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Buzz Blabber: The Great Gatsby Is Already Capturing Hearts

Between the glittery pictures and the trailer for The Great Gatsby, moviegoers are already looking forward to Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel. However, it was a big week for TV, too, and with finales popping off like champagne corks at one of Gatsby's soirees, everyone had something to say about the dramatic season enders of Glee and Revenge.

The Great Gatsby might be Baz's next hit

  • "Love Leo, I always envisioned him as Gatsby! The trailer looks great. The scenes, clothes — gosh, I love the roaring '20s! Can't wait until the movie comes out." — BlackKitty
  • "Amazing. Baz has done it again! Buzz, it might be said that the modern music may be used in the same way as done in Moulin Rouge — perhaps as an example of how revolutionary the music was of the time period, like architecture and entertainment?" — QueenB75
  • "This looks superb! Looks so much better than the old one. Looking forward to it." — chocolate79

To check out the reactions to this week's TV finales, just


Revenge's twisty finale had fans on the edge of their seats

  • "I loved it! Always suspected that the mom might be alive and I doubt that Victoria Grayson is dead. I really hope that the baby is not Jack's. Cant wait for next season." — nessa17
  • "It was amazing! I was tearing up when Fauxmanda showed up pregnant with Jack. Devastating on so many levels. Hope Victoria is still alive, I love her!" — pargie
  • "Excellent finish, I especially loved the final scenes with 'Seven Devils' playing on them. I have to admit I'm not too taken with the 'mother is alive' revelation, but I am curious as to what went on between Fauxmanda and Tanaka when he drove off with her. Agree that Victoria is probably still alive; I'm not sure that Revenge would be the same without her. And last but not least, brilliant acting from Emily VanCamp this episode!" — brushra

Everyone was tearing up at Glee's heartbreaking ending

  • "I cried my eyes out, really going to miss the original cast!" — dverrecchioxo
  • "I'm terrible with goodbyes in any form and I was a mess when Kurt started singing. I knew I had a long hour in front of me." — lekatvt
  • "I already miss Finchel!" — campbrad

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