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Gracenote Shows Us What Music the World is Playing

Ever wonder what's topping the charts in Germany or blasting on the car stereos in Saudi Arabia? The folks at Gracenote have devised a very cool way to find out.

If you've ever uploaded an album into your iTunes music library, you know Gracenote: It's the program that looks up the track listings for the albums. Gracenote collects that data and keeps track of how many times it's searched to compile a map of hot artists and albums worldwide.

Scrolling through the map is totally addictive. Clicking through Europe and Africa, I noticed the enduring popularity of Linkin Park and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Several Central and South American countries were busily uploading the High School Musical 2 soundtrack, while the Beatles are still big pretty much anywhere. The United States map is broken down by state, so you can see that Carrie Underwood ranks high in Kentucky and Bruce Springsteen is rocking Rhode Island.

Go click around, and let me know — what's the most intriguing thing you found?

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