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Green Lantern 2011 Wondercon Quotes and Photos From Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Blake Lively and "Impossibly Likable" Ryan Reynolds Show Off Green Lantern at WonderCon

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively hit WonderCon in San Francisco today to talk about Green Lantern. After we were treated to several minutes of footage from the film, the stars took to the stage to address the challenges of the superhero movie and what it was like to work together.

  • Reynolds seemed happy and excited to be talking about the film, especially after the footage was shown. When asked how it felt to be here after working hard on the movie, he was candid, saying it "actually feels pretty good when you see that sh*t right there." As for why he wanted to star in the film, he said that he had confidence in the movie because of the studio, Warner Bros., and how well they've handled other important projects, like Harry Potter (great-looking, funny, and a Harry Potter fan? He may be too perfect.) He also cited the technology, noting that its availability is why "we can make a movie like this."
  • Asked about what it was like to work with each other, Lively first joked that it was "horrible," but their chemistry and mutual admiration was clear. Lively said that Reynolds was "so much fun to work with," and that he's "impossibly likable." Reynolds called the experience fantastic, and mentioned that they read together during the casting and "we just had chemistry. . . one of the few things in film you can't create."
  • Reynolds talked about his training and diet to become the Green Lantern, which consisted of gymnastics and eating "orphan children" (a joke, I presume) for six months. He admitted that it was kind of tough, saying, "I'm not an old guy, but I'm not 19 anymore."

To find out what else Reynolds and Lively talked about, including who Reynolds think could play The Flash, just read more.

  • Reynolds gave some details about the film. He said it's an original story and that his character Hal Jordan starts off as cocky and arrogant, but "in receiving the gift finds humility and real purpose."
  • Lively was asked to address whether she'd considered not going brunette for the role, but she said, "There was no debate." As the audience cheered, she added that "Carol Ferris is a brunette . . . I had to make the fans proud."
  • Reynolds constantly cracked up the audience and was asked if his own sense of humor comes into play as Hal Jordan. He said that the character has "a dry wit" and, "He's not a comedian, but he can throw a line pretty well."
  • Lively said she would be "so thrilled" at the opportunity to be Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris's alter ego) in a possible sequel, partly because she said she was jealous of how many stunts Reynolds got to do. The only things that's daunting to her, she admitted, is the outfit. "Maybe they can put a little more material on," Lively suggested.
  • Lots of folks asked Reynolds about the Deadpool movie that was once in the works. While cracking that "Deadpool is not a villain, he's an assh*le," Reynolds didn't have any insight into the movie's development, but said that if it ever happens, "It's going to be made in the right way: Hard R."
  • Reynolds joked that he had planned to come out and tell the crowd that he was going to play The Flash as an April Fools' joke, but decided against it. When asked if he had any casting suggestions, Reynolds did: Bradley Cooper.
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