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Gossip Girl Recap: Episode 8, "Seventeen Candles"

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 8, "Seventeen Candles"

Hey, it's me, Buzz, pinch-hitting for Molly this week. While this week's episode of Gossip Girl was full of the usual tears, drama, and awkward situations, I have to say that I was surprised by how tame it was. Nobody throws a party quite like Blair Waldorf, but I was expecting a lot more drunken debauchery and a little less Guitar Hero. That said, this episode still brought a healthy dose of Wednesday night guilty pleasure, so let's get down to it. And don't forget to take Fab's fashion quiz and Geek's tech quiz while you're at it!

  • Vanessa is starting to annoy me to no end. She and Dan are supposed to be BFF but she doesn't tell him that she got a job? Plus, is she going to catch Serena and Dan making out in every episode? Granted, they really need to get a room.
  • As much as I usually can't stand Chuck, I'm starting to feel for the guy. He didn't pressure Blair into doing anything she didn't want to, so he doesn't deserve all the crap she gave him. Also, the scene with the necklace was almost sweet enough to make me forget that he kinda tried to date rape two of the main characters in the season premiere.
  • Okay, can someone tell me what happened to Serena's little brother Eric? He and Jenny were totally the cute freshman couple and suddenly he's off the show and nobody talks about him at all?

To read more of my thoughts (warning: spoilers!) just

  • So, Blair gave up her V-card to Chuck. The religious aspect of the opening scene was kind of totally out of the blue, but it was pretty priceless when Blair said she "surrendered her virtue" and asked the priest for a birthday wish. The Da Vinci Code reference was also kinda great.
  • Nate's parents are super awkward, not to mention totally dim. The scene where his dad is trying to convince Nate the the whole scandal isn't really a big deal was painful.
  • The way the Archibalds are trying to force an engagement on their son to save the deal with Eleanor Waldorf is starting to make the show feel like a bizarre modern day Jane Austen novel.
  • Um, is it just me or does it seem like Dan and Jenny's mother doesn't really know her kids, like, at all?
  • All the kids on this show have amazing wardrobes, yet Blair's little minions are dressed as sailors. What?
  • The scene where Serena and Vanessa face off over a game of Guitar Hero was so random that it made me feel uncomfortable. First of all, are we really expected to believe that S and B sit around and practice their video game skills? Plus, couldn't they have come up with some other, more scandalous way to vie for Dan's affections? Even a dance-off would've been more exciting. Also, Serena's guitar faces. Awkward.
  • "You went down almost as hard as Britney at the VMAs." Love it.
  • The random girl taking a picture on her camera phone of Nate and Jenny was pretty aggressive (not to mention creepy) but also makes me wonder if Gossip Girl has minions all over the city. Side note: The text she sent to Blair was way harsh.
  • As creepy as Chuck can be, I think I like him and Blair together. Nate is too vanilla for her, and their banter is pretty entertaining, especially when Blair is telling Chuck to kill his inner butterflies.
  • So now Jenny is going to end up with Nate (which begs the question, Jenny — how dumb are you, really?) and Blair and Chuck are still hooking up and only Serena knows. I can't wait to see what happens when Nate and Blair find out what their friends have been up to.

So what did you think? Is Jenny totally in over her head? Are you wishing all of the parents would relocate to a desert island so we don't have to watch them anymore? I'm kind of over them myself. And will Dan and Serena be able to make it through an episode without a Vanessa interruption?

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