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"Gossip Girl" Recap: It's the Pilot, Baby

"Gossip Girl" Recap: It's the Pilot, Baby

Last night was the triumphant and highly anticipated premiere of "Gossip Girl." Having never read the books, I came into the series with zero knowledge of what to expect — and I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. What can I say, Josh Schwartz just has a way of making me want to watch privileged youth. So salacious! So scandalous! So full of beautiful people! I'm very interested to hear what fans of the books thought about the pilot, but here are a few of my snap judgments:

  • I think the casting was perfect. I know that the character of Jenny isn't anything like she was described in the books, but how could you not love Taylor Momsen? She was Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch! I feel a little bad for Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck, because as of last night he will never, ever not be sleazy in my mind. No matter what other roles he gets in life.
  • Absolutely loved the music — especially in the opening scene. It had me smiling and whistling along to Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" before our Gossip Girl narrator even chimed in.
  • Um, teen drinking much? Call me a fogey, but I was surprised by how freely the CW showed all the underage boozing. Then again, at the beginning of "The OC" the kids drank a lot, but it was definitely phased out as the show went on. I wonder if these rich Manhattan kids will reform their ways, too.

To hear a few more thoughts, and my biggest gripe just

  • I know that Serena is the star of the show, but I couldn't help being a little on Team Blair last night. I mean, her BFF slept with her boyfriend, ran away to boarding school and then returned without even so much as an apology. Plus, her mom blows.
  • Random aside: Is it just me or does Nate look just like Boone from Lost?
  • Is Lily van der Woodsen a Julie Cooper or a Kirsten Cohen? Related: How long will it take me to stop making constant comparisons between "GG" and "The OC"?
  • My biggest gripe: Gossip Girl herself. The narration bugged me. I know it's the whole premise of the show, and I'm sure I'll get used to it, but (again, not knowing the books) I just wanted her to shut up. Is there an eventual plotline trying to uncover who she is? Will Kristen Bell make a cameo?

What did you think? Love it? Hate it? Have a crush on Dan already? I've already set my TiVo for season pass — you?

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k14m k14m 9 years
i love it!! before i was like.."gossip girl? what.." and now i'm like..OMG! i so love that show! anyways i really like tha characters especially blair and chuck.. i used to watch the O.C. but i'm so amazed how Josh Shwartz created something better..with the narration and everything its ok i love Kirsten Bell i just wonder if she's ever going to appear though..we'll see! XOXO
candiifloss candiifloss 9 years
omg nate totally reminded me of boon from lost! i even thought it was him at first
first_lady first_lady 9 years
love it!!! and dan is the new seth.. i'm drown to him immediately.
HallieNYC HallieNYC 9 years
Josh Schwartz is going a fantastic job with the show and I have a great feeling that the show is going to do. Also the soundtrack of the show is AMAZING....I had to DL all the songs from the show and put it on my ipod the next day. For videos and extra gossip girl go to
The-Hula-Chickie The-Hula-Chickie 9 years
I love the show. Was instantly hooked by the music and it's kept me satisfied. I like Dan the most! He's the guy I would go for.
handbagbride handbagbride 9 years
I have never read the books and happened to find the pilot repeat on last night and really liked it. I will definitely add it to the Moxi for the season.
Tennant_Love Tennant_Love 9 years
Never read the books & had no idea what it would be about but Josh didn't let me down with The OC so I thought I'd give it a go & I loved it. Cute boys, Dan has to be my fave, I love the slightly geeky guys who get the popular girl (Seth & Summer?)! Jenny is adorable. I look forward to a new episode of this every week....So many TV shows I love, so little time! :)
jarfilledhead jarfilledhead 9 years
Read the books. Loved the show!!
amvbob amvbob 9 years
How on earth are they going to get away with Jenny not having boobs? That seems like a huge plot line to me. Her boobs get her in trouble constantly. The Jenny on the show is cute and likeable, but I thought J's biggest affliction was her chest. Hmmm, interesting! I am excited about seeing V join the show. Always did like her character, especially with S. For all inquiring minds, CW does post full episodes on the website - Gossip Girl pilot is already up. They're re running both that premiere with ANTM tomorrow starting at 7 - but don't expect it to stay like this. Three new shows are being introduced into the Sunday line up and might kill the re-run theory. And thanks for watching, everybody! I work for a C-Dub station so it's good to hear all of the awesome feedback. I got to see the pilot weeks ago so I've been very anxious to hear what others had to say about it (:
Cherylish Cherylish 9 years
I could be wrong, I'd have to reread the first book, but I thought that Serena slept with Nate BEFORE he and Blair were together in the books. Which means she didn't do anything wrong like she did on the show. Also, yeah Serena was a lot more fun in the books, but in the first two books she was slightly more serious so maybe her fun side will come out later on the show. Either way I always liked both of the girls, but liked Serena more because she was nicer. In the books Blair's mom doesn't put pressure on her at all. She puts it on herself. But, I loved the show too. Some of the changes bothered me, but I'm sure I'll get over it.
omgosh-dee omgosh-dee 9 years
hahahah i LOVED this show. but .. er, i'm only 16 so, my natural instinct is to love shows like this. i've never read the books, but maybe i will when i get a chance. they all look pretty short and an easy read. dan and nate are so adorable!! i can't wait for the next show =)
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
buch... they did cast someone as vanessa. they even said she wouldn't be in the first episode. buzz posted something about it.
nomerz nomerz 9 years
I heard they casted for Vanessa and she's going to be introduced later in the season ... will she have a shaved head? Doubt it.
DCStar DCStar 9 years
I don't think the comparisons will ever end. I found myself thinking Blair was sort of Summer and Serena is sort of Marissa, and Serena's mom is like many similarities in casting. Also, Jenny reminds me of a blond Kaitlin. I really don't like the casting for Nate - he is such wood, and really goofy looking. I rate this a 6/10 whereas the first season of the OC was like 9/10.
buch1979 buch1979 9 years
In the books Blair easily takes the cake as main character, I don't like how they make Serena seem so unfairly hated. She slept with her best friends boyfriend, dumped her in the middle of her parent's very messy very public divorce, she was the consumate party girl and when she comes back it is only because she got kicked out of her boarding school because she was too busy partying to come back for the begining of the school year. Blair's mom isn't inept just kindof clueless about what to do for her kids. Eric Van der Woodsen is older and hot and screws every girl at Brown. Don't get me started on everything that is wrong with the Humphrey's. Where's Vanessa? Sorry if this is a repeat of anything anyone else posted. I must also apologize for the run on sentence and any spelling errors.
socialitebabe socialitebabe 9 years
I have read the books since I was 17 and now I'm 21. lol. I always loved Gossip Girl. Unlike the Hills, I actually enjoyed these bunch of rich spoiled girls. I was expecting Serena to be a little more wackier and carefree. She seemed too serious in the show. Blair was right on key though. The actress who plays her is not very pretty but her strong bitchy attitudes makes the viewer see Blair as she is in the books. I always liked Blair over Serena. Maybe it's because I can understand the whole control freak, type A, serious brunette attitude. lol. I have a blonde friend who's the complete opposite. I love her like a sister but she's the carefree blonde.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
did everyone love this? what am i missing? i wont' be seeing any more of these. i dont' think age has anything to do with it: i'm 27 and just finished watching New York Minute and really liked it. :) this GG show seems to boring. blah. i'll save my prescious tv show viewing time for Degrassi as my teen show fix.
RobinSparkles RobinSparkles 9 years
I've read (and loved!) most of the books so I was highly anticipating the show -- even though I'm def no longer a teen. There were a few small details that were different, but I was really happy with how well the show matched the book. My biggest thing -- Dan seemed so much different to me in the book, but I don't mind him as a crush-worthy character. :) I kind of wish they had kept Vanessa in the show too, at least to add some diversity from the rich and privileged. Also -- they drink and smoke a ton in the books, so I wonder how the network and critics will handle it on the show . . . I recommend everyone should read the books -- they are so quick to get through and a real guilty pleasure!!
liz26111 liz26111 9 years
I loved it.
LeninaCrowne LeninaCrowne 9 years
yyam084 yyam084 9 years
we see r.bils shopping,r.bils taking thurmen out, r.bils dining, r.bils grocery... wait until we see LEIGHTON,grocery,dining and all!!!!!!!!!i'm excited for the next episode!!!
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 9 years
I've read the first gg book, but I like the Jenny Humphrey line better in the it girl series. (maybe a spinoff? keep my fingers crossed.) I liked the episode - it took some liberties, but that's ok - that's what tv series do.
demeter demeter 9 years
I'm definitely all for Team Blair as of now. I like the actress more, she's prettier and more talented and I think Blair's character has more to her than her bitchy side which is appealing. Whereas Serena I think that's all you get. Boring!
hmr2505 hmr2505 9 years
Okay, I don't know why, but I seem to be the only one who didn't like the show. There were a couple things I thought worked alright: The narration was pretty good. The voice had the flirtatious mischeviousness to it that I had always pictured in my mind from the books. (I've read all of them) The music was pretty good as well. Not great, but pretty good. Drama was definitely there which of course is good. But other than that, I have a lot of gripes. First off, the casting was horrible. I absolutly hated it. Blair and Chuck were the only ones who were OKAY-passable. But HELLO, what the heck were they thinking casting Blake as Serena?? The books always describe her as out of this world, can't stop staring at her kind of beautiful. Blake is average. Not ugly, but definite not Serena material. Not to mention her personality was waaaaay off from the book. I could go on and on about each individual character and what went wrong but that could take all night. Maybe I just got way too into the books to the point where I had my own visions that were too set in stone? I thought their clothes were no good as well. Blair's brown dress was pretty but after reading how Cecily would describe them in the book, it just makes me wonder why on earth they settled on some of the waredrobe choices that they did. What the heck was up with Blair's bow in the first scene????! I also found the show to be a bit slow. I paused it a couple times to get up and found myself not at all in any hurry to return. That's not a good sign for a show. The fact that some things from the original storyline were swayed didn't bother me too much. That seems to come with the territory of making book to movie/tv. But I think adding to the fact that some storyline things were different paired with the character choices really made it a bummer. Anyway...that's just my opinion. I will however tune in each week just to see how things turn out. I am afterall, a very loyal fan of the books.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I agree, the music was really good. Penn Badgley is adorable, which I already knew from watching him in John Tucker Must Die and other things...Blake Lively is an okay actress. I agree with you, I think I was rooting more for Blair than Serena. And I am really annoyed with the narration of the show.
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