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"Gossip Girl" Rundown: Episode 3, "Poison Ivy"

Last night's "Gossip Girl" had a lot less underage drinking, but the kids were still able to get themselves in enough trouble without it. It was "Ivy Week" at school (school? Where did that come from?) which means our favorite Junior class had to preen their feathers and show off for the visiting reps from their potential booze-supplying universities. Ah, to be young again. Here are some thoughts on "Poison Ivy":

  • Gotta love the a capella version of "Glamorous" to kick off the show, with sassed up Jenny front and center with different socks than everyone else in the group.
  • As deserves to be called out every single time. I want Serena's hair and I want it now. I'll probably never stop coveting those locks and the person in charge of doing them. Just saying.
  • For most of the episode I was thinking about how last week I said I was "Team Both" and watching this week's I was soooo "Team Neither" (until the end, but more on that later). They both acted pretty heinous.

To read the rest of my thoughts and why I'm already worried about the series just

  • I know its a little stereotype-y and nitpick-y, but did anyone else find Dan's choice of Ivy League schools odd? Dartmouth? In the same vein, Chuck's decision to go with Princeton seems so right, wink.
  • Blair's "sidekicks" are painful. I mean, throw them a bone, writers. They're the only non-Caucasian characters on the show and they're literally basically Blair's poorly accessorized minions. Ugh, most annoying part of the show.
  • Awww, Nate's kind of a dim-witted sweetheart, right? With his predictable daddy issues and doe eyes. He is so going to get his heart broken by Serena in the end, isn't he?
  • Fogey-est Moment Of The Episode: I think it seemed a little inappropriate for the background song to be's "I Got It From My Mama" (lyrics: "Baby where’d you get your body from?/Tell me where’d you get your body from)" showing the high school girls playing field hockey in their little skirts. Though I will say aggressive field hockey Blair is my favorite!
  • All the parents suck on this show. Not a Kiki/Sandy among them. Even Dan's dad doesn't seem all that cool and he's supposed to be the cool one.
  • Serena's little speech about forgiveness after Blair falsely called her out for being an alcoholic/drug addict was a little much, but I guess that's why we're tuning in for a primetime teen drama. Also, while I applauded Serena's attempt to end the feud at the Ivy Mixer, it's so not hers to end.
  • Eric and Jenny are adorable, of course, though she quickly stopped being Blair's new sidekick. Also, are Eric and Jenny the same age? I had the impression he was way younger, like middle school?
  • I worry that they are running through plot lines too quickly. Blair and Serena's maybe reconciliation at the end of this episode felt like it should have been the end of the season. Since I haven't read the books I don't know how many of them we've already worked through, but it feels like "Gossip Girl" may have the curse of the "The OC" where all of the excitement happened at the very beginning and it was all downhill for all the other seasons. Fingers crossed Josh Schwartz learned his lesson.

What did you think about last night's episode? Too much too soon, or am I just paranoid? Gripes? Favorite lines? Do tell.

Photos courtesy of The CW

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