like that. I honestly hope Vanessa never shows up ever again. I know that's wishful thinking, but I really can't stand her. Its not like the show really needs her either.
Maribug Maribug 8 years
Hee, I didn't notice that Nate was gone until I read this either. Vanessa was at least mentioned, something about being with her parents, but Nate was just...gone. I kinda like Nate, it saddens me a little bit that they can't seem to actually make up real storylines for him that people care about and keep it up for more than a couple of episodes. Dan and Serena are sort of boring, yes, but I find them very cute together (I guess the chemistry is there, obviously), so I like them being together.. The kiss-and-being-back-together was sort of rushed, but ah well, I probably wouldn't have liked long-winded stuff either. It does make it sort of weird that they share a blood-sibling, but they aren't really related, so.. Sort of icky, I guess, but I've started ignoring the whole Lily/Rufus-thing, so it doesn't bother me too much. Would in real life, though :p I used to really hope that Lily and Rufus would get together, but by now I'm just tired of the whole thing, and now they're bringing a kid into it, so..gah. And am I the only one who finds just going to find that kid for the reasons they appear to have kinda selfish? The kid probably has a decent life, and he should maybe get to decide if he wants to meet his biological parents or not? As for Chuck and Blair.. Well, they continue being their wonderfully over the top selves that has me sort of hooked. I really liked the Jack Bass-actor in Dexter, but he kinda creeped me out here. Hot, though. ..okay, done with the essay now. Except I forgot to mention that I like Jenny being 15 again, and acting like it, at least like a television-lifestyle porn-15-year-old.
CYL CYL 8 years
Agree I don't find Dan and Serena icky...its not like the grew up together in a house with Lily and Rufus and hooked up. Sure they will have a half brother but I don't find it icky that they like each other...though I agree they are kind of boring. More Chuck and Blair :)
Papaver Papaver 8 years
Dan and Serena are not icky, they are not blood related. They are just bland and boring. Jack Bass is very intruiging and I really want to know what happened on NYE between him with Blair!
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
I just wanted to add that I don't think Dan and Serena together are icky together (they're pretty, and cute, if a little boring) but I can't help but imagine future van der Woodsen-Humphrey Christmases where Dan and Serena's kid is all, "So wait a minute. My uncle is your brother and mom's brother?! And uncle Eric is just mom's brother but not yours?! I need therapy."
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