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Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 20, "Remains of the J"

The good news about this week's episode of Gossip Girl? Vanessa is not as annoying as she was last week and is actually lots more fun now that she's gone over to the dark side (hanging out and scheming with Chuck).

The bad news? Jenny Humphrey is back to whining and tantrum throwing about how much people just don't understand . . . or something. Thankfully, she's moved past her angry eyeliner phase, but she just seems kind of sad and deflated. Also, a lot of what's happening with the characters right now makes little to no sense.

But back to the good stuff: Poppy Lifton is back to remind Serena how fabulous she could be, and Dan has one fan! Let's chat about it — just


  • I'm still dealing with my disappointment over the fact that Blair's downward spiral was superbrief. She is sort of prissy and girly this episode and is tip-toeing around town mooning over Nate. She tells Serena, "My downward spiral's on the upturn." Boo to that.
  • Hey, remember when Dan was published in The New Yorker? Well, it turns out his story really touched someone, and he's very excited to have one whole fan! Jenny's joke about his letter is kind of mean: "What, did you send it to yourself?"
  • So we find out that Nate and Vanessa haven't spoken since she walked out of his party. Look, I'm the first to admit how irritating her behavior was, but that warrants a breakup?
  • I loved Serena and Poppy's awkward and b*tchy run-in with each other. Poppy's passive aggression is entertaining: "Sounds like everything's exactly the same as the last time I saw you!"
  • I laughed out loud when Chuck's evil mug appears out of nowhere at the Humphrey/van der Woodsen breakfast table. I forgot he's part of the fam!
  • The ensuing banter between Chuck and Dan is pretty fun, too. Dan wonders what Chuck Bass has to do at 8 a.m. and jokes, "It's not like you work out," to which Chuck replies, "I do my cardio in the evening." Then Dan says something funny about feeling like he's in a reality show, to which Chuck replies he'd vote Dan off.
  • What Chuck is really up to is figuring out how to break up Nate and Blair and sends Vanessa an email from Nate's account. When Vanessa asks how he did that, he responds, "His password's been 'soccer' since the fifth grade." Oh, simple, pretty Nate.
  • What is wrong with Jenny?! When your dad's super-nice, super-rich girlfriend says she's throwing you a sweet 16 party with the help of her popular daughter, you say: "Cool! Thanks!" I mean, why not?
  • Well apparently the reason is — according to Eric — Jenny has no friends. She's a whole new character now, and I don't get it. Hungry Hungry Hippos? Chili?
  • After some convoluted Angelina-Brad-Jennifer analogy, Blair decides Nate is her soul mate: "Chuck was just something I had to get out of my system in order to realize Nate is my destiny all along." I hope I didn't talk like that when I was a senior in high school.
  • So who knew a simple post on Gossip Girl's site could turn a party on the Upper East Side into a kegger? Kind of a stretch but still a bratty Jenny move.
  • Dan and Serena are now acting like brother and sister. Aw. And by "aw" I mean "weird!"
  • Vanessa and Chuck hanging out together and then having sex made little sense. But it was still kind of fun in its own ridiculous way.
  • Everyone runs around the whole episode talking about what a good guy Nate is but . . . is he? He totally just starts stuff up with Blair (kind of) and then dumps Vanessa because of one fight?
  • Finally, Dorota's boyfriend is Serena's doorman and . . . he's reading Ann Coulter? That's so strange.

So Poppy's man is someone Serena may have slept with while hanging out with Georgina back when she was bad. And Dan's "fan" is really his half-brother that everyone thinks is dead. How weird were those parents? "How do you delete an incoming call?" And Nate and Blair = together 4 ever? Hmmm. What did you all think of this episode?

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cherxy777 cherxy777 8 years
so PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME UNDERSTAND: Are Blair and Nate back on now? like boyfriend and girlfriend? by the way this was my favorite episode ever. i nearly cried when i saw how Blair was behaving towards Nate, so cute and "i want my boo" back sort of way. V, you tried, i give u props, but Nathaniel with a personality, can't wait to see the next episode. (i LOVED how he was just laughing when she jumped on top of him on the bed like "geesh, Blair" :) and then him kissing her at the end...gaahhh, why can't hot, young, multimillionaires do that to me more often???
bakedbeans bakedbeans 8 years
whoops, I thought Nate's password was Socrates, and I thought, wait, he's too pretty to know who that is! Lol
littlebmac littlebmac 8 years
Chuck and Vanessa together was a surprise. I think that she was really hurt by Nate's behavior,and wanted to turn her attention to someone she is only passing the time with. She may be annoying, but she had genuine feelings for Nate. Chuck is her way to numb her pain.
Lemerne Lemerne 8 years
Weirdly enough, i liked the final Vanessa-Chuck scene... But i hate, hate, hated Blair and Nate together. In the beginning of season 1 they made sense, but now it's just stupid. Serena's hair was disgusting!
patrice888 patrice888 8 years
oh .. this is soo sick! but i'm hooked to it ... ! it's the only show i'm following anyway ...
dramaqueen21 dramaqueen21 8 years
Chuck was hot Nate was ok Dan...i liked him better in the first season and f***ing Poppy who's last names a soup brand is f***ing ANNOYING!!!
ildergreier ildergreier 8 years
I was about to give up this show, but now things seem to starting interesting again.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
And- what was up with Serena's HAIR?? I mean, ok, we all joke about her short skirts and her boobs- the real two other characters on the show- and everything. But at the least, her hair is usually long and glossy and lovely- the shiny blonde nougat to Blair's luscious chocolate carmel mocha. And it just looked weird and extension-y and unbrushed and fake. Unless the hair and makeup people were trying to show Serena's hair as a DIRECT PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of her personality and mood! Ergo- she was frazzled and upset at the party and her hair reflected this by becoming lank and snarled! Must keep closer eye on this... hmmm
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Dorota did not 'recommend' Ann Coulter! She told him to read it to 'know your enemy'! That is not a recommendation- that's a put-down! I love the idea that Dorota has a thing going on with the doorman! Or a potential thing. He seemed to think D was the cat's meow, for sure. I like it that they are showing more about how the kids interact with people they see ALL the time, like the doorman. I mean, this guy knows everything on everyone, they talk to him every day. It was nice to see his friendly relationship with the Bass/Humphery/Van der Woodsen clan. I thought Jenny was a total ingrate- but on reflection, I understand it! She does NOT have any real friends but Eric. All the others- like Nelli Yuki- are really just 'fake' friends. So teenage embarrassment and angst might outrank the wow factor of the party. When you're insecure, you want to go back to the safe, comfy world of daddy's home made chili and HHH. And seriously- all the party scenes were priceless. Nate is pretty and not too bright and loyal, like a really well-bred dog. Blair returning to Nate after getting put down hard makes sense too. Nate is nothing if not comforting and familiar and EASY. Blair does not have to work hard to figure Nate out or outwit Nate or impress Nate as she feels she has to with other Bass-ier men. Nate is Blair's chili and HHH. That said, BORING. It can't last. Vanessa is more fun being bad. I liked her better than I have in ages. And I can totally see V saying what the hell and going to bed with Chuck. And we all know mere sex doesn't mean much to Chuck, so I found that pretty plausible. Lily's RL pregnancy is very funny. How many fluffy sparkly collars, big purses, etc. can they pull out to cover it? It's almost as if the show knows everyone KNOWS she is really preggers anyway so they are only making a joking half- ***ed effort to hide it. Lily and the Roof showed their usual parental ineptitude and why is she surprised exactly that S went off to Spain with her socialite friend? Also, the Poppy's BF recognizing S plot seemed lame. I just didn't really care.
zeze zeze 8 years
OMG thank you for saying that about Nate, he is such a sleaze and no one seems to notice (on the show and the fans) - cheater, whiner, jealous, insecure, cheater, and cheater....yet he is always "simple, pretty, nice-boy Nate" at least with Chuck the label matches the merchandise! Oh and the I totally saw the Chuck/Vanessa thing coming, they always seem to flirt, with Vanessa putting on the "I don't like you flirting" face. I think Jenny acted out because she's 16, and the whole "moving in" thing freaked her out...but I loved Serena telling her mom the pool of suspects has grown - I wish we could see more wild, evil Serena, I like her better as a bitch! Blair went from my favorite character to just plain boring - it's been bad since she got soft on Ms. Carr the first time by not really standing her up! LOVE Dan...what a geek!
silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
Watching them together is like watching paint dry. :/
graytb2 graytb2 8 years
lol @ the simple, pretty Nate comment :) Anyone else think there's just absolutely no chemistry between Nate and Blair anymore? Maybe I'm just used to the almost tangible chemistry between Ed and Leighton.
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 8 years
did any one notice that wen Serena runs downstairs to Vanya the doorman she addresses him in a fake accent - like as if this would make him understand her English better ?? LMAO i had to rewind this over and over to make sure i was hearing her right. How weird is that!?!? and i like ALL the characters better when they are being bad! except Dan he genuinely annoys the shit outta of me when he makes bad decisions becuase it's so out of character for him. bad ms Blair and bad ms Serena are great!
silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
Vanessa's dress, my favorite color. I'm not sure how much I like Serena's old gal pal.
silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
Serena needs to chillax, yes chill out and relax. I bet that there will be loads of trouble with her, as always. Jenny could have reacted to the party through another avenue. But then again how far into whatever do 16 year olds usually think? I'm looking forward to the DRAMA that will go on and on and on between Vanessa and Chuck. Blair is starting to get boring. Nate annoys me, very much. He was in my good grace for awhile but then I just felt like shutting him up. As for Dan, I no longer have any use for him. I would vote him off of the island too.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
Do they honestly expect us to believe Nate and Blair as a couple? They could not be more boring together. They just bring out the boringness in each other! I feel like the plotlines on this show are so disjointed and random - one thing happens and then its resolved super quickly, and then the next thing happens completely out of nowhere. MissBrooke09 I TOTALLY know what you mean about having a hard time keeping track of Serena's personalities. I mean she's got like 17 of them and you never know what you're going to get. But still...I can't stop watching this show.
bluespirit bluespirit 8 years
I think that if I had to deal with these people on a regular basis I would kill myself. Jenny...uggh. When they announced that someone was going to die on Gossip Girl, I was really hoping that a bus would somehow run Jenny over and eliminate her from the show (horrible, I know, but she's a fictional character). Why is she so whiny? Sure, Serena went against what she wanted for her birthday but it is not that serious. This may just be me, but how are the Humphreys poor? Maybe just not by my definition of poor. They live in a loft, the kids go to a private high school, and the dad owns a gallery/coffee place thing. In other words, they're pretty well off. Maybe that just bothers me. Chuck and Vanessa....interesting is all I have to say. Serena...whatever. Poppy Lifton is annoying. Nate...yawn, still. Who breaks up after ONE fight? Blair...I like her better when she's scheming, not all googly eyed and talking about her "destiny" with Nate. Long lost child, I knew they would throw him in there somehow. I didn't think it would be like this.
care0531 care0531 8 years
I am 3 episodes behind now! I guess I know what I am going to be doing this weekend. I am happy to see Jenny looking cute and dressed a little better and less makeup.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Nate = so pretty but y-a-w-n. I love how the Humphrys are the poor people --- how much do you think that loft would go for? ha ! I was also wondering WTF when Chuck appeared. totally forgot he was part of the family.
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 8 years
I hated this episode. I love Blair, but she was really irritating in this episode. She always gets so needy whenever she's with Nate and it's really annoying. I think that's why I can't get on board with the whole Nate/Blair pairing. I don't really like Blair when she's with Nate. And they're kinda boring together. Chuck and Vanessa were gross. Just no. I couldn't even watch it. The whole thing was out of character for both of them. Just no. No. Ugh. All kinds of wrong. Also, Vanessa is ALWAYS annoying to me. I'm really having a hard time keeping track of all of Serena's personalities. I don't know. It just doesn't make sense. And WTF? She gets married?!? I don't know what is going on with her. But at the same time, I don't really even care. This episode was just wrong. :(
PirateKitty PirateKitty 8 years
That "Plaid" comment was my favorite part too kc17nov! Dan is boring but that was a damn good one!
emms emms 8 years
Oh! And so the Humphreys are officially moved in with the van der Woodsens? Did they sell the loft? I liked the Brooklyn loft!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
So true about Nate being simple and pretty. And Blair thinks her future's with him? hmm Also Dan didn't get financial aid from Yale??? I know we're in an economic crisis but with all the super rich alumni donating it seems like he should get something.
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