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Gossip Girl Season Five Promo

Gossip Girl Season 5 Promo: Just Say Yes to Boats, Bikinis, and Bed-Hopping

If pictures from Gossip Girl's fifth season aren't enough to get you excited for the premiere, then maybe this first promo will whet your appetite. As we already know, Serena heads to LA for a little change of scenery — and apparently, for an opportunity to reinvent herself. Chuck and Nate are also getting in on the West Coast fun (especially Nate, who wastes no time hooking up with hot older newcomer Diana Payne, played by Elizabeth Hurley). Meanwhile, Blair is back at home planning her wedding — and did we detect some chagrin coming from Lonely Boy about the upcoming nuptials?

Watch the promo before the season airs on Sept. 26, and tell us how you feel about it when you


Photo courtesy of The CW

katiemacs katiemacs 6 years
I think the promo looks cute and fun- definitely looking forward to the LA stuff. Blair's storyline with the prince is kind of a snoozer, though, that relationship is so obviously doomed. And I could care less about Dan's feelings, since he can barely keep them straight himself. Anyway, let's get this season-full-of-stalling-a-CB-reunion on the road, I'm getting impatient :)
seethesun seethesun 6 years
Awww, it looks really fun for CNS. I want more Chuck & Blair in my 'Gossip Girl' life, but I will take Nate being adorable and CS living it up in LA.
MCsquare MCsquare 6 years
The promo didn't really pull me in. I think the C,N,S stuff looked interesting but Blair's story looks so boring. I wish we had something emotional with SB or Chair to have some heart to it. I guess if Blair is having Chuck's baby the emotion will be there, hopefully. Not really impressed.
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