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Relive 10 Seasons of Grey's Anatomy by the Numbers

May 1 2014 - 7:00am

After 10 whole years of Grey's Anatomy [1], it's safe to say there isn't much we haven't seen at this point. Almost every major character has been put in grave danger at some point or another, almost everyone has hooked up [2] with everyone else, and we can't even get started on the massive amount of bizarre medical cases. Let's get more specific, though. We're putting numbers to the most monumental components of Grey's. Keep scrolling to see our very scientific breakdown of all 10 seasons.

1 Hallucinated Ghost

Yes, we were all sad when Denny Duquette dies so suddenly, but it didn't make it any less weird when he returns as Izzie's brain tumor hallucination.

1 Spinoff

It's kind of weird to think that Private Practice began and ended during Grey's Anatomy's entire run.

2 Alternate-Reality Episodes

The first time we got a healthy dose of alternate reality was in season eight. One "What if?" question spirals us into a world where Lexie's a drug addict, Alex and Meredith are together, Cristina has bangs (the horror!), and Bailey's a huge nerd.

The second alternate-reality episode happened just recently! A patient causes Cristina to reevaluate what's important to her; we see alternate futures where she has children, and where Owen becomes an alcoholic.

3 Different Hospital Names

Seattle Grace Hospital became Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after the merger. And everyone knows why it eventually became the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, but let's not open old wounds (until later in this post).

5 Major Character Departures That Weren't Death-Related

These include:

  1. When Erica Hahn breaks up with Callie and leaves.
  2. When Preston Burke abandons Cristina at the altar.
  3. When Teddy takes off after Henry's death.
  4. When Izzie recovers from her cancer and moves on.
  5. When Addison Montgomery moves to California.

6 Characters Who Have Been in All 10 Seasons

All of these characters have been in every single season:

  1. Derek Shepherd
  2. Meredith Grey
  3. Cristina Yang
  4. Alex Karev
  5. Miranda Bailey
  6. Richard Webber

8 Major, Heartbreaking Character Deaths

Take a deep breath, because we're listing them all:

  1. George O'Malley
  2. Denny Duquette
  3. Ellis Grey
  4. Henry Burton
  5. Adele Webber
  6. Lexie Grey
  7. Mark Sloan
  8. Heather Brooks

9 Catastrophic Events

Almost one for each season!

  1. The live bomb that explodes in the hospital.
  2. The ferry crash.
  3. The train derailment.
  4. The restaurant roof collapse.
  5. The hospital shooting.
  6. The sinkhole.
  7. The landslide.
  8. The superstorm.
  9. The plane crash.

10 Attempted Weddings

While not all of these turn out as planned (and some don't happen at all), we've witnessed the planning of all of these weddings:

  1. Meredith and Derek exchange vows on a sticky note, and later make it official at city hall.
  2. Izzie and Alex get married in a wedding [3] that was originally meant for Meredith and Derek.
  3. Cristina and Burke are supposed to get married, but Burke leaves her at the altar!
  4. Cristina and Owen get married, and Cristina insists on wearing red the second time around.
  5. April and Matthew are moments away from being officially married, but Jackson intervenes at the last second.
  6. Callie and Arizona tie the knot after Callie recovers from her car accident.
  7. April and Jackson elope after April runs out on Matthew.
  8. George and Callie get married on a whim in Las Vegas.
  9. Teddy and Henry hastily get married, so Henry can have her insurance benefits.
  10. Miranda and Ben get married the same day Adele Webber passes away. Dr. Webber doesn't tell anyone, because he doesn't want to ruin the day.

11 Near-Death Experiences

Almost every main character has been in a situation where he or she was on the verge of death. Don't believe us?

  1. Meredith is mere feet away when that bomb finally goes off. Remember? She gets blasted onto her back, and the guy carrying it turns to "pink dust." Ew.
  2. Meredith also pretty much lets herself drown after the ferry crash. Luckily Derek's there to save her.
  3. Cristina has an ectopic pregnancy, which means the fertilized egg didn't make it to her uterus, and began growing outside it. It would have killed her if they hadn't removed it.
  4. Izzie flatlines during a risky surgery to remove her brain tumor. At the last second, though, they bring her back.
  5. Callie gets in a horrible car accident, which was the jumping-off point for the famed musical episode.
  6. During the absolutely terrifying hospital shooting, Derek takes a bullet right in the chest.
  7. Alex also gets shot in the stomach during the crisis, and almost bleeds out.
  8. Cristina is one of the four survivors of the plane crash at the end of the eighth season.
  9. Meredith is part of the plane crash as well.
  10. Not only does Derek go down with that same plane, but he sustains a serious hand injury in the process.
  11. Arizona is probably the worst off of the crash survivors, because she ends up losing her leg.

10 Seasons

Furthermore, the 10th season finale, which airs on May 15, will be the 218th episode of Grey's Anatomy to air.

25+ Hospital Hookups

We're talking only the doctor/doctor and doctor nurse hookups, and we're including the plus because maybe we totally missed some. You ready for this?

  1. Meredith and Derek
  2. Meredith and George
  3. Cristina and Burke
  4. Callie and George
  5. Izzie and George
  6. Alex and Izzie
  7. Callie and Erica Hahn
  8. Callie and Mark Sloan
  9. Teddy and Mark
  10. Alex and Lexie
  11. April and Alex
  12. Bailey and Eli (the nurse)
  13. Derek and Rose (the nurse)
  14. Lexie and Jackson
  15. Lexie and Mark
  16. Dr. Webber and Catherine Avery
  17. Bailey and Ben
  18. Alex and like, all the nurses and interns
  19. April and Jackson
  20. Cristina and Owen
  21. Arizona and Callie
  22. Cristina and Shane
  23. Leah and Arizona
  24. Stephanie and Jackson
  25. Jo and Alex

. . . Did we miss any?

Countless Totally Weird Medical Cases

This double impalement was from the train derailment, but we can go on forever. There was the cat man, the tree person, the guy who got caught in a block of cement, and many, many more.

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