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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 15, "Desperately Seeking Serena"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 15, "Desperately Seeking Serena"

Last night's episode of Gossip Girl hit pause on the Blair vs. Little J storyline and made way for Georgina Sparks. Woohoo! She started out harmless enough (even a little needy), and it seemed like Serena was just making bad choices that had little to do with the arrival of her old friend. However, considering the packages full of porn and handcuffs Georgina sent last week — and the fact that she looks like Michelle Trachtenberg, whose appearance in anything is practically a synonym for "seriously b*tchy" — I was fairly certain things were going to get diabolical fast.

Don't forget to take Geek's tech quiz and then take a look at some of my thoughts on all that went down last night:

  • First off: Jenny's tantrums are getting on my last nerve. Plus, all that talk of needing a king and not a jester is just tacky. And not to be too negative about Little J, but the dog walker, Asher Hornsby, was kind of dopey, no? Or did anyone think he was cute?
  • I love scheming Blair! She's so resourceful (and evil) when she needs to be, and her target last night was over-achieving Nelly Yuki, who, like Blair, wants to go to Yale. According to Blair-logic, only one kid from Constance Billard can get into Yale, so naturally she had to sabotage Nelly's SAT performance.

For more on how the gang survived their SATs and my thoughts on the something-something that's a-brewin' between Nate and Vanessa,


  • At first Georgina seemed harmless and kind of insecure, with an obvious taste for partying. But then she drugged Serena in a bar. She is clearly threatened by "Serena second edition" and her newfound happiness — but they still share some secret together.
  • When Serena's past starts to catch up with her, she turns to Chuck "we'll never share DNA" Bass to bail her out. Huh? When she realizes she's in trouble, she just flips open her phone and barks to Chuck, "Stall!" or "Take care of it!" and then is totally shocked when his trouble-shooting involves morally ambiguous maneuvers like sending a redhead to take the SATs for her.
  • I loved when Georgina lied to Serena about having a wild night, claiming Serena switched to Patron and got flirty with "the guy with the ironic mustache."
  • I know a lot of you think that Nate has double standards with the ladies, but I think I'm starting to like the guy. His character has grown a lot, and . . . you know, he's nice-looking. His new romance with Vanessa is cute so far; however, Blair spotted them together, so they won't be happy for long if she has anything to do with it.
  • Despite my earlier rant, I really loved the scenes in the Humphrey household. Rufus and Dan's exasperation with Jenny's angst is pretty adorable. Jenny, cut your cute dad a break and spend time with the guy!
  • I'm a little confused about how Georgina tracked down Dan, but no matter — she did, and it is so sneaky. She called her dog "Georgie" and introduced herself to him as Sarah.

By the end of the episode, Serena was a little less wishy-washy and threatened Georgina that they will both go down if she reveals the big secret. But now S is shutting out Dan and letting Chuck take care of her — and that might leave Dan vulnerable to the charm of "Sarah." Hey, Trachtenberg has three episodes to go . . .

Do you like Vanessa and Nate together? Are you convinced the big secret Serena is trying to keep from everyone is going to be earth-shattering? Do you wish Serena would stop lying to poor Dan?

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jules9991 jules9991 9 years
The suspense is killing me!!!
dlite33 dlite33 9 years
Does anyone know where Serena's long brown sweater is from that she is wearing while having dinner with G? The one with the black border on the wrists and metal stud looking embellishments.
Clarishi Clarishi 9 years
How about Serena going away to get an abortion? Maybe she had gotten pregnant with Nate`s baby and that is why she cannot tell Blair..
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
I was friends with a "Chuck" in high school, and now I think he's the hottest guy on GG. But high school "Chuck" is just an even bigger jackass now! Still hot and loyal... It's sad that even with all this potential scandal Serena STILL bores me. Vanessa does too, she smiles too much...but I'm hoping both of them will get more interesting. It's not that I want everyone on the show to be whiny and high-maintenance or evil, J. annoys the crap out of me! I also miss Serena's mom, Lily, she was pretty cool. Georgina is a good addition. I hate that this show is aimed at high schoolers, starring "high school" aged kids, because I really want them to push the envelope, but it makes me sad knowing 14 year olds watch it...they totally should have done this show with college-aged kids! I guess they are optimistic that they will be there soon enough!
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 9 years
i actually started to really like chuck after the episode. i was surprised with how he went to bat for her and he's done it for blair and nate in the past. all in all, he might be maniacal sometimes, but he's apparently a pretty good guy underneath. i kinda like the nate/vanessa thing. i desperately want to like her. but i think the whole thing with her and nate is cute. since we already know where the jenny/asher thing is going it was hard to watch them together. agreed, he's pretty dopey. and blair is definitely my new favorite. she's so entertaining now.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
this episode was fantastic. i loved nate/vanessa hated where serena/dan relationship is heading LOVE chuck, always =D loving hating georgina
EllasMom EllasMom 9 years
I actually read on another gossip site that S and G used to be sexually involved with each other. That sure would make things interesting.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I loved!!! this episode. And based on the previews for next = so excited!
jlr32phl jlr32phl 9 years
loved this episode! one thing though, i'm all for nate going for a not so rich and prissy girl but i just really can't stand the vanessa character AT ALL. i don't know, maybe it's the actress. she was pretty horrible in that "what about brian" show. i can't put my finger on it though...
swordy swordy 9 years
there are other non-socially akward multiethnic character on the show.. Kati, Iz, Vanessa
juiceejuice juiceejuice 9 years
Anyone noticed how Vanessa just took the SATs, not like you have to sign up in advance or anything. lol. I'm okay with nate and v, but i don't see it as lasting. i like nate, despite his double standards, that's the only thing that bugs me. other than that, how could you not like chase. and is it just me, or is chuck getting hotter? his super bright wardrobe notwithstanding, that is.
poonie poonie 9 years
LMAO at Asia84's comment yea Im thinking abortion though, but then again y would G be affected by it? hmm, im probably wrong wait how long did she go away?
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
no wait! the baby DID have fetal alcohol syndrome, and G was trying to fix it, and they abandoned the kids somewhere (like a doorstep, church, whatever). the kid can still be alive. that way, it will solidify serena as a skank, but the viewers won't be too pissed because baby-luv is still alive and healthy. dan will dump her. and by then G will have him belive what she says (even saying she really HAS turned a new leaf, trying to make S confess). jenny will try to front G (dan IS her bro), but G will give her a scare. Blair will try to help out, but the fact that babe may be nate's will screw her head up. (keep ya game face Blair). Vanessa will be Nate's support system, until she exposes him in her moive. OMGGGGG!!!
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
ooh! serena got knocked up (maybe by Nate, maybe she don't know WHO the baby-daddy is), and she went away, and she hid it. but G knew. and serena popped the kid. she and G hide the kid in the closet, while serena try to play it off. G knows serena doesn't want the babe, so she does away with it, and Serena walked in, and was too drunk to deal with it. the baby is in the river! -OR- G was playing like she was being the good friend by getting rid of the baby, but she was really trying to pump the baby up with drugs, so if the baby was found and traced back to Serena, they will automatically assume she did it and had a crack baby. the motive? Jealousy, of course. knock Serena down a few notches. but that would be TOO juicy. it is public TV (CW), not cable (Showtime). too many people would be offended by the dead kid thing.
somethingnice somethingnice 9 years
i LOVE blair.. she's the true queen B. i dont like Jenny for her logic. she told her dad that she's over the 'Upper East Side' crap, but she's out and about looking for a king to overthrow Blair.
jewelz1325 jewelz1325 9 years
i can't believe no one was upset by the obvious racist stereotyping on the show. i love gossip girl, but i was furious last night that the one non-white character was a socially awkward, glasses-wearing, academic-achieving asian. wtf is up with this show? it is not okay to perpetuate hurtful stereotypes that seem positive on the surface but really has very negative connotations and intentions.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
I too read the books, but I don't think you can even go by them at all. Nothing really is the same.
bina324 bina324 9 years
i LOVED nate and vanessa. she has really grown on me. and i was so happy when rufus brought jenny the sweing machine, but she's going through that whole teenage angst thing. wait, who was missing? OH MAN, ERIK. if erik comes out, i'm going to be so madddd. (i read the books)
supertramp supertramp 9 years
This was such an interesting episode and Geeksugar I totally loved that line too. One of my more favorite lines came from Chuck again when Serena finds out he paid someone to take the test: Serena: I told you to keep the doors open. When I got there they were locked. Chuck: They don't keep the doors open. She looked so stupid. I also think she should of just told Dan she was visiting an old friend. And considering Serena and Georgina are so Gossiped about, how does Dan not know who G is? I mean for crying out loud they still went to the same school. I also don't really hate the idea of Nate and Vanessa being together, but I feel like they might have moved a little too fast.IDK I thought it was funny how Blair kept saying Nelly Yuki's name. I didn't like how Jenny only liked the guy because he had money, but I also heard their relationship might not even last very long and we'll find out next week and it is gonna be so juicy! Now for the scandal, I really love everyone's ideas. It could be murder, more like it better be for being so secretive. I don't think it has anything to do with a pregnancy or abortion. I might as well be sex for there promotional strategies, maybe they were involved in a threesome with like an older man or something, nah not juicy enough, I give up and I'll leave it up to them to surprise me. And wasn't a certain someone noticably missing? I guess he'll be coming ou-- I mean back next week, I hope.
lorielness lorielness 9 years
i know in the books georgina was a crazy girl nate met in rehab. so... something to do w/ nate? but then again, vanessa was bald... dying to get into nyu, and dan was a caffeine addicted chain smoker. so, there goes my theory.
reesiecup reesiecup 9 years
i love how well-developed the characters are. chuck has started grown on me--he's this seemingly self-centered ass yet is always there for his friends. i'm definitely getting tired of jenny--at least blair is conniving in a likable way. while i saw some spoiler pics of dan and georgina, i hope nothing develops there. i felt like michelle's performance was really SMG-like too. vanessa and nate are cute, but sometimes i feel that she's too dawson's creek sometimes. i'd rather watch the people in fab clothes and the ridiculous scenarios of the upper east siders. i dunno, that's just me :)
TrendyTurtle TrendyTurtle 9 years
I've been wondering if the secret could be an abortion too since Serena told Blair it was the one thing she couldn't tell her. Maybe Georgina and Serena drugged and seduced Nate knowing he had a thing for Serena and she got pregnant? I hope it lives up to the hype speculation whatever it is though.
acs32689 acs32689 9 years
Maybe she got pregnant (by Nate, or since her past is full of sex and partying, someone else everyone knows). I wonder if abortion is too heavy for GG. If it is then they might not discuss what she wanted to do with it and say that maybe she just lost the baby? I'm really confused!!! When did Serena and Georgina used to be friends? Was it before she left Manhattan or was it in that year before she came back?
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
Jenny should've been born into a black family. i can GUARANTEE you she wouldn't be so lippy. she's a brat now. and the chubby-head guy isn't cute, or enviable. he just got money. what? is Jenny gonna play him, and steal money from his accounts so she can buy designer clothes to keep up with her wishy-washy friends??? at least Blair knows they are fake and only keeps them around to make herself look better (that's what happens when you hang around dumb people). Vannessa is gonna mess over Nate. just watch. she's gonna put his business in one of her, not even good enough to be an IFC-reject movies. she's either gonna claim that it's art and he shouldn't be offended, or she's gonna flat out tell him that she's a user. Serena Trust Chuck because he won't judge her like everyone else will. when you call him, he comes and save a h*. if she had called Dan, he would've given her a lecture. but he let's his sister go around stealing, selling her soul, and soon enough her a*s. i think G will seduce Dan (drug him, but nevertheless). I LOVE G! she does adult dirt! druggin' folks, soliciting SAT fraud, skankin' it up, dumping drug dealers dead in rivers . . .
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
if i were a writer for this show; -Snuff film! -sex party, but someone got too wasted/O.D, and killed over, and they buried them or made it look like a robbery (a la Jawbreaker). -doing drugs, and somebody got a hold of some bad "wet" (embalming fluid you smoke), and they are in some crazy 2 year coma, and supposedly, no body knows anything, and then the person dies, and the police show up at Serena's mom's wedding . ..with everyone there. -drug dealer came to a party (hosted by S and G) and he got frisky, and G had to wipe him out, and S walked in on it, and helped wrap him up in the fine Persian rug and dropped him in the river (or a crack alley)!
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