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Got a Bully? Get a Bodyguard!

According to a recent Canadian study, workplace bullying is on the rise, and can be more subtle and more destructive than sexual harassment because there is rarely any clear cut policy on the issue and little legal recourse victims can take.

So, for victims of bullying everywhere, AOL and the people behind the upcoming Owen Wilson comedy Drillbit Taylor are offering a chance to win a day of respite with your very own bodyguard. Drillbit Taylor is the story of three kids who hire a bodyguard to defend against their school bully. By entering this sweepstakes, you are in the running to win a bodyguard for a day. Sure, the majority of people entering this contest are probably going to be kids, but there's no specific age limit! Of course, it's possible that having a bodyguard for one day will only provoke bullies and make things worse the next day when the bodyguard is gone, but hey. These are the risks we take.

Photo courtesy of Paramount

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piesecki piesecki 9 years
IS it just me who thinks this is a really silly idea? Wouldn't it be better for the film to advertise itself by say, raising money for a bullying awareness charity? Or funding counselling and education programmes about the problem of bullying? just my 0.02c.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
lol why would the average person need a bodyguard? This would just create more problems for people in the workplace; breeding resentment and all. This would just be good for kids who want to walk around and act cool and tough because they have a big hulking bodyguard lol. But they can't be too cool... b/c the bodyguard won't be there the next day! haha
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